Saturday, August 30, 2008

for the first time

the movie + real experiences = for the first time! ^_^

my family & i went to sm today! times like this comes only once in a i'm just glad! my sister & i decided to watch a movie (it's obvious in the title!) while my parents, w/ my nieces, go shopping. and my for the first time experiences are!:

when we went to the cinema floor, i noticed a smoke way before i stepped on the 3rd floor. then to my right, janitors & other staff of sm are cleaning up one of the cinema rooms..looks like it just survived a fire! i panicked a bit..i asked one of the personnels who happened to pass by us. he said that a wire just sparked & maybe, made a minor fire. then i said to my sister, "wag na kaya tayo manood. baka kasi sign na 'to!" we tried to go to the other side of the cinema & thankfully, there were no commotions. that was a first for me! i've never seen a scene like that..and it made me really alarmed!

actually, we were planning to watch for the first time, but somehow when we got there, i felt the urge to watch a very special love instead. but in the end, it's the first decision who won..when we were near the entrance, ang daming lumabas! as in they could be compared to a whole batallion! that was another first time..i thought, "this movie is really a hit!" when we were already inside the cinema, we were not able to sit on the upper part because they were crowded! so no choice, dun kami sa baba. a couple of minutes later, many people entered the cinema, and the next thing we knew, people were already standing because there are no more seats left! we were lucky enough to be sitting there..i thought. ^_^ that's another first time!

it's also my first time to watch a movie of richard gutierrez..and i'm not that used to seeing him. haha! :-P that's all. good night! time check: 11:35 in the evening! gotta go! ^_^

Friday, August 29, 2008

shattered emotions

i thought this is going to be one of the usual fridays..but this day was a bit ruined and destroyed. thanks to those people who, eventually, made my day an irritating one. ^_^ <<- that smiley's an irony. this is the real: >:-(

i won't rant about everything that happened, i just want this feeling to be out of my system (or at least 3/4 of it) i will not explode right then & there! i want to confess..i know, i've been nice to everyone for the past 4 years of my secondary life. as much as possible, i try to please everyone. but it's not what you call plastikan, i just want to have many friends & less enemies. but i think now's the time to loosen up. i've been very nice to these the point that they think i'm not able to be mad anymore. ok, the truth is, i rarely get mad at people. i don't know why, but as much as possible, i don't want any quarrels or misunderstandings..because i know that that will only leae me with wrinkle. but i'm just a human being like everyone else! i get hurt & pissed off too! noon, binabalewala ko na lang yung iba kasi akala ko ako yung mali. but now i guess i have to get up & move. i have to show them that i can be angry also..that i can't be good at all times..and that i can be an evil when they abuse my kindness. >:-(

i shouldn't be treated like this. no one should be treated like this! we all have the right to be mad when it's necessary, right?! so now i'm gonna show the other side of me..i will not let them raise their voice on me!!! now i'm really angry. >:-(

Thursday, August 28, 2008


sa aking pakikiisa sa tinaguriang "araw ng wika", hayaan ninyong isulat ko ang aking mga karanasan sa araw na ito gamit ang aking katutubong wika. isasantabi ko muna ang wikang ingles dahil minsan lamang ako makakapagsulat sa ganitong paraan.

kanina ay naganap ang programa para sa araw ng wika--na dati ay buwan ng wika, na naging linggo ng wika. nagsimula ang programa sa pagpapakitang-gilas ng mga estudyante mula sa iba't ibang baitang sa mga hurado. siya nga pala, namomroblema ako sa kung anong susuotin habang nanonood dahil ang sabi sa amin ng aming guro ay dapat magsuot kami ng filipiniana. wala naman akong masuot o mahiraman man lang, kaya nag-desisyon ako na wag na lang umuwi sa tanghali at mag-uniporme na lang. di bale nang walang dagdag na puntos.. :-)

matapos ang 2 1/2 oras ng paglalagi sa aming silid aralan, dumating na ang oras ng paglilista ng attendance (pasensya na hindi ko alam ang salitang tagalog para dyan!). nun ko napagtanto na gusto ko pala magsuot ng filipiniana at ayokong maki-isa sa mga naka-uniporme lang. dali-dali akong naghanap ng tsinelas at damit..pero walang may extra. inalok ako ni mazy ng mga gamit na yun at lampas ala-una na ng nakabalik kami mula sa bahay nila. nagpalit agad kami ng damit at nahiya ako sa aking suot. waaaaah!!! :-O

ilang ulit kong tinatanung sa mga kaibigan ko--miski sa mga hindi ko naman kaibigan--kung pangit ba ang suot ko. sabi ng iba, ok lang daw. sabi naman ng iba, mukha akong si mama mary. sabi naman ng iba, mukha akong arabo. hay naku..mabuti na lang at nagsimula na ang pangalawang parte ng programa..nanood kami mula sa itaas. bago pala iyan (pasensya na sa magulong pagkukwento!) ay nagkaroon muna ng presentasyon ng pagkain ang mga estudyante. at sa kasamaang palad, hindi ako nakatikim ng aming inihanda na palabok. :-( balik tayo sa ikalawang parte ng programa. pinanood namin ang muslim dance ng mga kamag-aral namin sa ikaapat antas. at napahanga nila ako. galing!

sa pagtatapos ng programa ay sinabi ang mga nanalo. at lahat ng mga sumali mula sa ikaapat na antas ay nanalo!!! nakakatuwa naman. :-) sa uwian, magkakasama kaming umuwi ng mga ka-barkada ko. at dyan po nagtatapos ang aking kwento para sa araw na ito. yun lang po at maraming salamat! :-)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

hidden something?!

yesterday, while we (my sis & i) were cleaning our study room, i found a piece of paper inside my CD case..and it says:

"♥when we first met, i know we didn't click
but as days passed of knowing each other;
i realized that there's something special about you
a tingling sensation comes from the inside, i don't know what to do!
i always long for your presence, i know this is not a normal essence
i smile whenever i see you, but get gloomy whenever that's through
i can't stop thinking about your face, it gets me in a fast pace
though we don't see each other more often;
i always pray to God that He would soften
these things and i wish that you always think of me
as much as i think of you.♥"

oh my..i can't believe i wrote that! i think that was dated..uhmm..months ago?! i'm inspired at that time..and i wrote that for my ex-crush (secret!). then i realized that, when a person is really inspired, he/she can really make things out of the ordinary. look at me now..i'm not inspired so i can't make good poems like that! haha.. :-P actually, is that good?! hmm..comment me your reactions! :-P

Sunday, August 24, 2008


being one of the candidates for CAT officers has its own perks & pitfalls..really!

yesterday we had our CAT training--exclusive for aspiring officers only! the exercises were tough! actually, masakit pa nga yung katawan ko eh! but i had fun, knowing that it will benefit me! hehe.. :-P after that we were dried under the sun..practicing drills..and marching non-stop! haha..that left me with dark complexion! T_T hehe! :-P

and for the first time in my life, i was forced to eat ampalaya! well..i'll admit it, i don't like eating veggies! while i'm eating that, my tears roll endlessly! but i'm glad that i did that..i did something good for myself! that was, again, done in the "square meal" know, with the counting & the banana on the head. but the operation was considered successful--hindi ko na nabuga yung tubig! next recipe: saluyot with alugbati! oh my..i think i should start veggies! :-P

i'm still waiting for my rank..well i'm not expecting to be the corp commander anymore! hehe.. :-P zai jan!^_^

Friday, August 22, 2008


actually, my plan for today is, when i get home i would sleep..but i wanna share my experiences because if i don't do it right now, it will vanish in my mind. :-)

yesterday was the most dreading, stressful & irritating night i had for this year. imagine, i spent 6 hours in front of the computer, non-stop! oh my..and it was because of that project i mentioned on my last entry. i started editing at 7:30 pm & i slept at 1:30 am! take note: we still have classes the next day! so i really don't have enough sleep until now. my head really ached last night..good thing my friend sedrick (special mention!) stayed with me--through yahoo messenger. he offered to aid/help me with our project (though he's not my groupmate) he waited for me to finish the movie. as in..until midnight he's there! i kept on saying, "pasensya na ha!", "sorry talaga naaabala a na!", "pasensya na talaga!!!". and he kept on replying, "ok lang un" & "^_^". i didn't know there's a person who was really willing to help you even though it means sacrificing on his part, too. thanks're such a good friend! :-)

this morning, i did my project in health the moment i got to school. i thought i would never make it, but thankfully, i finished ahead of time (phew!). then by recess sed accompanied me to the computer lab to finish my project (oh btw..our computer malfunctioned last night! it wasn't able to save our project file into a movie yun..!) but it was closed. by lunch time, we decided to drop by rejoice's house para maki-save. but it was no didn't work. i just accepted OUR fate. :-(

after that, sed & i rushed to the school because we still have to change to CAT attire! pinadala ko kay dad yung damit ko eh..good thing i made it before the seminar began. anyway, the seminar's about "teen sexuality & other values". our guest speaker's pretty funny..actually nangalay nga yung jaw ko kakatawa eh! haha.. :-P i learned a lot from that seminar..and it also gave me the creeps (computer games are bad! they use "demonic" symbols like the pentgram & the inverted cross!). then after that we had our CAT.. :-)

..speaking of CAT..we will have a training tomorrow! oh..only candidates for officers. the menu: ampalaya con itlog! i should get ready..another square meal coming up! ok i really feel tired. xie xie for reading! zai jan fellas! :-P

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

brain spa?!

problems never leave me..even just for a minute! poor really deserves a "brain spa"..!

i don't know..i'm just confused. projects here, activitie there..lessons here, reviews there..our lesson in health really fits me well (i'm mentally ill!!!). i need a day to relax! a day without the usual craziness of life & the presence of any pending problems!

our project in one subject gives me headache..edit here, shoot there. but i don't blame anyone or anything. it's just that, why do i always have to take charge of everything?! as a leader i can't help but to worry when it comes to certain group projects because..i want everything polished MY way. and i think that's the problem in me. i should let them do this, do that. but i don't know..arrrgghh!!! but one thing's for sure: when monday comes, i'll be hassle-free! haaay.. :-) for now, i have to face the crap. i have to do it. i have to finish it. and i have to make sure that everything falls into place! when all of these are done..i will CELEBRATE!!! :-P

Sunday, August 17, 2008

no rest..

it is said that sunday should be rest day..but for me?! heck..who has time to rest?!

we had our video documentary shooting for today..hmm..until now, hindi pa kami tapos. naman kasi eh..haha! :-P so we shot scenes..and then we can't go home!--err--to sm! it was raining so hard kanina..and we don't have an umbrella! presenting, the model students! haha.. :-P eme lent us umbrellas & mazy & i went to sm for some printing business..also she introduced me this noodle-with-meat-meal..and you know what?! as i ordered mine, aba, natapon! my clumsiness attacked again..mazy paid for extra noodles.. (thanks!) i didn't like it much (aside from the fact that it's spicy!). after that, we went to kirin kirin, genevieve gozum & preppy for some clothes-checking! hehe.. :-P

just i still have to do some editing job..(sniff sniff!) :-I

Saturday, August 16, 2008


being an aspiring CAT officer is never easy..yeah great! :-P at first, i can't feel the pressure of being one. until this afternoon..wenkz! hmm..disaster happened..! :-)

at 11 am this morning, we were assembled at the quadrangle (the usual place!) for our CAT training-slash-exam! We were given 6 questions, some are essay type, & some are shocking (write the Lupang's that for a Filipino student?!) after that, all candidates for CAT officers were asked to stay for our lecture that lasted for..roughly 4 hours!

but first we need to eat our packed lunch..we were asked to bring a banana & i had no idea that it doesn't only function as a dessert..! we were asked to do a "square meal"! at first, i didn't know what that means..but erika gave that shocking stare, which is i know was not good! well, her stare was right: IT WAS NOT GOOD!!! imagine, we were told to sit only 3 inches of our butt! oh my..then i thought that's it..but, we were asked to put the banana on top of our head! now how am i supposed to eat with that thing on my head, huh?! :-O then here's the twist: we will eat with a time limit & counting! oh my..really oh my!!! i had the hardest time eating, i swear! in fact, i never got the chance to enjoy my fried chicken & pork with gravy! hmmmmpp!!! >:( plus, the banana kept sliping from my head, so it was pretty irritating. then there's the water thing..

..we had 3 counts to drink water once in a first drink, the banana slipped from my head so my time was consumed on getting the banana..! second time: i drank the right amount of water..good! then there's the third try: i think i panicked a bit, so i hurried my drinking..there was still water in my mouth when i heard alvin (special mention!) laugh! i laughed also so guess what happened?! naluwa ko po ang tubig, bow! that happened in front of my was embarrassing! good thing no one teased me about that after the training..and good thing the commandant didn't reprimand me! after eating, he just conducted lessons.

hindi pa ako ganap na officer ah..pero grabe! but even though i already experienced this kind of thing, i don't wish to quit. because i know that quitting only means i don't have confidence on myself. just like when i was assigned as platoon leader last week, i knew i sounded like a dork, but i just brushed off all the negative vibes & told myself, "so what?! mas maganda nga pag matining boses mo eh, nakakatulig!" and i also know that we were made to experience these for our own..never quit! never surrender! aja! tira tira!!! :-P

hell in heaven week

oh yah confused?!

quarterly exams passed quickly & quite un-noticeably..i can't say that that was my first quarterly exam since i had my first when i was in freshman year (heehee..). i said it's "un-noticeably" because i didn't feel the urge to study (for a studious student like me (what?!)..that's a no-no!). let me tell you about my exams:

august 13, wednesday: first in line...filipino! i wasn't able to get a plus-20 from that dreaded question when we had a pre-test (arrgggghhh!!!), but i think i was able to ace that with flying colors (aww..!) next: statistics! stat was pretty easy..i just don't know if i made it..haha!:-P after the exam, my friends & i decided to go to patnubay academy because of some business..i met chenneth there! haaay..after years of no communication! after that, we hung out at my place..took pix using my sis's cam..and cath accidentally deleted all pix! oh my..ate shie's mad at me nga eh..huhu.. :'( yah i know i should have been responsible! don't impose it more! (am i talking to myself?!) hehe.. :-P

august 14, thursday: m.a.p.e.h. time! it was kinda hard..i kept on mixing everything from anything! haha..! next: was kinda hard..only because my mind doesn't function when it comes to getting the speed, blah blah blah! then there was computer: i didn't study much..hehe..i told you i can't feel the quarterly exam! :-P after that we hung out again at my place..uploaded the spare pix we had after cath & i cried our eyes out.. :-P here are some pix..:

^posing for a pic! haha.. :-P

^hey, meet my besz erika & besh catherine...waaah.. :-P

^me..cath..erika..darlene on top!

^more photo-opz..
^parang di galing sa iyak nuh?! hehe.. :-P

august 15, friday: english! fave ;) i thought it was pretty good! how i wish i passed or got a high grade so i don't appear as mayabang here..! hehe.. :-P then we had economics! i had a hard time thinking of what to draw in test IV..other than that, it was NOT easy! hehe.. :-P then the EASIEST of all..(that's an irony, fyi!) bookkeeping! oh my..i think i failed that one! i'm sure i'm busted in the columnar paper part! just think: i kept on jumbling the "notes payable" to the "revenues" part..and worst of all,my "capital statement" contents were wrong..ALL WRONG!!! arrrggghh!!! and fyi requires a parent's signature (doomed forever!). :-(

also on the same day, i decided to drop by erika & mac's place so we can have some bonding time! hehe..we studied math..they taught me something naman..then we played "harry potter diagon-alley" board game! it was fun to play! it's gonna take forever if i explain it, but the bottomline is: mac & i won! haha.. :-P but erika got all the money..hmp! hehe.. :-D

last day, august 16, saturday (today!): first was math (oohh!!!), another of my favorites (that's another irony for yah!)..was there ever a day that i liked & understood math?! hmm..NO! never! a classmate was asking me questions on how to evaluate that cheverness..and i said, "magpaturo na kayo sa english, wag lang sa math!" and i'm perfectly correct: ever since i started studying, i already hated math. aside from the fact that i hate numbers, i really can't understand it! even though you explain it to me over & over again, i guess you'll just hte me for having a sore throat & dried saliva (haha!). really, that's how as bad as it can get. :-) next! was easy..we started at 10:40, and i was finished at 11:00..1 hour to go before the C.A.T. time!

since this post is already long..i'm gonna jump on another post! whee..hell in heaven week..what a title! :-P

Saturday, August 9, 2008

let's groove!

august 7, 2008: our section's joint feast day with the "smarthanz"! the pics are taking too long to upload nga eh..hehe.. :-P

we were told earlier by our adviser that our theme will be 70s & 80s style. the moment i heard that, i was so, so, so excited!!! imagine, getting to wear retro cool!

st. martha's theme was "pajama party" so they were all in their pantulog.. :-) the feast day was fun..many foods (wahaha!)..many pictures (my sis lent me her digicam! yehey!)..and lots of funny moments (when we went to sm, pinagtinginan ako! haha..retro kasi!). i'm sure our last feast day will always stick in my mind..forever! :-P

so that's it..i just updated! here's a treat: pix galore! :-P

^retro jane-y! :-P

^yanna (hi!) and me..!

^francis & me..! :-P

^joicy & me! (hi!) :-P

^maxx & me!
^topie & me.. :-P
^me & anna..nice outfits! :-D
^with my adviser!
^tHymAnGeRzZ (1/4!)=P

^me & emerrize! :-P

addie: just check out my friendster for more pix! :-)

Monday, August 4, 2008

examination month

yep..i declare august as the "examination month"..hep hep! (hooray!!!) :-P

so you already know (and i think you don't wanna know it again..haha!) that yesterday was the "historical & blood-curdling" UPCAT. and today, we had our "differential aptitude test"! oh gosh..i still haven't recovered yet with that UPCAT! wala pa ngang 24 hours since that entrance test eh. haizzt!

since the DAT consists of 8 subtests (UP calls each subject "subtests"..correct me if i'm wrong!), all of our subjects for the whole day were affected (YES!!!:-P) so what did we do? hmm..we took relations..mechanical..abstract reasoning..SPELLING (my fave! haha..)..grammar-like..&..ahh!!! i forgot it already (waaah!!!). it was easy, i wish the math here was the kind of math i took in UPCAT! and i love the spelling part! i think i did well in that (tapos bagsak ako dun nuh?!)

aside from the 2 previous exams, there will also be an NSAT (national secondary assessment test) on august 26..oh the crap! then our quarterly exams will be on august 13-16! now this is what i call a TOTAL BRAIN DAMAGE! ooh..better get ready for those band-aids for my brain..haha! :-P

haay..keep your umbrellas open this month..for there might be a brain explosion! :-P

Sunday, August 3, 2008

is it over?!

i just thought about that, cuz i didn't actually notice it coming..(owws?!) :-)

today is august 3, 2008..and mind you, today is not a very ordinary day for an average student like me! why?! because today is my UPCAT exam!!! and it happened just earlier this afternoon. oh was such a total disaster! haha..kwento ko pa ba ng paisa-isa?! hmm..sige na nga!^peace n' green! haha.. :-P

ok to shorten this thing..we headed for UP at 8:00 am & got there at 10:00 (so early for our time call: 12:30!) while waiting, marc & i just strolled around..sat on the bench..reviewed a little bit..and then the rain poured down. i also experienced an unexpected hassle because it was traffic, and my dad & i were running out of time (it was already 12:20!), so i just decided to "brisk-walk" it out..and thank goodness i made it! haaayy..akala ko male-late ako.. :-P after 5 long hours of neck-stiffing (is there such word as that?! haha!), blood-dripping, mind-twisting, and soul-confusing exam, we finally went home! haha..tulog sa kotse! :-P

this is such a memorable experience..not to mention my first time to take an admission UP pa! i just hope i succeed..even though i didn't prepare much! all who prayed for me (how can i know? meron nga ba?), thanks and i hope they worked (haha!). oh well..let's just wait until february challenge: dread the outcome!!! :-O

Friday, August 1, 2008

moments where should i start?!

yesterday our teacher announced that there will be a procession in the evening..all fourth year students were required to join! classes were cut at 3:30, so i asked my parents if i could stay at besties erika & marc's place..and thankfully they said yes! haha..yipee!:-P so for 3 hours we played tekken 5 & other games on their psp..which was very hurtful! my fingers got a free exercise, though. :-)

well..procession time came..(in honor of st. mary magdalene!) we just walked & walked & walked with a candle at one hand..(the candle holder that i made burned! haha..minus 10!) after that we (barkadz!) attempted to watch the famous toro-toro, but we're not successful! so we just hanged out in the nearby store & ate & shared stories..hmm..! then while waiting for a bus, i saw a live boxing event for the first time! oh my..two boys (not so far from us!) were kicking & punching each that time i wanted to run!'s scary pala when you saw it live..!
^on the way to the procession! :-P

today, august 1, 2oo8: because of the procession last night, our school time has been moved to 8: 00 am (hooray!) so last night i adjusted my alarm clock 30 minutes in advance (for some purposes..). this morning when i woke up, i looked at it..7:45 i thought it's only 7:15! so i got up & when i looked at the big clock, it is REALLY quarter to 8! gosh..nataranta talaga ako! good thing it was raining so i wasn't late. but i got late in the afternoon! traffic kasi eh..thank goodness din the guidance counselor was not present, so pinabalik na lang kami sa room. thankfully din tinanggap ako ni ma'am kahit late..haha! :-P

C.A.T. time: beszie was our platoon leader! was fun..i just hope that when my time comes as a platoon leader, i don't stutter! hehe..nervousness at its best! :-P

i just realized: even though i'm already ipit in a situation, God never fails to save me (or is it the Holy Spirit? or the angels?! hmm..!). thank You po! :-) bye! :-P