Friday, February 5, 2010

sweet success

January 23, 2009: a very unforgettable date.

That was the date that we first tasted sweet success. Because on that date, the CvSU Chorale Ensemble emerged victorious at the CHED and NAHEI’s Academic and Cultural Festival held in De La Salle Lipa, Batangas. :)

We weren’t prepared at all. I mean, we were told to prepare for a competition 5 days before the actual date! And we only rehearsed for 2 days because we were busy arguing with the school officials. That was because we didn’t want to join a competition unprepared. But they insisted, so we decided that we should give it a try. And it was worth all the tears, pressure and stress! It was my first time to achieve such an amazing success as a chorale member, and I’m so proud that I’m a part of this group.

Now we all assure that when we represent the Region IV-A at the National Competition, to be held at UP Diliman this February, we will be super prepared. Ooh I’m so excited! =P

Again, congratulations to us! :) We deserve it. =P