Monday, March 16, 2009

super girl bonding! ^_^

last march 14 (saturday), i had the best time bonding with my girls! ^_^

my super friends (esra, yanna, batchie, lara, rachel, eme) and i bonded over chips and sodas at esra's place. but what we really did was to watch "the exorcist"! haay...but before that, we checked some of francis m.'s videos first. ^_^ and we were spooked by one video. whoo.. :-O

that day is really unforgettable. yeah, it was just a simple girl time w/ some food and technology, but what i will treasure most is the friendship we shared. i discovered how tight our friendship is when we did that "movie marathon"! ^_^ haizz..i will miss them. T_T

to tropang isaw...friends forever! ^_^ <3

sure future!

at last, i know now that my future's sure! ^_^

my dad and i went to my future school (CvSU-Indang it is!) last wednesday, march 11. this time my lil' sis joy tagged along. and there (at OSA - office of student affairs) they issued me a notice of admission! yess!!! do you know what that means?! i can now enroll in CvSU-Indang! yeah...^_^

i can't wait to be a BA Mass Communication student! least now i don't have to worry about entrance exams! now i can sleep well at night. ^_^

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

my apologies...

sorry it took me ages to update again (heehee..^_^) our internet connection is facing a great difficulty right now, and for that, i pity myself. :'(

many things happened while i wasn't able to blog, and i want to share them all to you, but sadly, i couldn't do that. internet T_T

i'll just update soon (i hope). i really miss blogging! sniff sniff... :'(