Monday, January 19, 2009

second entrance exam

unfortunately, i didn't make it in UP. i checked their website yesterday, and i didn't see my name on the list. but i'm not sad! ^_^ oh well, marami pa namang schools d'yan..^_^

earlier this morning, my dad & i went to our second option (in case i fail UPCAT..which i did..^_^), Cavite State University or CvSU in Indang. after i passed my requirements at the OSA or office of student affairs, we ate lunch at their canteen. when we got there, all eyes were on us! i felt shy in they're staring at us (or me!). when it was already 2 pm, we (w/ the other 2 aspiring students) took the exam in 1 1/2 hour only. well, it was just verbal intelligence & mathematical ability (ouch!), so we were given only the right amount of time. after that neck-stiffing exam, we checked the dormitories.

i think i did well with this one, and i just hope i could pass! the school's nice, and i feel comfortable w/ the place, so sana makapasa ako!!! wish me luck guys..i only have 2 weeks to have fun because after that, the results will be released. i'm nervous!!! T_T but with the help of JC and you, people, i believe that i can pass this exam. good luck to me! ^_^

Sunday, January 11, 2009


one big question: where am i suppose to go in college????!

i already tried in UP, and the exam's result will be released on the 3rd week of january..and i'm not expecting. of all the thousands & thousands of students who took the UPCAT, do you still think that i have a chance?! one knows. haaaay...but i have a negative feeling about that (pessimistic! bad..T_T) we'll see..

next: just yesterday, my dad & i went to cavite state university in indang. we checked it out because my dad wants me there & was just fine. the place is cool, and kind of nice. but i'm thinking of going to manila to study..oh well..di bale na nga. ok lang naman dun eh, at least hindi masyadong malayo (hehe!:-P) but we'll still see..if i pass UP, then UP it is! if not, not it is! haha..:-P

haaay................senior life. T_T

Friday, January 9, 2009

hell week

project week. cramming week. rushing week. hell week. whatever you call it, it's just the same.

but now, at least, i passed all my projects due this week. i must say, the past five days have been very stressful & draining for me! hmm..i experienced a lot..and learned from it. ^_^

cramming is never easy..yep that's right. but i don't know, i like cramming somehow (haha! silly..) like in quizzes, i study for like, 10 minutes before the time, and still get good results (, i'm not mayabang..^_^)

but i must admit it, all the rushing & draining really caused me a headache & so many aches! uhmm..that's why i shouldn't use the computer now..well, i just blogged..^_^ gotta rest! ttfn everyone! ^_^