Saturday, June 28, 2008


this past few weeks i've been super inactive (internet-wise) because of i wasn't able to blog regularly (hindi pa ba regular yan?! ang dami ko na ngang entries this june..weeh!:-P) i do hope that by july, i can make more entries.. :-D

nothing much to is just an ordinary saturday..oh by the way, karakol's coming..gotta practice! and marc & i are going to pass our UP application forms on tuesday (cross-fingers!). i'm gonna miss classes again..oh the crap! :-O

should i cut it here? ahm..yeah. i'm gonna update when i feel like it! zai jan! :-P

Friday, June 27, 2008


haay..kapagod! but still i made an effort to blog..sleepy!-_-

our school's meeting de avance was held earlier this afternoon..and like what i said in my previous post, i was going to perform for a particular party the morning i wasn't able to practice much with them because of my lessons..but lunchtime onwards, i was able to (at least!) perfect my steps. by the way, we practiced at khuletz's room..with many of them watching! hehe..gosh. :-O

we (marc..ekay..cess) have to wear anything pink because we will be performing for the "saga" party list (weeeh!). before our turn, marc put eyeliner on our eyes (looked like a rocker-whatever! hekhek..) & cheered for the other party list, "spuds" (we have to support each group! walang kinikilingan! haha.. :-P) and when the time came that we have to perform, i felt no jitters. i mean, i'm not that nervous shaking or anything. wow..i think i'm improving! haha..i think those 4 years of engaging in social activities helped me with my self confidence..hmm..

prior to the dance, well it went good. actually when it ended, i felt like bitin..really! i kept saying, "gusto ko pa! balik tayo sa stage..!" too muh for the dancing, eh?! anyway after that, the "globe" party list took the mic & stage. we cheered for them also..but what we really waited for is marc's song number..(he performed in all party lists! talk about multitasking..!) while waiting, we tHymAnGeRzZ hanged out at the canteen..ate ice cream..talked..the usual thing barkadas do. then as i chanced upon the stage view, i saw marc..already on the stage! heck..i rushed & called all of them..ang ingay ko nga eh, talagang todo sigaw na "oi! andyan na si marc!" wa-cares.. :-P

while making our way in front of the stage, we made hiyaw (oww!) & stood on the bench. i think when he saw us, cheering & yelling like crazy peeps, he became even more delighted. i mean, ginanahan yata. (marc if you're reading this, correct me if i'm wrong!) well, that's what friends each other..haaay..gosh. :-P

well that ends my day for TODAY..what can happen next? hmm..

Thursday, June 26, 2008

new-found glory

at last, i felt the energy going!

our student council election's coming..and when there are party lists, there are also entertainers for each group. my best buds (marc & erika..cuzzins!) told me that they were preparing for a dance number for a particular party list..and they want to include me!! well, who's gonna think of including innocent me in a dance troop? heck, they do. :-P but seriously, me? i don't even dance! the last time i danced in public was last march friends joined the dancing contest, so nahila ako.

if you know my history, i don't dance at all. i have a robot body & ang tigas talaga ng baywang ko. usually when i try to dance, some people tease me & say, "ang tigas naman n'yan!" but now i try not to make pansin of the usual teasing & laughing. i join dancing contest now..but still get shy when i notice that some of my co-dancers are the GOOD ones. ouch. reality hit me!

back to the recent invitation, i agreed to dance with them..since i would like to hone my social skills & erase my little bit of shyness. this time, we will be dancing something quite different. i mean, we will be dancing to the tunes of "ring ring ring" by s.h.e.! about taiwanese-pop introduction in school! so for that we practiced since monday..and the first day coinsisted of me trying to get the steps right & them (the choreographers..marc & ekay!) trying to correct my mistakes. at the end of the day they were tired and..i think na-konsume sa akin! haha.. :-P

today we practiced..this time with our new member, ka-tHymAnGeRzZ princess (special mention!). i thought that was the end of my hopes..hopes of me being a good dancer. we all know for a fact (at least WE in the school & her family know) that princess is a great dancer. and i was put up beside them? gosh. i said earlier, "oh ano ako na mascot niyo?" of course i got nervous when i learned that she will be included because..i'd be embarrassed in front of self esteem could get low..and i could no longer have self confidence. but as we practiced earier, i sensed something different. something good.

at last, i'm already dancing! haha..i felt like i got the steps right & i was able to groove to the beat! haha..even though i'm not as good as them, still i managed to dance with them. actually, i LOOOOVEEEEDDD the feeling! for the final practices, i think i did well & i didn't want to stop! ganun pala 'pag nag-eenjoy ka. masaya pala. nakakatuwa. hekhek.. :-D i know that even though matigas ang baywang ko, i can still groove to the beat..especially when i'm with my friends who are willing to help me & encourage me to believe that i CAN have the talent. thanks for the faith..hehe..sana mabasa niyo 'to no?! zai jian! :-)

Monday, June 23, 2008

shocking events

unexpected things really weird times & place. (seryoso pare!)

while mourning for my aunt's death (see previous entry), my other aunt (tita inday) suddenly asked my dad if i have any passion for acting or modelling. whaaat?! don't know what crossed my aunt's mind to ask him that. then my dad faced me & asked me.. of course i was hesitant! me? a model??! gosh. i answered inconsistently, not knowing what to answer.

ok i'll admit it: 50% wants me to say yes, and the other 50% wants me to say no. why?! yes because it screams M-O-O-L-A-H!..stardom..seeing my face on magazine pages is cute..yeah. and no because i hate having NO privacy at all..pressure..hectic schedules..and shyness (waaah!).
^the pic i first gave to her..i'm not that prepared! haha.. :-P

well let me tell you why my tita asked me that quessie: he's the godmother of patrick garcia (whoa..), friend of lolit solis (ahh..), and has managed artists na din (i'm just not quite sure). she really wants me to model, so she asked for my solo pics. i gave some, of course..opportunities like this knocks only once!:-P

i just hope i succeed in this. and i JUST hope that this will not hinder me from studying..aja jane!:-P

meetings (again)

after a month, we all meet again.

last june 16, my aunt nini (eldest sis of my dad) died because of cancer and maybe..katandaan na rin. so on june 20 (erika's bday!), we went to manila memorial park-sucat to mourn. and things like this call for a grand family reunion. so there i was, trying to mingle with my cousins.

prior to my aunt, she was kind to me. i mean, she accepted me despite of my unusual status (secret!). so it was expected for me to cry a bit when it's the last mass already. seriously, the choir's mellow voice helped my tears to fall. plus pa yung fact na nakikita ko yung mga tita ko na umiiyak, so nadala rin ako. really has to go. and in our case it was my aunt who has to go. :-(

after the mass, we walked from the funeraria to the spot---while raining. gosh, you can picture it already: my sis & i sharing the same big umbrella, wet pants & shoes, wet arms, and leg aches. but we were still able to make it, though.

i still wish that aunt nini is happy na there..because her life would be more miserable if she stayed alive here..but with tubes that sustains her life. that's hard---knowing that those tubes can't sustain your life forever & they will add more burden to your life. so it's really best to go on & continue her life---in a place where there are no problems, no suffering, & no sadness. just angels, yummy foods (whaat?!), and a quiet ambiance (bakit ko ba nasasabi 'to nakapunta na ba ako dun?! gosh.)

Thursday, June 19, 2008


aside from the fact that i'm already loaded with schoolwork, i'm also rushing on filling up college application forms.

yep..i'm a crammer! well don't blame me! when rejoice (special mention!) told me that the deadline of submission of requirements is on june 25, i panicked a bit. i didn't know anything about filling up application forms! anyway, this morning i went to the registrar's office to get my bs form 137 (transcript of records)...of course, as suggested by my classmates who already passed their requirements. i also photocopied UP form 1..tomorrow i'll be photocopying UP form 2. :) ^the UP site..browsing for more requirements

now i'm browsing for PLM requirements, since those 2 are the only schools i want to go to. grabe, super nagmamadali na! hehe..i'm a bit confused.
^the PLM site..also browsing.. :-P

haay..sana makapasa na ako ng forms! haha..i'm so excited! :-P

credits: thanks to and for the sites's snappies! ;-)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

the art of unending pile of schoolwork

my eyes are all puffy..due to lack of sleep. well you know the culprit already! don't dare to ask me.. :-I

as the opening of classes began, so did the schoolworks. researches..leader work..assignments..early role it, i think i have it (or if not, then sorry!). since june 16 i've been like this: go home from school then sit in front of the computer with a notebook & pen in hand..then research. after that i'll head straight to the study room to do my homeworks. i usually sleep at 11 pm..which is the cause of my mom's "oi-matulog-na-kayo! anong-oras-na-ba? aba-ayoko-ng-ganyan!" habits.

i know all of these are part of high school life..actually these were the main reasons why i had pimples (gosh..i have nothing when i was in sophie year!). but i know every student can't shoulder too much work. i know somehow my body & mind would give up, but i hope that before it does, i already finished all my loaded works. ^ my researching shots..that's how crucial it can be! ouch! :-O

let's face reality guys! it's hard to research in front of the computer..reading every detail that would meet my fierce eyes. computer screens are high in radiation (i think?), so i'm kawawa talaga. now i know why i'm having sore eyes. poor eyes..malabo na nga, overtime pa! please don't make me blind..!:-O

i guess that's all. i have nothing to say anyway..(you get the logic from the title..and then you'll find out what this nonsense blog entry is all about.) lol. (really am i laughing out loud?! seriously, no.) :-I

Thursday, June 12, 2008

the other celebration (and crying moments)

you think june 12's just for independence day?! think again.

everytime june 12 comes, there's a double celebration for us (family): independence day & my mom's birthday. so yesterday we went to jollibee to celebrate it. erika's included, because she's with me & i didn't know that we're going to jollibee so, i invited her. anyway, i had my big camera so we just ate there & took pics...& played with the kids at the slide. :-D after that, erika decided that she's not going home yet so she went back with us.

well, we just bonded in the magazines, talked, etc. we even planned to spend the sembreak here! hehe...super sleepover. :-P it's past 6, & it' getting darker, so we just went to the study room & talked. she's in our house until 9 pm. after the said time, she bid bye-bye. ^me & erika, webcam moments in our house. :-P

i accompanied her, of course. pero nung nandoon na kami sa sakayan ng tricycle, walang ni-isang nakaparada dun! gosh. so she texted her dad about that, and i said that if all else fails, she can sleep in our house. well, i'm also a girl so i have the clothes. but after waiting for minutes, a tricyce came & claimed that finally, there were buses passing...enough for her to go home. so there she went...i told her to text me when she got home.

the next day (today), i received no text from her. so i got very worried. many things appeared in my mind like criminal cases (oh!), so i called her up when i woke up. then i bursted into tears when i heard her voice. it's like, mixed emotions! well i think i cried because i'm worried, thankful that she got home, & naiinis ng konti kasi hindi siya nakapag-text. but she said that the moment she got home, she fell asleep. so there's the reason. now we're going to talk to tell her how i felt.

so long, folks. it ends here. :-P

the grand adventure

we already know that it was the 110th year of our independence yesterday. but what you guys didn't know was i had my greatest adventure on the same day.

as a 4th year student, we were asked to join the independence day parade yesterday at 5:30 am (sooo early!). we have to be in white tee, maong jeans, and rubber shoes. when i got home, i looked at my clothes to search for a white tee. and i got the surprise of my night when i found none! i panicked, so i raided my sisters's closets for t-shirts. but i found nothing that fits me. then i remembered that i have one white tee in my bag...but its sleeves are gray. thankfully my adviser allowed it (phew!). because of that, i only got to eat at 9:40 pm. so i still have to wait for the food in my stomach to come down, so i only got to sleep at 11 pm (lack of sleep! bad.). fortunately, i got up at 4:00 am.

i left at around 5:10 am, and when i got to the waiting shed, i saw my schoolmate & friend rodilyn...(special mention!) i thought we were both waiting for a baby bus, but i was wrong. she said, "naghihintay ka ba ng bus dyan?! asa kang may dadaan." then i replied, "bakit naman?" she answered, "hello?! sarado po kaya ang daan sa kawit kaya walang dadaan na bus! halika na maglakad na lang tayo." (i know this was not the exact words, but they're somehow close to the idea ok?!) so we walked from sta. isabel to panamitan (the assembly place was at josephine's resort).

the parade didn't actually start at 5:30...maybe minutes after that. after waiting, we finally got to line up & walk. i was with my beszie erika who has her mp4 at that while walking, we listened to some fahrenheit & s.h.e. songs from her mp4, but the volume was too loud for my baby ears (hehe!), so i listened to my own mp3 instead. walking from panamitan to aguinaldo shrine was too tiring, but honestly, we didn't notice the sweat & leg aches. we got there fast! that's the feeling pala when you're with someone you're close with & you talk while you walk...hindi boring, so mabilis yung parade.=P
^tHymAnGeRzZ at the parade! hehe...the
other's missing! from left: edward, henicel, reycel,
erika, me!, and angelica. :-)

when we got there, we & the rest of the barkada reunited & we were asked to get the foods from the barangay there! so there i am, holding a plastic bag full of bottled waters (with the aid of alvin..hehe!) after that, all magdaleneans scattered & we strolled around the whole park. we saw alex santos of t.v. patrol world! gosh, i can't believe he's that handsome! hehe...startruck much? then we also saw bobby yan reporting for nbn ch. 4 (is that the channel? i can't remember!)

as time passed, one by one, my kabarkadas went home. ang naiwan lang: ako, si edward, & erika. we sat there for some time, but we grew tired & bored eventually, so we decided to walk our way home. pinipilit nga namin si edward na dun kami sa house niya muna eh, kaya lang ayaw niya. and there were no buses passing by, so no choice but to either walk or ride a tricycle (a ride costs P40 up!) so the three of us walked while eating a burger we bought. when we reached tabon, hindi na sumama si edward...hay naku, kung sino pa yung lalaki. anyway, we couldn't do anything so erika & i just continued walking & left him there, waiting for a bus. eh ayaw niya sumama eh! then my gand adventure started.

from marulas, we walked & walked & walked...just the two of us, both girls, looking very sweaty & tired. but we enjoyed it, though. that adventure proved how strong, brave, & challenging girls we are, & kahit na nag-parade na kami kanina, we didn't feel super exhausted. we got to our destination in no time, & i kept saying, "i can't believe we made it by just walking! maybe this is just a dream..." but of course it's not. erika decided to stay in our house for a while because she didn't want to go home yet. so we just played games on our new dvd player.

i will end the independence day celebration here, but there's a continuation. read next!;)

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

first day low...(and little highs)

i thought i would be happy when i get to step inside that huge, maroon gate. well, not so.

the night before june 10 (that's yesterday), i can't sleep even though it's already past 10 pm. i kept clearing my mind & even resorted to counting sheeps (not effective for me!), but still, i can't put myself to sleep. excited much?! finally i fell asleep at i think 11 pm...then woke up at 5 in the morning (big SURPRISE!). i took a shower (cold!), ate breakfast, and groomed myself. at 6:20, i was already in the tricycle.

as i was making my way to our school gate, i spotted my two junior year classmates. i asked them which section they belong to, but no one answered me. as in, dedma lang. maybe they don't know, or they don't care about their old classmate. poor jane. :( anyway as i reached the gate, i saw old & new faces all bunched up there. i went to the stage to see the lists of students. i searched for my name: first, IV-st. martha...nope! next...IV-st. immaculate concepcion...nope! next...IV-st. lazarus...nope! oh my...i'm an eMeNeM! "esmeri" speak, that means i'm in IV-st. mary magdalene! but after a short "hooray!", i was disappointed. the reasons? read this:

1. hindi ko kaklase si beszie erika
2. wala akong classmate na tHymAng
3. wala akong masyadong ka-close sa kanila
4. lahat sila nagsiksikan sa IV-immaculate concepcion

well, i have nothing against my new section or what, i'm just sad...for the fact that my friends are all there, and that i have no seatmate for the field trip. (i was planning to go sound-tripping with erika eh!) but i hope that, eventually, i'll find new friends there. but as the flag ceremony started, i kept a busangot face. :(

my first day plans crashed with my emotions & expectations (expect kasi ng expect eh!) i planned about trying the new soft ice cream there...but it was so crowded that i decided not to continue. i also planned that i will not have my baon for the first day because i want to experience the canteen feeling again. but heck, the canteen's closed! horror hits me. ouch!>:( and i planned that before we go home, i will taste isaw with suka again. but manong's not present. better not to plan next time. (but this is my last year in high school!)

my adviser's nice...but he doesn't know me, though. well, that's because i've never been his students for the past three years. he even mistakened me for someone else (ako daw si lumampao...) he had speech problems because of his cough, so i didn't understand him well.

by the end of the day (by the way we're only half day! but regular classes the next books!), i still went home with my long-time friends. even though we're walls apart from each other, i'm still lucky that they're still be able to wait for me every food breaks. of course, friendship never ends, no matter what sections you're in right now.

add: welcome CAT & community service! i hope i pass the first one. lol.

Friday, June 6, 2008

food crisis

yep, we're in the middle of it now.

just this week our whole family suffered from stomach cramps. first my lil sis, then my mom, then me, then my 2 nieces. what a life! we've been like this for 5 days straight, & we can't find the culprit. so we all have to sacrifice.

no delicious meals for now, just plain lugaw, noodles & crackers or bread. also no milo, or milk, or juice. just plain h2o. oh my, i've been craving for mac n' cheese, pizza, and my fave viands (sinigang, and the like) for days, and it seems like i'm not gettting them anyway. poor, sad jane. all she could munch on are non-oily foods. huhu! :'(

today, for lunch, my dad brought us fried chicken from kanto. when i saw that whole plastic, i blurted out, "dad nang-aasar ka ba?!" he said that he's not mocking, we can eat that chicken thing...but no crispy balat! oh my, i got sadder. that's my favorite part! hmmp! stupid stomach!>:(

now we all have to sacrifice. haay sana mawala na 'to please!!! :(

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

passion for the unknown

yesterday as i logged out (from friendster, candymag, & here!), my mom told me to buy some calamansi & tomato from the nearby store. but of course i had to use my bike since i'm not in the mood to walk (hehe!). when i got to the store, wala sila nung dalawang yun! kind of disappointed, my mom asked me to buy from another stores. and when i got there, wala namang kamatis! so i told my mom about that, and she said should go to talipapa (which was way far than those stores i went to). it was tiring to go back & forth over & over again! but i noticed something different while making my to the talipapa...

i love the thrill of biking fast & one-handed. i feel excited when doing that while sliding down the road. i like the feeling of freedom it gives me. whoa...did i just say that? i'm not much of a bicyclist, but i still managed to do that. what can i do? i just looooveeee the feeling! was like i was really free...

i'm planning to be a bicyclist for competitions, but i don't think i have the guts. oh well, i'll just practice. then maybe one day, you'll see me on t.v., gliding down the sideroads, screaming, "finally!"

so much for the dreaming, eh?;)

Monday, June 2, 2008

other side of the bed

just recently, my sister felt ill & had to lie on the couch for days. since we all sleep in the same room ( room's being used by my sister), my mom told me that i can't sleep with my sick sis. so i had to transfer to my real room...upstairs.

it was already past 10:30, and my elder sister's still chatting on the net, so i had to wait for her to sleep (oh my, i don't want to sleep there alone! i'm not used to it anymore). then by 11 pm, we finally went upstairs. as i lie there on my "korean bed"-style foam (oh i missed that!), i thought mamamahay ako (or makukwarto!) but then all of a sudden i fell asleep fast. it was magic! in our old room it usually takes me about minutes to get to sleep, or a glass of milk. but there, i fell asleep in no time.

the next day, i told my sister about that. then she exclaimed without hesitation, "eh kasi kwarto mo naman talaga yan eh!" that's when i realized that she was telling the truth. after all, that's my original room, so hindi ako makukwarto! my gosh, why didn't i think of that before telling my sister?

so long, fellas. that's all for today. lol.