Saturday, April 11, 2009

life after april 3

that april 3 was our graduation day. and to tell you the truth, it turned out unexpectedly. we were so wacky while the ceremony, yelled and applauded our deserving batchmates (including me..i got a medal for recognition in campus journalism! yeah! ^_^). days before that, we were told to be behave because that's a formal ceremony, but being the pasaway students that we are, we didn't listen. ^_^ that was the last time of our bonding as whole fourth years, so who cares?! hehe.. :-P

then last april 6, we held our very own CAT graduation. as expected, we were (again), pasaway. on the same day we were given our report cards and certificates. after that, my "no-thugz" friends and i went malling. nothing much..^_^

right now, i'm so excited about 2 upcoming events: henry's "treat" at KFC and marymag's splash island outing! i can't wait..super!!! we (my family) just went on a swimming spree last thursday, so my complexion is now a bit tan, but i'm not gonna let that splashie chance pass! :-P
but let us not forget that today is black saturday. my thoughts can't wait until tomorrow so, i took a little time to blog. let us remember how JC sacrificed for us. ^_^

Thursday, April 2, 2009

post-graduation entry

i never thought this day would come..the thought of me wearing my high school toga and cap never crossed my mind..(well at least not most of the time) but now, as i press every letter in this keyboard, i can't help but to think of what could happen tomorrow..

on my four years of existence in my current alma mater, i experienced things i've never experienced before, i had my fun firsts, and most of all, i gained friends who, i believe, will remain my friends until i grow old. it's fun to think of how my journey in high school changed my whole self. it taught me new things, and definitely made me more matured (hehe..) even my past misunderstandings taught me so many things. now i'm ready to face a bigger challenge in my life...and that is what we call COLLEGE. i?!

well..i guess i am..not..whatever. all i know is that i will do my best to beat the college stress. wish me luck!

back to the topic, i will miss them. i will miss the days my friends and i used to spend together. i will miss the walking marathons, the food trips, the karaoke times, the super girl bonding times, the picture picture times, the laugh trips, ALL!!! haaaaay...high school is truly the best chapter in everyone's education days. and i will never ever forget the moment i became a high school student!

to my friends, teachers, and batchmates, thank you for enriching my life with wisdom and unexplanable things. i hope i did the same thing to you guys. i will miss you all, and take care. ^_^

now i will cry..T_T hehe..just joking (but i might cry..tomorrow..) ^_^
congratulations graduates! and..farewell..