Friday, February 5, 2010

sweet success

January 23, 2009: a very unforgettable date.

That was the date that we first tasted sweet success. Because on that date, the CvSU Chorale Ensemble emerged victorious at the CHED and NAHEI’s Academic and Cultural Festival held in De La Salle Lipa, Batangas. :)

We weren’t prepared at all. I mean, we were told to prepare for a competition 5 days before the actual date! And we only rehearsed for 2 days because we were busy arguing with the school officials. That was because we didn’t want to join a competition unprepared. But they insisted, so we decided that we should give it a try. And it was worth all the tears, pressure and stress! It was my first time to achieve such an amazing success as a chorale member, and I’m so proud that I’m a part of this group.

Now we all assure that when we represent the Region IV-A at the National Competition, to be held at UP Diliman this February, we will be super prepared. Ooh I’m so excited! =P

Again, congratulations to us! :) We deserve it. =P

Sunday, January 17, 2010

from the junk

while searching for some old photo albums at my old room, i found another piece of my past: a small, green notebook that contains my scribbles way back in junior year high school. and guess what? i saw a past masterpiece of mine! here, read it:


written on march 26, 2008

here i am, alone again, waiting for happiness to find me. now that i am sitting here at the farthest corner of the stage, i start to think, "why am i here in the first place?" because i'm waiting for someone. i'm waiting for an explanation. i'm waiting for forgiveness. she asked me if we could talk, but she's nowhere in sight. all i see are students who are having their clearance signed. i guess i should leave.

here i am, alone again, waiting for happiness to find me. all my friends have gone home. all them are now relaxing. i was left alone, here at the farthest corner of the stage. as i realize my loneliness, i start to think, "why am i here in the first place?" because i want to be with no one. i want to be with myself. i want a quiet ambiance. as i wait for her, a little, shattered voice whispers in my ear, "the silence will make you deaf." i guess i should leave.

here i am, alone again, waiting for happiness to find me. it's already past 4 pm, and the call time's 3. now, as i write this on my green notebook, i start to think, "why am i here in the first place?" because i live up to our promise. because i don't want this chance to pass. because i want us to be friends again. i'm tired of those uneasy days. i'm sick of pretending i don't see her. i want to break the silence. but now the guard said we can go home. the students are now rushing to the gate. and still no sign of her. i guess i should leave.

if she comes, tell her i've waited so long, so i already left. but if she wants to know how painful it was to make me wait there with nothing to do, take her to the farthest corner of the stage.

that message was for a friend who almost broke our friendship for not coming to that place so we could talk. but we're ok now. :) i kind of missed doing that kind of stuff (you know, writing out of nowhere..hehe =D) thanks for lending some time to read this guys. :)

Saturday, January 9, 2010


a "fun run for a cause" was recently held here at indang on january 10, 2010, 6:00 am. it was a 5k marathon organized by kiwanis club of indang and co-organized by cvsu main. guess what? i was a participant. :)

gulat much? that's because i already started my diet plan: exercise and a balanced food intake. i'm not doing this for a particular someone (uyy! cheddar! =P), i'm doing this for myself. i noticed (and so are my family and friends) that i'm really getting bigger, so i decided to control my takawness and start a new lifestyle. o 'di ba bongga? =P

as for the marathon, well we (my bamc barkada) had a blast! even though all the running and walking on uphills and long roads were so tiring, it was super duper worth it! and though it left me with sore muscles and red foot fingers (maybe because of the rubber shoes), it was a very sweet treat for a girl who's on a diet. :) i really felt great, relieved and revived after that. it was like i shredded a thousand pounds! hehe =P just kidding. anyway, as i was saying, i really had fun, both because i got the exercise i want and because i spent it with my darling friends (noxan! rich! rey ann! sarah! pam! julie ann!) :)

ok..i'm so exhausted today. but there are so many things on my to-do list. oh well, i guess i can't make up for my lack of sleep anymore. :( teecee everyone! :)

snappies..:^ some of my pictures during the marathon. :)