Saturday, June 20, 2009


my first week in college was...very unexplanable and terrific. i mean, i'm close to being speechless! but as a chatterbox (hehe!), i will tell you all about my first week in CvSU. how about that?! ^_^

let's start...

>>sunday: my parents and niece eurich accompanied me to the ladies dormitory inside the campus...meaning CvSU will be my home for the next four years (literally!). after a few decorating and arranging, they left me on my own (my roommates arrived at past 8 pm kasi eh..). hello independency! ^_^

>>monday: first day of classes!!! i woke up at 4:45 am..and luckily the shower room was not crowded. so after eating and getting prepped up, i headed for the stairs (i'm in 4th floor..). 1st subject: PHED1 at the gymnasium. when i got there, i quickly checked the room assignment for my section (BAMC1-1 it is!), and while waiting for the orientation to start, i met some of my classmates. interesting fact about what we're going to do in PHED1: our teacher said that we should do 100 laps around the oval for the 1st sem..and f.y.i.: the oval is 400 m. whew...i think i'll be needing a better rubber shoes. hehe! :-P then after that, we had a 1 hour vacant (sched says!), so i stayed at the dorm muna.

next class: MATH2! i can't find the assigned building for that (fyi: CvSU is 74 hectares!), and while looking, i met 3 of my classmates that i already exchanged "hellos" with. they're also looking for the building, so i decided to join them, since i have no one to accompany me. here's the highlight: we looked & looked & looked for the room and building of MATH2 for more than 30 minutes!!! you can't imagine how haggard we looked then. after some asking and guessing, we already reached our destination, but when we got there, the orientation's already finished! good thing our professor's quite nice, so he let us get away with that. ^_^

by 11:30 we had our FILI1 class. it was when i met more of my classmates & got to know them better. also, we were asked to introduce ourselves to the whole class! hmm...ok i'll admit i got i little nervous (it's normal!!!). at 1 pm we were dismissed and i ate my lunch. :) after 3 hours, it was BIOL3 time! and again, we just had an orientation about that subject.

>>tuesday: based on our registration forms, we only have one subject for that day: ENGL1. unfortunately, there were some complications on the schedule and the room assignments (and our professor's not around), so sadly, we just wasted our whole morning transferring to different rooms and waiting. oh, i forgot...we had our elections for the student council (BAMC1) and surprisingly, i was nominated as president and voted as treasurer! gosh..i've never been a treasurer in my whole life! but it was flattering, though...knowing that my classmates trust me. thanks guys. ^_^

>>wednesday: first subject: MATH2 again! but we didn't have the same professor anymore. anyway, we were given a short lecture about "sets"...that's all. :-P it was also the same in FILI1. we discussed a new lesson, and thankfully our professor kept us relaxed by joking a lot. ^_^ then at 4 pm, we were supposed to have SOSC3, but our teacher was not around. so we just had a class meeting.

>>thursday: first subject: ENGL1, and by that time our professor's already there to orient us! yay! we shared the subject with BSCriminology freshmen, so we were a bit crowded in our little room. note: our professor taught us that in college, a course (e.g. BA Mass Communication, etc.) is actually called a "program" and a subject is what we really call a "course". confusing, eh?
unfortunately, our HLTH1 time became a vacant time because, again, no professor came to orient us. so we just decided to go to the library and research for our assignment in BIOL3. fast forward to that subject (erm..i mean course.. ^_^)! our prof tackled about the branches of biology until the scientific method..and after that, we were given a little group activity. ^_^
4-5:30 pm: SOSC3! and by that time, our professor finally showed up (yay!). again, we introduced ourselves to the class...and then she oriented us. it's the same thing over and over again.

>>friday: we had our NSTP orientation at 8 am. a handful of guest speakers taught us some pointers about that course, but one speaker caught all of our attention. she really opened our eyes to the truth behind rallies and people being recruited to be trained and thrown up to the mountains (just to be chased by soldiers). honestly, i salute her for doing that kind of speech. then after that, we were made to choose between ROTC and CWTS. then we were dismissed! by 2 pm i was already in a jeep on the way to kawit. ^_^ i missed my family and friends kaya!:)

my first week was really memorable. the dorm experience, going from building to building, having mud on my pants, everything!!! but it was all worth it. after all, when you embark on a new journey in your life, crazy experiences and mishaps are always present! but i was very grateful that i made it through my first week...and with that, i'm sure i'm also gonna make it through the whole semester. i have no doubt that i will survive the next 4 succeeding years of my college life!

mabuhay ang mga nasa kolehiyo na
! ^_^

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

screaming COLLEGE!!!

i'm not prepared to blog! hehe..

i just wanna share my happiness now that i'm in college...particularly CAS (college of arts and sciences) at CvSU (cavite state university)-Indang. if i were to describe my first day...well it was "fantastically great, super mega awesome, unexpectedly chaotic, and ultimately tiring!" haaaaaaaay...oh well, i'll just make kwento next time! biglaan kasi 'to eh..haizzt.. ^_^

napasobra ang mga '-ly' ah..haha :-P

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

i remember...

sometimes, you'll never know when destiny will surprise you with something unexpected.

i remember a time when i was so desperately in need of a boy bud. i was only 11 years old then. all of my closest friends then were girls and i had zero guy friend. plus, i kept on dreaming about having a guy pal. so i consulted one of my girl friends and she gave me phone digits of some boys she knew. having a textmate or a phonepal was all the rage then, so i tried to blend in. well, i met some guys (through phone), but they never became my friends. it was all a big mistake.

when i entered high school, i wasn't that desperate about the boy bud thing anymore. but, to my amazement, little by little, i started to gain guy friends who, i know, will remain w/ me until forever. it was truly unexpected. :) now, i'm just so thankful to have them in my life.

lesson: never rush into anything! it will come to you naturally and, most of all, when you least expect it. and don't settle for the phonepal/textmate thing...'cause you'll never really know when the person on the other end of the line is being sincere to you or not. just wait patiently, and who knows? maybe you'll get more than what you have in mind. that's just a piece of advice...from moi. ^_^

mantra of the moment: expect the unexpected! :-P