Monday, December 28, 2009

belated and advance!

yup, that's right. belated merry christmas and advance new year to everyone! :)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

long time no post!

oh my..i can't believe how inactive i am nowadays. as i scroll on my old posts (dated last year), i realized how busy and unproductive i am this year. i mean, i was so fascinated with writing my everyday life last year! and now..i'm not. oh, i don't know. maybe i'm just so stressed out.

speaking of stress, well, that's my problem right now. remember the saying "eat stress for breakfast?" well, i do that. (not literally of course!) choir practices, course duties, activities and projects, dorm life...stress comes out of me almost everyday. everytime i go home (dorm), my roommates would always notice that i look bangag. i also noticed that i always get tired...and hungry. i think that's normal in college, but i think i should take a deep breath and relax. my body clock's messed up already, so i believe i really need to chillax. =P

christmas' already approaching! i'm so excited! :) but before that, we will be competing on december 18 at trece capitol grounds. wish us luck. :)

more thoughts next year! i just hope i will bounce back to my old blogging self again............. :)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

dream come true!

wuuh...echusera! =P


whew...first sem's finally over. now i can rest and do whatever i want! =P

but..a 2-week vacation? very short. least we have a sembreak. pero kung magbibigay rin lang ng sembreak eh lubus-lubusin na diba? gosh.

np: sandara park's "smile in your heart" :) <3

Friday, October 9, 2009

lss and lvs!!!

hey guys!!! watch this video:

it's a real tear-jerker...i got lvs (last video syndrome) because of this! T.T

^_^ credits go to pukajunk1 who made this video! you're brilliant dude! :)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

ching gu

honestly, i should be back by the dorm already, knowing that it's past 8 in the evening. i know i shouldn't stay out late, but then i felt the urge to blog. i can't wait to share the happiness and contentment that i felt just moments ago---with my 2 very best friends.

we (my girls ana, roxanne and i) decided to bond and share thoughts and experiences tonight, after our moment with our choirmates. we talked about everything, and it felt so great to express what we feel. suddenly, i felt something special. if you're going to think about it, we're different individuals, and i never thought i would be friends with them. but then i realized that it doesn't matter if we're not the same. what matters is that we understand each other and we're cool about our imperfections. we accept each other.a.r.a.#21...ana, roxanne, alex. :)

before we parted, we stopped by the church and prayed. we all took turns saying our prayers, and after that, i really felt great joy, as if my heart's bursting w/ so much happiness. and as we did a group hug, i felt like as if i'm gonna cry. that was the first time i ever experienced a group hug from my best friends. it wasn't just a simple wrap-up, it was filled with love and sweetness. oh my, i love them so much. even though it's just 2 months since we met each other, it's as if we've been friends for a long time.

there, i let it all out already. i just can't contain my happiness. now i can say that i've found friends that, i know, will stay true to me and will always be there. friends who are not afraid of group hugs or anything cheesy. friends who are always willing to listen to my everyday rants. and friends who will not leave me no matter what happens.

to ana and roxanne (a.r.a. #21), i love you so much! :)

Monday, October 5, 2009

busy bee

i'm touching the keyboard again! yehey! ^_^

ever since i entered college, my blogging time decreased. well, due to different commitments and everything, i wasn't able to share my thoughts. but now i'm back! and i hope i will be sooooooooooooooooo back! =P

i missed blogging---really. in fact, i want to share all my thoughts and experiences, but, i can't...not for now. (wuhuu!!!)

i was so shocked when i saw that i didn't make any entries for the whole month of september!!! oh my.....just look at how busy i was!

well, there. i'm out of words. :) stay cool, fellas.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

the cvsuce experience!

mark the date tomorrow: august 27, 2009!

tomorrow's gonna be my first-ever performance as a CvSUCE (Cavite State University Chorale Ensemble) member! i can hardly wait!!! ^_^

that's all. :)

Monday, August 10, 2009

when four masscom girls goof around...

this is what happens when my friends and i are so bored and feeling so makulit... :) enjoy! ^_^

pics courtesy of kathfai..thanks! ;)

^ kathfai..nosan..rey ann..jane-y!

^ shadies! :)

^ chinkitz!

^ kinder class picture?!

^ nose-y!

^ waw..haha..! xD

^ bangs and saddako!

^ pout and peace girls...wahahaha =P

^ suicidal??????! hehe :)

^ bleeeeeeh =P

proud to be wakcy! :) xoxo

Saturday, July 25, 2009

tough gal

why did i say that?'s already past 1 in the morning...and all of them are already sleeping. one tough gal! heehee...i missed blogging! my schedule prevents me from touching the keyboard. good thing i'm in kawit right now... :)

well that's it! i'm running out of thoughts nyong! ^_^

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

july 22, 2009

^..a very memorable date for me. swear!

many things happened to me my friends and i carried a very heavy tank of gasul (i just helped!), not aware that i might get binat after that. that was the first time i ever carried a gasul on the streets of bancod..haii!!!

then yesterday was also my first official day as a true member of the cvsu chorale ensemble (CvSUCE)! *congratulate me..hehe.. :-P* we had in! haii..i never thought i will be able to make it to the chorale! thank You! ^_^ hmm...what else? ah! the fun part..well it's not really fun because it brought trauma to me. ahm just ask me for that 'cause i don't want to tell it here..heehee.. ^_^

basta the bottomline is............i will never forget that date! ^_^

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

when the pressure comes... pours. and when it pours, you better be ready!!!

haii...the pressure just started when i came back to school. well...i was sick last week so i wasn't able to attend my classes. unfortunately they (bamc1-1) did a lot of things that week, and the thought that i have to catch up with the lessons makes me even sicker. heehee...haizxt.. T_T there were quizzes and activities that i missed and, sadly, i could no longer take. i hope that whole week of absence doesn't affect my grades! ooh i'm scared.. :-O

after this session i will go the final audition for the cvsu chorale ensemble (that was really dated last thursday, but i pleaded and luckily they gave me a chance. yee!). i'm just nervous kasi baka sumablay ako due to my throat problems..haii wish me luck! ^_^

goodluck to myself..haiiii!

Saturday, June 20, 2009


my first week in college was...very unexplanable and terrific. i mean, i'm close to being speechless! but as a chatterbox (hehe!), i will tell you all about my first week in CvSU. how about that?! ^_^

let's start...

>>sunday: my parents and niece eurich accompanied me to the ladies dormitory inside the campus...meaning CvSU will be my home for the next four years (literally!). after a few decorating and arranging, they left me on my own (my roommates arrived at past 8 pm kasi eh..). hello independency! ^_^

>>monday: first day of classes!!! i woke up at 4:45 am..and luckily the shower room was not crowded. so after eating and getting prepped up, i headed for the stairs (i'm in 4th floor..). 1st subject: PHED1 at the gymnasium. when i got there, i quickly checked the room assignment for my section (BAMC1-1 it is!), and while waiting for the orientation to start, i met some of my classmates. interesting fact about what we're going to do in PHED1: our teacher said that we should do 100 laps around the oval for the 1st sem..and f.y.i.: the oval is 400 m. whew...i think i'll be needing a better rubber shoes. hehe! :-P then after that, we had a 1 hour vacant (sched says!), so i stayed at the dorm muna.

next class: MATH2! i can't find the assigned building for that (fyi: CvSU is 74 hectares!), and while looking, i met 3 of my classmates that i already exchanged "hellos" with. they're also looking for the building, so i decided to join them, since i have no one to accompany me. here's the highlight: we looked & looked & looked for the room and building of MATH2 for more than 30 minutes!!! you can't imagine how haggard we looked then. after some asking and guessing, we already reached our destination, but when we got there, the orientation's already finished! good thing our professor's quite nice, so he let us get away with that. ^_^

by 11:30 we had our FILI1 class. it was when i met more of my classmates & got to know them better. also, we were asked to introduce ourselves to the whole class! hmm...ok i'll admit i got i little nervous (it's normal!!!). at 1 pm we were dismissed and i ate my lunch. :) after 3 hours, it was BIOL3 time! and again, we just had an orientation about that subject.

>>tuesday: based on our registration forms, we only have one subject for that day: ENGL1. unfortunately, there were some complications on the schedule and the room assignments (and our professor's not around), so sadly, we just wasted our whole morning transferring to different rooms and waiting. oh, i forgot...we had our elections for the student council (BAMC1) and surprisingly, i was nominated as president and voted as treasurer! gosh..i've never been a treasurer in my whole life! but it was flattering, though...knowing that my classmates trust me. thanks guys. ^_^

>>wednesday: first subject: MATH2 again! but we didn't have the same professor anymore. anyway, we were given a short lecture about "sets"...that's all. :-P it was also the same in FILI1. we discussed a new lesson, and thankfully our professor kept us relaxed by joking a lot. ^_^ then at 4 pm, we were supposed to have SOSC3, but our teacher was not around. so we just had a class meeting.

>>thursday: first subject: ENGL1, and by that time our professor's already there to orient us! yay! we shared the subject with BSCriminology freshmen, so we were a bit crowded in our little room. note: our professor taught us that in college, a course (e.g. BA Mass Communication, etc.) is actually called a "program" and a subject is what we really call a "course". confusing, eh?
unfortunately, our HLTH1 time became a vacant time because, again, no professor came to orient us. so we just decided to go to the library and research for our assignment in BIOL3. fast forward to that subject (erm..i mean course.. ^_^)! our prof tackled about the branches of biology until the scientific method..and after that, we were given a little group activity. ^_^
4-5:30 pm: SOSC3! and by that time, our professor finally showed up (yay!). again, we introduced ourselves to the class...and then she oriented us. it's the same thing over and over again.

>>friday: we had our NSTP orientation at 8 am. a handful of guest speakers taught us some pointers about that course, but one speaker caught all of our attention. she really opened our eyes to the truth behind rallies and people being recruited to be trained and thrown up to the mountains (just to be chased by soldiers). honestly, i salute her for doing that kind of speech. then after that, we were made to choose between ROTC and CWTS. then we were dismissed! by 2 pm i was already in a jeep on the way to kawit. ^_^ i missed my family and friends kaya!:)

my first week was really memorable. the dorm experience, going from building to building, having mud on my pants, everything!!! but it was all worth it. after all, when you embark on a new journey in your life, crazy experiences and mishaps are always present! but i was very grateful that i made it through my first week...and with that, i'm sure i'm also gonna make it through the whole semester. i have no doubt that i will survive the next 4 succeeding years of my college life!

mabuhay ang mga nasa kolehiyo na
! ^_^

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

screaming COLLEGE!!!

i'm not prepared to blog! hehe..

i just wanna share my happiness now that i'm in college...particularly CAS (college of arts and sciences) at CvSU (cavite state university)-Indang. if i were to describe my first day...well it was "fantastically great, super mega awesome, unexpectedly chaotic, and ultimately tiring!" haaaaaaaay...oh well, i'll just make kwento next time! biglaan kasi 'to eh..haizzt.. ^_^

napasobra ang mga '-ly' ah..haha :-P

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

i remember...

sometimes, you'll never know when destiny will surprise you with something unexpected.

i remember a time when i was so desperately in need of a boy bud. i was only 11 years old then. all of my closest friends then were girls and i had zero guy friend. plus, i kept on dreaming about having a guy pal. so i consulted one of my girl friends and she gave me phone digits of some boys she knew. having a textmate or a phonepal was all the rage then, so i tried to blend in. well, i met some guys (through phone), but they never became my friends. it was all a big mistake.

when i entered high school, i wasn't that desperate about the boy bud thing anymore. but, to my amazement, little by little, i started to gain guy friends who, i know, will remain w/ me until forever. it was truly unexpected. :) now, i'm just so thankful to have them in my life.

lesson: never rush into anything! it will come to you naturally and, most of all, when you least expect it. and don't settle for the phonepal/textmate thing...'cause you'll never really know when the person on the other end of the line is being sincere to you or not. just wait patiently, and who knows? maybe you'll get more than what you have in mind. that's just a piece of advice...from moi. ^_^

mantra of the moment: expect the unexpected! :-P

Sunday, May 17, 2009

the photojournalist

in just a couple of days, i will finally begin my another journey as a college student. i already made my choice, and that is to take ba mass communications, major in print journalism. i
go deeper into my inner self, i slowly start to discover my other like: photography.

i'll let you in on my list of past dream proffesions: when i was in kinder-grade five, i wanted to be a teacher. when i entered grade six, i suddenly changed my mind and thought of being a flight stewardess. yep, you read that right. i became really fascinated with the korean language! in fact, i even bought a "learn how to speak: korean, japanese and chinese!" booklet, and my brother-in-law surprised me with a "learn how to write korean in less than 45 minutes!" book when he went home from qatar. but when i started my 1st year in high school, i fell in love with writing essays and novels...and until now, i still love to write. ^_^ but then again, photography came into my mind...and life.

i'm really a picture and camera freak! i love looking at various photo albums, but most especially, i love taking pictures. if given a chance, i would certainly want to go to a magnificent place and just take a shot of whatever i see. i go crazy over those sony cybershot and "for-proffesionals-only" cameras with huge lenses that i see in magazines. sometimes, i would picture myself standing at the top of a mountain---camera and tripod in front of me---, taking a shot of...anything! i really feel a different kind of high everytime i hold my camera. it's like, excitement and happiness overcome me everytime i take pictures!

if only i could buy photography equipments...and if someone would offer me a free tutorial in photography, i would instantly say "YES!!!" without any hesitation. but for now, i'm gonna go easy on my camera. baka masira eh. ^_^

to all aspiring photographers out there, keep dreaming! ^_^ just like me...

Friday, May 8, 2009

college ???

last tuesday (may 5), my dad and i went to my future school, CvSU Indang, to have my medical/dental examinations. it was a long---no, make that VERY LONG!---ride from our place to indang, cavite. good thing i will be staying in a dormitory. ^_^

the examinations were just the basics, like getting my blood pressure, having my teeth tapped by the dentist (hehe), getting my chest x-ray and knowing my blood type. but i admit that it was my first time to be "x-ray-ed"...and at last alam ko na kung anong blood type ako! yay! heehee...^_^ the wounding part hurts, though...but not much. ^_^

as we roam around the whole campus, questions suddenly popped in my head, "will i survive the dorm duties?" "how will i balance everything?" "will i make new friends easily?" "how will i handle college pressure?" "will i be able to see my high school friends every now and then?" simple questions, but have a big impact on me. i'm really clueless about college, so i took out all my magazines w/ college guides inside and read them all. these guides gave me good pointers and advices, but i feel like i still need to learn some things about college. oh well...

i just hope it wouldn't be so hard for me. after all, in 4 years, many things can happen. and in that 4 years, i'm sure i will still learn from my mistakes and experiences...hence the saying, "experience is the best teacher." ! ^_^ haizxt....

bataan mode!

last may 1, my mom, lil' sis and i went to bataan for my cousin's wedding. it also served as my 4-day vacation, away from the usual place i see everyday (which is cavite). well, i just want to share my experiences there...anyway, it's been a while since my last post here. ^_^ enjoy!

>> may 1 : we left the house at 4 pm and luckily, my dad took us to noveleta where saulog buses stops by. after a couple of minutes, we found a bus w/ the "olongapo" sign. yes! it's time to go!
by the tropical hut at bacoor, we spotted tito son and my cousin lance, already waiting for our bus. buti na lang hindi namin siya nalampasan. whew! anyway, it was a 4-hour ride, so it was pretty boring there. good thing my textmate kept me up all day...and night.

at past 8 pm, we finally got to our destination: dinalupihan. when i first stepped outside that chilly bus, i couldn't contain my happiness. it's been 3 years since my last visit there, and i kind of missed that place. the pedicab ride from the market to my aunt's house was a sweet treat for me. when i was a kid, i used to have a pedicab as a sundo to school, so it gave me a flashback feeling. plus, riding in a pedicab gives me enough time to sight-see because of it's slow motion. ^_^

i absolutely hate my first night there!!! not because of my relatives, but because i didn't get enough sleep! namahay ako, kaya putol-putol yung tulog ko. it was terrible! no wonder i felt dizzy the next day.

>> may 2 : the wedding day! i woke up early for the first time (6:30 am!) to get ready for my cousin's wedding. i just wore a simple blouse and skinny jeans, then by 9:30 am, we were all set! honestly, that was my first time to attend an actual wedding. and i realized many things about marriages: 1) a real wedding ceremony is totally different from what i usually see on tv ; 2) the "you-may-kiss-the-bride" thing doesn't happen at the end of the ceremony, and ; 3) it's just like a usual sunday mass, the only difference is that there's a couple at the front of the altar, and that there are some rituals added, like the lighting of the candle, etc. so i was kind of shocked, but that's the way it is. one more thing: i became an amateur photographer of the wedding. i just laugh when i remember the times when i would go to the center and take pictures of the newlyweds, and then the photographer would raise his hand to me, like he's saying, "step aside!" heehee...^_^ then after that, we went to the reception at the girl's place. we didn't take too long there and left early.

then by afternoon, my sis and i went to the plaza to surf the net. after that, we just strolled around the plaza and took pictures. i don't mind looking silly, posing with the statues and everything. after all, i don't live there. ^_^

night time came, and i wasn't sleepy yet. my mom kept on dragging me to the videoke nearby, but i refused her pleads. then at around 12 am, when all the people there were finally asleep, i stepped outside the house and headed to the videoke. heehee...i sang 3 songs until it's already 1 am.

we went back to the house, but i wasn't feeling sleepy yet, so i watched "back to the future" until 2:30 am. namahay ulit kasi ako eh. T_T

>> may 3 : again, my sis and i just went to the plaza to net-surf. after that, it was all tv-watching. by midnight, we played "camp rock" on dvd.

>> may 4 : yay! it's departure time! we packed our bags and said goodbye to the newlyweds, who were unwrapping their gifts at that time, to my aunt, and to the people there. this time, we rode a tricycle to the waiting station. we waited for, like, an hour! gosh it was so boring out there! by past 3 pm, a bus with a "cavite city" route finally stopped before us.

it was a tiring yet fun experience. i love to explore things, go to different places, and see their culture. i've been thinking, maybe i could be a globetrotter! there. happy "posting again" jane! ^_^

Saturday, April 11, 2009

life after april 3

that april 3 was our graduation day. and to tell you the truth, it turned out unexpectedly. we were so wacky while the ceremony, yelled and applauded our deserving batchmates (including me..i got a medal for recognition in campus journalism! yeah! ^_^). days before that, we were told to be behave because that's a formal ceremony, but being the pasaway students that we are, we didn't listen. ^_^ that was the last time of our bonding as whole fourth years, so who cares?! hehe.. :-P

then last april 6, we held our very own CAT graduation. as expected, we were (again), pasaway. on the same day we were given our report cards and certificates. after that, my "no-thugz" friends and i went malling. nothing much..^_^

right now, i'm so excited about 2 upcoming events: henry's "treat" at KFC and marymag's splash island outing! i can't wait..super!!! we (my family) just went on a swimming spree last thursday, so my complexion is now a bit tan, but i'm not gonna let that splashie chance pass! :-P
but let us not forget that today is black saturday. my thoughts can't wait until tomorrow so, i took a little time to blog. let us remember how JC sacrificed for us. ^_^

Thursday, April 2, 2009

post-graduation entry

i never thought this day would come..the thought of me wearing my high school toga and cap never crossed my mind..(well at least not most of the time) but now, as i press every letter in this keyboard, i can't help but to think of what could happen tomorrow..

on my four years of existence in my current alma mater, i experienced things i've never experienced before, i had my fun firsts, and most of all, i gained friends who, i believe, will remain my friends until i grow old. it's fun to think of how my journey in high school changed my whole self. it taught me new things, and definitely made me more matured (hehe..) even my past misunderstandings taught me so many things. now i'm ready to face a bigger challenge in my life...and that is what we call COLLEGE. i?!

well..i guess i am..not..whatever. all i know is that i will do my best to beat the college stress. wish me luck!

back to the topic, i will miss them. i will miss the days my friends and i used to spend together. i will miss the walking marathons, the food trips, the karaoke times, the super girl bonding times, the picture picture times, the laugh trips, ALL!!! haaaaay...high school is truly the best chapter in everyone's education days. and i will never ever forget the moment i became a high school student!

to my friends, teachers, and batchmates, thank you for enriching my life with wisdom and unexplanable things. i hope i did the same thing to you guys. i will miss you all, and take care. ^_^

now i will cry..T_T hehe..just joking (but i might cry..tomorrow..) ^_^
congratulations graduates! and..farewell..

Monday, March 16, 2009

super girl bonding! ^_^

last march 14 (saturday), i had the best time bonding with my girls! ^_^

my super friends (esra, yanna, batchie, lara, rachel, eme) and i bonded over chips and sodas at esra's place. but what we really did was to watch "the exorcist"! haay...but before that, we checked some of francis m.'s videos first. ^_^ and we were spooked by one video. whoo.. :-O

that day is really unforgettable. yeah, it was just a simple girl time w/ some food and technology, but what i will treasure most is the friendship we shared. i discovered how tight our friendship is when we did that "movie marathon"! ^_^ haizz..i will miss them. T_T

to tropang isaw...friends forever! ^_^ <3

sure future!

at last, i know now that my future's sure! ^_^

my dad and i went to my future school (CvSU-Indang it is!) last wednesday, march 11. this time my lil' sis joy tagged along. and there (at OSA - office of student affairs) they issued me a notice of admission! yess!!! do you know what that means?! i can now enroll in CvSU-Indang! yeah...^_^

i can't wait to be a BA Mass Communication student! least now i don't have to worry about entrance exams! now i can sleep well at night. ^_^

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

my apologies...

sorry it took me ages to update again (heehee..^_^) our internet connection is facing a great difficulty right now, and for that, i pity myself. :'(

many things happened while i wasn't able to blog, and i want to share them all to you, but sadly, i couldn't do that. internet T_T

i'll just update soon (i hope). i really miss blogging! sniff sniff... :'(

Friday, February 27, 2009

a night to remember

february 19, 2009: a night to remember..^

i think i was lucky to be blessed with two celebrations in just one night...our last js prom and my sweet 16th about coincidence, eh?! well anyway, i can simply describe that night as the most enchanting, most wonderful and the greatest night i've ever had. the usual..let's start with the basic, shall we?!

like last year, my mom and ate shie did all the wonders. i wore a chocolate-colored/bronze halter gown, w/c sadly made me look fatter (i didn't notice that when i tried it!) our prom was held at orchard golf and country club in dasmarinas. and si alyanna naman ang kasabay ko.. ^_^

i thought i wasn't going to be nervous because i already experienced js way back in third year, but when we got there, i kept on saying, "i don't want to go out of the car! i'm scared!" and yet, i don't know what i'm scared of. but as i stepped on the grounds of the venue, that feeling just vanished. and i was touched by my friends' warm welcome and greetings. they've been greeting me since the day before, and i didn't expect that they would remember my birthday. so to those who greeted me, thanks. ^_^

this time, i sat with my newfound barkada (hello tropang isaw! heehee..=P). the program started late, so our time for dancing became limited to 1 1/2 our only. by the way, my partner in our entrance was arvin..nice..and as usual, i wasn't chosen for ms.js..hehe..i don't want to be chosen anyway. ^_^ afterwards, we watched the cotillion de honor, and i liked it! i even took a video of it! yeah..=P after that, we had a lovely dinner (much better than last year's, i think..). for dinner we had chicken teriyaki and corn soup..bread and butter..and for dessert we had chocolate mousse! unfortunately i wasn't able to finish that, not even half of it. T_T

we were given only 1 and a half hour to have the dance floor all by ourselves (like what i said earlier). i've had the best dances from the best guys..thanks to all of you. ^_^ and..thanks for the birthday gift mr. second dance..^_^

i went home fulfilled and happy..really. i know the memory of my last js will never ever leave me, and i will treasure that forever. and fyi: that was the best birthday i've ever far. ^_^ belated happy hearts day to all of you, and happy reading! ^_^

fyi: for the pix..go to my friendster account! click the link on your left! ^_^

Monday, January 19, 2009

second entrance exam

unfortunately, i didn't make it in UP. i checked their website yesterday, and i didn't see my name on the list. but i'm not sad! ^_^ oh well, marami pa namang schools d'yan..^_^

earlier this morning, my dad & i went to our second option (in case i fail UPCAT..which i did..^_^), Cavite State University or CvSU in Indang. after i passed my requirements at the OSA or office of student affairs, we ate lunch at their canteen. when we got there, all eyes were on us! i felt shy in they're staring at us (or me!). when it was already 2 pm, we (w/ the other 2 aspiring students) took the exam in 1 1/2 hour only. well, it was just verbal intelligence & mathematical ability (ouch!), so we were given only the right amount of time. after that neck-stiffing exam, we checked the dormitories.

i think i did well with this one, and i just hope i could pass! the school's nice, and i feel comfortable w/ the place, so sana makapasa ako!!! wish me luck guys..i only have 2 weeks to have fun because after that, the results will be released. i'm nervous!!! T_T but with the help of JC and you, people, i believe that i can pass this exam. good luck to me! ^_^

Sunday, January 11, 2009


one big question: where am i suppose to go in college????!

i already tried in UP, and the exam's result will be released on the 3rd week of january..and i'm not expecting. of all the thousands & thousands of students who took the UPCAT, do you still think that i have a chance?! one knows. haaaay...but i have a negative feeling about that (pessimistic! bad..T_T) we'll see..

next: just yesterday, my dad & i went to cavite state university in indang. we checked it out because my dad wants me there & was just fine. the place is cool, and kind of nice. but i'm thinking of going to manila to study..oh well..di bale na nga. ok lang naman dun eh, at least hindi masyadong malayo (hehe!:-P) but we'll still see..if i pass UP, then UP it is! if not, not it is! haha..:-P

haaay................senior life. T_T

Friday, January 9, 2009

hell week

project week. cramming week. rushing week. hell week. whatever you call it, it's just the same.

but now, at least, i passed all my projects due this week. i must say, the past five days have been very stressful & draining for me! hmm..i experienced a lot..and learned from it. ^_^

cramming is never easy..yep that's right. but i don't know, i like cramming somehow (haha! silly..) like in quizzes, i study for like, 10 minutes before the time, and still get good results (, i'm not mayabang..^_^)

but i must admit it, all the rushing & draining really caused me a headache & so many aches! uhmm..that's why i shouldn't use the computer now..well, i just blogged..^_^ gotta rest! ttfn everyone! ^_^