Sunday, May 17, 2009

the photojournalist

in just a couple of days, i will finally begin my another journey as a college student. i already made my choice, and that is to take ba mass communications, major in print journalism. i
go deeper into my inner self, i slowly start to discover my other like: photography.

i'll let you in on my list of past dream proffesions: when i was in kinder-grade five, i wanted to be a teacher. when i entered grade six, i suddenly changed my mind and thought of being a flight stewardess. yep, you read that right. i became really fascinated with the korean language! in fact, i even bought a "learn how to speak: korean, japanese and chinese!" booklet, and my brother-in-law surprised me with a "learn how to write korean in less than 45 minutes!" book when he went home from qatar. but when i started my 1st year in high school, i fell in love with writing essays and novels...and until now, i still love to write. ^_^ but then again, photography came into my mind...and life.

i'm really a picture and camera freak! i love looking at various photo albums, but most especially, i love taking pictures. if given a chance, i would certainly want to go to a magnificent place and just take a shot of whatever i see. i go crazy over those sony cybershot and "for-proffesionals-only" cameras with huge lenses that i see in magazines. sometimes, i would picture myself standing at the top of a mountain---camera and tripod in front of me---, taking a shot of...anything! i really feel a different kind of high everytime i hold my camera. it's like, excitement and happiness overcome me everytime i take pictures!

if only i could buy photography equipments...and if someone would offer me a free tutorial in photography, i would instantly say "YES!!!" without any hesitation. but for now, i'm gonna go easy on my camera. baka masira eh. ^_^

to all aspiring photographers out there, keep dreaming! ^_^ just like me...

Friday, May 8, 2009

college ???

last tuesday (may 5), my dad and i went to my future school, CvSU Indang, to have my medical/dental examinations. it was a long---no, make that VERY LONG!---ride from our place to indang, cavite. good thing i will be staying in a dormitory. ^_^

the examinations were just the basics, like getting my blood pressure, having my teeth tapped by the dentist (hehe), getting my chest x-ray and knowing my blood type. but i admit that it was my first time to be "x-ray-ed"...and at last alam ko na kung anong blood type ako! yay! heehee...^_^ the wounding part hurts, though...but not much. ^_^

as we roam around the whole campus, questions suddenly popped in my head, "will i survive the dorm duties?" "how will i balance everything?" "will i make new friends easily?" "how will i handle college pressure?" "will i be able to see my high school friends every now and then?" simple questions, but have a big impact on me. i'm really clueless about college, so i took out all my magazines w/ college guides inside and read them all. these guides gave me good pointers and advices, but i feel like i still need to learn some things about college. oh well...

i just hope it wouldn't be so hard for me. after all, in 4 years, many things can happen. and in that 4 years, i'm sure i will still learn from my mistakes and experiences...hence the saying, "experience is the best teacher." ! ^_^ haizxt....

bataan mode!

last may 1, my mom, lil' sis and i went to bataan for my cousin's wedding. it also served as my 4-day vacation, away from the usual place i see everyday (which is cavite). well, i just want to share my experiences there...anyway, it's been a while since my last post here. ^_^ enjoy!

>> may 1 : we left the house at 4 pm and luckily, my dad took us to noveleta where saulog buses stops by. after a couple of minutes, we found a bus w/ the "olongapo" sign. yes! it's time to go!
by the tropical hut at bacoor, we spotted tito son and my cousin lance, already waiting for our bus. buti na lang hindi namin siya nalampasan. whew! anyway, it was a 4-hour ride, so it was pretty boring there. good thing my textmate kept me up all day...and night.

at past 8 pm, we finally got to our destination: dinalupihan. when i first stepped outside that chilly bus, i couldn't contain my happiness. it's been 3 years since my last visit there, and i kind of missed that place. the pedicab ride from the market to my aunt's house was a sweet treat for me. when i was a kid, i used to have a pedicab as a sundo to school, so it gave me a flashback feeling. plus, riding in a pedicab gives me enough time to sight-see because of it's slow motion. ^_^

i absolutely hate my first night there!!! not because of my relatives, but because i didn't get enough sleep! namahay ako, kaya putol-putol yung tulog ko. it was terrible! no wonder i felt dizzy the next day.

>> may 2 : the wedding day! i woke up early for the first time (6:30 am!) to get ready for my cousin's wedding. i just wore a simple blouse and skinny jeans, then by 9:30 am, we were all set! honestly, that was my first time to attend an actual wedding. and i realized many things about marriages: 1) a real wedding ceremony is totally different from what i usually see on tv ; 2) the "you-may-kiss-the-bride" thing doesn't happen at the end of the ceremony, and ; 3) it's just like a usual sunday mass, the only difference is that there's a couple at the front of the altar, and that there are some rituals added, like the lighting of the candle, etc. so i was kind of shocked, but that's the way it is. one more thing: i became an amateur photographer of the wedding. i just laugh when i remember the times when i would go to the center and take pictures of the newlyweds, and then the photographer would raise his hand to me, like he's saying, "step aside!" heehee...^_^ then after that, we went to the reception at the girl's place. we didn't take too long there and left early.

then by afternoon, my sis and i went to the plaza to surf the net. after that, we just strolled around the plaza and took pictures. i don't mind looking silly, posing with the statues and everything. after all, i don't live there. ^_^

night time came, and i wasn't sleepy yet. my mom kept on dragging me to the videoke nearby, but i refused her pleads. then at around 12 am, when all the people there were finally asleep, i stepped outside the house and headed to the videoke. heehee...i sang 3 songs until it's already 1 am.

we went back to the house, but i wasn't feeling sleepy yet, so i watched "back to the future" until 2:30 am. namahay ulit kasi ako eh. T_T

>> may 3 : again, my sis and i just went to the plaza to net-surf. after that, it was all tv-watching. by midnight, we played "camp rock" on dvd.

>> may 4 : yay! it's departure time! we packed our bags and said goodbye to the newlyweds, who were unwrapping their gifts at that time, to my aunt, and to the people there. this time, we rode a tricycle to the waiting station. we waited for, like, an hour! gosh it was so boring out there! by past 3 pm, a bus with a "cavite city" route finally stopped before us.

it was a tiring yet fun experience. i love to explore things, go to different places, and see their culture. i've been thinking, maybe i could be a globetrotter! there. happy "posting again" jane! ^_^