Tuesday, September 16, 2008

lesson not learned

i've never changed..even though something already happened to me last night!

now, it's different. it was lunch time. i joined my long-time best friends (besz..besh..and bash..heehee!:-P) at the table. but actually i was already finished w/ my lunch (i'm always w/ my classmates for lunch..ever since the cursed day..), so i just chatted with them. then, as a result of my curiosity & katakawan, i took a bit of food from erika..it looks like a crispy chicken leftover or something..well we often do that..sharing of foods. the only difference today is that i have none to share..^_^ anyway, as i tasted that thing, i realized that it's not a chicken-y treat--it's garlic! oh my..i hurriedly bought water & chewed a lot of candies! hehe..talk about being so matakaw. oh jane stop it!

the next time you see me, just yell, "hey takaw kid!" haha.. :-P seriously?! don't do that. i'm just crazy when i let people know this. harhar..^_^ lol.

Monday, September 15, 2008

revenge of the ants

for this night i learned a very important lesson: before you eat something, check if there are any creepy, little creatures lying on your food!

i admit..matakaw ako. from the start, i've been very fond of food. i like to eat..and eat..and eat. but earlier this night an icky, unexpected thing happened to me. oh my..i just pity my mouth and tongue..until now.

kasi po ganito yan..when i got home, i grabbed the nearest pan de manila paperbag (with bread!) and munched on one pandesal. on the first bite, i felt something unusual in my tongue. it' like something had bitten it. i immediately pulled off the bread--only to realize that it's full of mean, red ants! super shocked, i quickly dropped the bread & headed to the sink. naka-ilang mumog ako nun! haha..i swear it really frightened me!

so that's why from now on, as a polite kid, i'll check my food. that incident left me with itchy mouth & tongue. sorry for the all-out descriptions. i just want to share the moral lesson to you guys. hooray for the innocent kid! haha.. :-P

Sunday, September 14, 2008

commence exercise!

yesterday..i survived another challenge..a challenge that i will never forget!

yep..it was the CAT training for the officers. you know..we also have meetings ever saturday, so that's why we suffer more than the cadets. :'( so again..we did the PT or the "navy dozen exercise". i remember the night before that, i was telling myself, "yipee! another PT! oh i would love to do that!" well..i take that back! we suffered a lot after that super-exhausting exercise! i even experienced the feeling that i'm lacking oxygen..i had a hard time breathing! one of us even fainted..he was a dear friend (hello!) so i came to the rescue! i hope he appreciated my foot massage.. ^_^

after that..we took a 1-minute exam..learned new drills..then we ate our square meal! yehey! i survived another square meal! my viand was sausage & rice..so i didn't have a hard time eating that..but the only problem (still!) is the banana on my head..actually it slipped after i'm done eating so i stood..that's a rule: if the banna slipped from your head, you must stand while eating..to sum it up..i survived another square meal! yipee! :-D

after that we had a long break..then took drills again (my skin turned dark again!) and finally went home. until now, i still have muscle pains..ouchie! but it is worth the pain..being an officer is worth all the sufferings! haha..like what they say, "no pain..no gain!" ^_^

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


before, it was dora the explorer that got my 2 adorable nieces on their toes. they watch it everyday..so you can imagine how the dvd was hardly scratched.^_^ but now the "dora fever" has been put to rest. there's a new sensation that got my 2 cute nieces--and me--hooked.

i can't believe this phenomena had struck me too! i mean..c'mon...tom & jerry is only for kids who doesn't know the sense of cartoon brutality! haha..but seriously, i'm kinda liking that show. whenever i catch a glimpse of that craziness, i sit down & stay glued to the episodes..to the point that i don't get to do all things fast! haha..

i think i'm a big kid. ^_^ i enjoy seeing tom chasing jerry..i am fascinated by the way they make people laugh (even thouh it's an oldie cartoon)..i am delighted everytime i see their funny-to-the-bones tactics..somehow it makes me realize that i'm still a kid at heart..that even a chuckle makes me laugh..that even the simplest cartoon made for kids can still tickle my laughter box..oh my.. :-D

when my mom buys a new dvd of cartoon pleasures..the "tom & jerry" fever will eventually get out of my nieces's heads..but for me..i think it'll stick to my mind. viva la tuhm-an-jahree! ^_^