Saturday, November 29, 2008

discontented?! na-ah..

i just had my hair trimmed today..well, tonight. inabot na kami ng gabi dun sa parlor..haizzt! anyway, while having my tresses cut, carmi (the taga-gupit..) & i had a little "hair" talk.

jane: ahm..carmi, advisable pa ba ako magpa-rebond?
carmi: oo naman..healthy pa naman ang hair mo eh.
jane: sabi ng mom ko super masakit daw sa anit..
carmi: oo! masakit talaga yun saka nakakangalay..
jane: awtz..tapos 7 hours pa?!
carmi: oo..
jane: naku lagot..!

oh well..should i have my hair rebonded or not? i know i should be contented w/ my natural curly hair..yeah, i like it. but what i don't like about my hair is that, it's dried to death! oh my..i don't know. i also get worried about my anit..baka mapaiyak ako sa sobrang sakit! hehe..but, i really don't know. i can't decide yet. haizzt..! ><

Thursday, November 27, 2008

poverty kids

poverty is truly felt by all of us in the modern times. and as you walk along the streets of my hometown, you'll find many poverty-stricken kids.

before going home w/ my friends, i bought some chips & water..y'know, i want something to munch & sip on while walking..^_^ then as we reached the park, a boy---a typical poor boy---came running towards me & started to stretch his hand (in the manner of asking). at first, i politely said to him, "naku kuya, ito na nga lang pagkain ko eh." i know i should have just ignored him, but i can't help it. i started to walk again when he followed me! i changed my way, but he still kept on following me w/ his stretched arm! my friends started to tell him to just go, but he wouldn't budge. he kept on nudging me, but as we reached a crowded place, he just vanished.

maybe he just gave up. but what can i do? i don't want to toletate those kids. i don't want them to wait for me every afternoon for some food. i'm not helping them in that way..i'm just making them more lazy. i don't want to entertain them. now my eyes are open..poverty is really all over our country. haizzt..lesson learned: don't eat while on the way! ^_^

Monday, November 24, 2008


i'm kind of preoccupied at the moment..currently busy w/ everything!'s not really easy, but i do hope the workload would lessen. advance happy holidays to all of you! ^_^

Monday, November 17, 2008

mixed up emotions

"forgive and forget." who doesn't know this quotable quote? has been adopted by some kind-hearted spirits. but i still believe that..yeah, it's easy to forgive..but it's NOT THAT EASY TO FORGET. that's the sad reality. haizzt..

it really hurts when the person you treated as best friend betrayed you. imagine the 2 tight years that you've spent together. yep, i still have another best friend, but then, nothing beats her company. i enjoy every moment we're together, knowing that we both understand each other. but then, all of a sudden, things fell down & were shattered just like that. life seems to be in a fast pace now. yesterday we were inseparable, then the next day we were more than enemies..private matters (not yet ready to share them..^_^). all the 2 years that had passed---good & not-so-good memories---was broken into pieces. i was angry, betrayed, & mad at that time..but i was also in deep agony because the person i treated as my best friend did that to me. i couldn't believe it.

but then, just this morning, everything seemed to be quite different. the then-feuding buds are now friends again. well..she came up to me & apologized. i obliged. but forget that fast?! na-ah..

ok she's already forgiven, but i can't forget what she did easily. for a best friend who's's not that easy. i am a very sensitive person, and i don't get mad easily (tampo..yes), but once i get angry, i really burst. anyway, might as well not bother myself w/ those things. i don't want to get wrinkles at this young age. (just making myself a bit lighter ^_^) ok..jane-y now signing out!

Friday, November 14, 2008

hotel 626

i remember jumping w/ joy when i discovered something that will make that game running. well..i regret that now! ^_^

oh my gosh..i don't want to play that game again! i know it says, "face your fears.", but i can't face them! in short, i was scared on the part of the camera..i kept on clicking it then a freaky-looking, blue-eyed girl appeared before my very scared eyes! oh just keeps on running in my mind right know! after seeing that, i immediately turned off its window. i really can't go on w/ that game..! haizzt.. :-I

ok, i'm a scaredy-cat. ok, i'm a coward. but that's me..i can't pretend that i'm brave even though i'm not. i can't make people believe that i can do it even though i already want to hide behind the sheets. oh well..that;'s life. all i know is..natakot talaga ako dun sa hotel 626 na yun! haizzt..!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

around kawit in 3 days

trust me, it's veeeerrryyy tiring! haizzt..! ^_^

since the bridge's construction is still on going, students are advised to take the centennial road. so that's why last intramurals, all my chums & i did was to walk, walk, walk! here's the update:

november 5-->> lunchtime: from school to georosville subd. imus (to my friend's house)..uwian: from school to sakayan ng bus (centennial)
november 6-->> lunchtime: from school to georosville subd. imus..then pabalik (how's that??!)..uwian: from school to binakayan..
november 7-->> lunchtime: from school to again, binakayan..!

that's the major reason why i have 3 paltos right i find it hard to choose a good footwear because of my wound..kailangan pa ngang i-band aid eh! haizzt..oh well, that's life. you have to experience eveything for you to be prepared. and i must say, even though after each walkathon i'd fall asleep, i am prepared already! ^_^

Sunday, November 2, 2008

i'm currently loving..

..this song..

I Dont Know Much - Aaron Neville

thanks to my sister..who, at 2 am, is still sound-tripping..for this song. i like it so much..that it kept on playing in! about super addict..^_^