Thursday, October 30, 2008

me & the watch

for the last 4 years, it has served as my official wrist accessory, my honest time-teller. but, sad to say, it's life is over now. :'(

i remember having my timex watch back when i was a freshman in high school. it came as a free item w/ the watch my dad bought, so he gave me the free one. ^_^ since then, that watch never left my wrist (that's why i have a mark there that shows the color difference)..but i do remove it sometimes, but oftentimes, i wear it. i like it because it's unique & it has this glow-in-the-dark light, which i find cute. ^_^ i do remember the time na nasira yung ilaw na yun. my classmate was pressing it over & over again and then the next day, sira na siya. :-I

then just last sunday, when i was about to get it on the table, i noticed that it was still fixed to 1: 10..there, the battery's gone. good thing dad spared me another watch. but nothing can outstand my original companion. for me, my timex watch is still the best! :-P

Monday, October 27, 2008


i don't know why, but i think my tune set-up is back to mandarin hits. oh yeah! haha..^_^ as an evidence of my seemingly-never ending worship (awtz worship?!) to chinese & taiwanese hits, i made a separate folder for my "asian songs"..^_^

last week, i downloaded songs from F4..yep, i'm still a fan! hehe..i love their songs! that's why i added vic zhou's make a wish & a gentle goodnight to my playlist. then right now, i'm playing S.H.E.'s yi yan wan nian..wanna check them out? ok..^_^

Yi Yan Wan Nian - S.H.E.

A Gentle Goodnight - Vic Zhou

Make A Wish - F4

there..enjoy as much as i enjoy listening to those! haha..^_^

Friday, October 24, 2008

hello short-time vacay!

yep..sembreak's approaching! the official date is on monday, october 27..but heck, could i just include the weekend before 27?! definitely! hehe..^_^ it is only for one week..and on november 3, we will be donning our uniforms again. then days's intramurals! wow..time really flies so fast!

oh, and btw (by the way..for those who don't know ^_^), it's our barkada's monthsary tomorrow! i kept greeting them "advance!" and yet, only a handful (awtz "a handful"! kumusta ka naman?!) acknowledged my warm greeting (ouch!). anyway, whatever. :-P

"loneliness is where i live.." <<-- that super speaks for myself! haha..i just remembered an instance earlier this afternoon..when i was in the library---alone. i mean, i didn't bring a friend w/ me..i just went there & sat on one corner---alone. i guess i'm at my most emotional (well, i have a lot of problems..all which hit me at the same time!) at that moment. i just felt happy & at peace on that one feels great! haha..i just shared it. nothing more..^_^

Thursday, October 16, 2008

dleif pirt

haha..i'll make fun of this post! haha..i like the title..^_^

well, what happened yesterday is really share-worthy. so i'll share it with you! haha..ok i'll start. yesterday was our field trip (and the senior's last..sniff sniff! :'( sad!). you want a timeline?! ok..madali lang akong kausap! hehe..!^_^

3:50 am-->> i woke up (yaikz! so early! haha..). since it was still early, i listened to my mp3 first & wrote down the lyrics of bugoy drillon's "paano na kaya" (i love that song!). then after that..i ate, prepared, & went out. to the freedom park!

5:55 am-->> the exact time i got on freedom park. hehe..naliligaw pa nga ako nung una eh! but then again, i got in the bus before it leaves. ^_^

6:15 am-->> we were off to our first itenerary: the manila ocean park! while travelling, we were entertained first by our tour guide who's an alumnus from SMMS! haha..i just forgot her name.^_^

ok..that ends my timeline! cuz..i forgot the times when we got to the iteneraries! haha..i'll just give the tidbits to you! ^_^

1st itenerary-->> manila ocean park! although we waited long, i'm telling you folks, it's worth the wait! the underwater creatures, the water itself, the large's really amazing! haha..i have the pictures! here..:^tHymAnGeRzZ!..jecy..ange..cess..& cel!
^the starfish is hard! hehe..^_^^me & maxx..emoting by the aquarium! hehe..^_^^hello there kuya diver! ^_^

2nd itenerary-->> museo ng kagitingan! honestly, this is the most boring itenerary. well, i just spoke the truth! alangang sabihin kong nag-enjoy ako kahit hindi naman..! we just went inside..looked at the dummies..and walked out, period! then we were told that it's ok to take pictures, but when we went inside, we were told by the annoying lady there that taking pix is not allowed! itenerary please!^there..that's the only snappie i could get..(ho-hum!)

3rd itenerary-->> ninoy aquino wildlife park! ok..we ate our lunch here..then we just stayed inside the bus because we can't do anything there! hehe..but i really want to stroll around because it's pretty boring in the bus, so i asked sedrick (hi!) to accompany me to the zoo. and here's the outcome!:^hello there! how's it goin'?!
^cute bird..haha..

4th itenerary-->> PETA for the play "ang batang rizal"! it was spectacular! the actors, the story, the whole package--it was hilarious! saludo ako sa kanila..kasi napatawa nila kami! haha..galing! it was great..the message was great too! ^_^^the cast of "ang batang rizal"!

^me..bambam..and mayor rapcu!
^ella..ishi..& me!

last itenerary (well, is it an itenerary?!) -->> we just passed by ABS-CBN, GMA, PBB & PDA houses. ^_^ yun lang yun..and then we were given fun facts along the way. then it's..uwian time!^pinoy big brother hauz!
^hmm..GMA 7..but i'm not a kapuso..^_^ was tiring, but at the same time fun. it was the perfect bonding moment of us that we only have 5 or 6 months before we leave this school (aww!) so it was really unforgettable..^_^

Sunday, October 5, 2008


my voice has been harrassed all week. practice here, practice there! and then, earlier this morning, we, the smms choir, performed for the st. mary magdalene parish's english mass. whee..! and..we got positive comments. ^_^

after the church stint..alyanna (hi!), marc (hi!), and i went to sm. well, we got there at past 10 it's still early. we just strolled around, & by 11 am, we ate lunch. well, it's not the usual lunches i've had. this time, i went chinese. ^_^ we headed to paotsin (new to my ears..i actually thought it's pao-chi!). i can't find a good meal so i just ordered pork dumplings. i've never tasted a dumpling before..and i thought i'd just give it a try. hehe..frankly, i would never buy that thing again! haha..^_^ i didn't like it. i swear, naumay ako! pork i know what that tastes like!

it's really good to try new things, but next time, i will never try that again. i'd rather go for that another chinese noodles macy introduced to me..^_^ peace y'all!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


i'm back! haizzt..after days of not logging in here (due to my sched!), i'm finally back!

nothing much to say, though. just one thing: i have no rest! haha..look: monday-fridays, school days. then saturday we have CAT (for officers!). and every sunday we will have our choir at SMMP! hanep..that's all. i'm having a hard time to update feels that i don't have the energy to share a feeling or story. ^_^ forgive me for that..^_^

i do hope next time, i could have the power to blog..^_^