Wednesday, July 30, 2008

never abandoned

..jinx! it seems like my blog is regularly updated..haha! :-P i always make a way to blog..just because. :-) and since i said that it is never abandoned, i should make kontra of it. kasi baka mahipan ng masamang hangin..baka hindi na ako maka-blog! and i DON'T want that to happen again! i have to say jinx to make kontra nga. all together now: JINX!!! :-P

jinx! yesterday, i mentioned that i made a "magic box" for physics..and i heard an unexpected news earlier this morning: i got a line of 8 grade! oh's not that i don't like an 80-plus's work is just average compared to those who wasn't called. i told you it had just stickers in it.. :-) so i didn't expect it at all. somehow, i'm thinking that what made my project get that grade is that the mirror is not so obvious (haha!)..jinx!

jinx! tomorrow, all seniors must go to the procession..hmm..good thing my parents allowed me to stay in my best friend's house for 3 long hours tomorrow! haha..super bonding.. :-P jinx!

jinx! one more thing: UPCAT's approaching! oh the crap! i have to cram my study..i just hope that what they say is true (that UPCAT will concentrate more on english..). wish me luck folks! ..and all aspiring students who will take the exam too. buena suerte! jinx!

jinx! blog will not be jinx-ed anymore..i just got irritated (ako yung gumawa, ako pa yung na-irita! haha..) because this post is flooded with..all together now for the finale: JINX!!! :-P adios! (jinx!)

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


i'm in the pc shop right now..haha!=P so what?! what's to blog? nothing much..oh! btw, i just finished making that "magic box" for was pretty hard (because i was only able to make that in my free time cuz i don't have a SQUARE mirror!)..good thing ms. ullega didn't see me doing nothing on her period (haha!). i kinda liked my project anyway..full of stickers (winnie the pooh!).

and just earlier this minute, i made my math project (through internet). it took me about..uh..let's see..15 minutes! just 50 questions! well..math's not for me, so i think that's the culprit.. :-)

that's it for now! i'm kinda stressed! hehe..di halata.. :-P

Monday, July 28, 2008

stuck again

i told you, i'm the weirdest kid of them all.

i feel bored. today is monday, and i was supposed to be in school, taking an exam (is that NSAT? i'm not sure..). but, in my shock & unexplanable weakening action, why did the news on that stupid tv announced that there will be no classes today??! why oh why oh why?????! i already prepared my things & was going to sleep..but then suddenly i heard that news! oh shuckingz..

of all the students in this world, i am probably one of those kids who didn't scream when they heard that "classes are suspended" thing. the normal scenario when this happens is this: the tv or radio announces that kind of news..the children shouting & jumping w/ joy..and maybe thanking the cause of the suspension (thank you sa bagyo! haha..) but in my case, i'm not happy! i don't havve enough reason to be happy..! not that i'm a schoolgirl much..but i don't know, i just don't like it when i don't go to school. :-)

i want to go to school! i want to see my friends! i want to buy ice cream! i want to..hmm..ano pa nga ba??! aha! those are the reasons! well, i guess i'm not a homebody anymore. natuto na ba ako mag-laboy? maybe. a day without school means a day without really seeing the second most important people in my life: my friends! so does that mean that i'm only going to school because of my chums?! ah-ah..NO. i like to study, too. but..ok not much. haha! hey..i'm just like any other students in this world..sometimes i get too lazy to study. but with my friends, school looks more interesting to me. hehe.. :-P

gotta go, i only hae 3 minutes (overtime na nga eh!) and my sister's kinda mad na. please leave comments! i want to hear from ya! :-)

Sunday, July 27, 2008

good mood

sorry guys! i forgot to write it earlier..hehe..yan tuloy, i have to make a separate blog entry pa.. :-P

things went ok today! hehe..since i had my first designed blog template, i'e been wanting to change it..the reason? each template didn't suit my taste. then i found my current template! but there's still something wrong: the pink underlined text. my friend commented that that underline thing annoys her--and so me. at first i didn't know how to change that, but she taught me so now..i'm kinda enjoying my site! haha..for the first time it's already fixed & i think i'm not gonna change it---until i learn how to make my own skin! haha..that's it. ttfn! :-P

p.s.: mag-comment naman kayo! hehe.. :-P

a taste of independence

all doors & windows are closed..and my parents are both out of the house.

early last night, my mom told me that she's gonna leave us today because of some calling issues. the first thing that popped into my mind was, "ooh..i don't know when my dad's coming home, and my mom's going to leave tomorrow..ok jane, get ready for some instructions!" and i was right. my mom told me to wake up early so i can take care of my sis & niece..cook breakfast & lunch..and clean the house. do i really know what these mean?! i'm gonna be the in-charge of everything! we'll be alone!

today: everything went smoothly: my mom & ate left us, we ate breakfast that my mom had prepared us before she left, cleaned the house, & i popped in dora the explorer for my niece (her only joy from the moment she wakes up to the time she's feeling sleepy!). then came lunch time. i cooked rice & chopped some onions & garlic for our viand: corned beef! you know, canned goods are your only glory when your alone..unless you know how to cook (haven't practiced yet..yaikz! nakakahiya ang laki ko na..!). i was preparing the ingredients with ease when suddenly, i remembered that: we DON'T have a can opener! what the heck!!! :-O so my hands suffered big time because i used the knife to open that..thing! and oh, i spent so many minutes opening that..not to mention i released a lot of sweat. eew! :-P

after a long time of trying to open that can with all my might, i successfully made it! it's m first time to open a canned good that's tough, but very nice! and it's much better to eat what you have cooked because you're proud (yihee!).. :-P

until now, my parents's not yet here. my sister's asleep, and my niece's still watchin dora the explorer. me?! just blogging..and out! ;-)

Friday, July 25, 2008


after a really stressful day, this hepls to de-stress.

haaay..math drained my brain! gosh i really don't get that subject (after all these years!). all the y-intercept..problem solving equations make my brain explode!!! btw, our class talked about our upcoming feast day..and the theme is..ta-daaah! 70s retro! hehe..gotta raid my mom's closet!:-P

then it's CAT time again! this time, i was the 3rd sqad leader..all the shouting ("3rd squad parade rest!!!") made my throat more sore..we were asked to bring fruitberry because we will do community service next week! oh..magtanim ay di biro.. :-D

aspiring officers (like me!) got their belts after the CAT training for the whole batallion. then our commandant taught us a we went home late. it was totally dark. :-O good thing erika & edward's still there..also aspiring officers (haha!). so i wasn't alone when i went home. jinx!:-P

tomorrow we'll gonna shoot our music video for our filipino many projects, deadlines coming..! let the cramming begin! :-P

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

so not like me..

i don't know why, but i'm not in the mood to tell you the fiesta story yesterday..hehe..jane what's happening to you??!

i guess i grew tired of making kwento..hehe..haizzt! so what's to blog? hmm..nothing.

that's it, i'm getting silly! ttfn! (not in the mood really!!!) :-P

Saturday, July 19, 2008


today is saturday..and today is "computer-madness" day! hehe..not much. :-P

haha..pinagkatuwaan ko mga pix ko ngayon..wala lang, just for fun. i tinkered with today..nakakasawa kasi pag puro friendster.. :-D and here's the outcome!
^the emote kid..hehe :-P

^andy warhol #1...

^andy warhol #2!^yeah..just read it! :-P

that's all. i just made fun of my pictures..bored kasi eh. lol. :-D

tidbit: thankz to!

Friday, July 18, 2008

hep hep hooray!

i am feeling sore right now (for the first time i am paos!!!), but still, i want to make kwento (hehe!).. :-P

i don't want to spoil the moment by saying "the climax part" earlier right now, so here's a timeline:

7:00 am: flag ceremony began. emerrize (special mention!) finally bought the printed copies of our favorite songs: the mandarin ones! hehe..we love fahrenheit & s.h.e. (as well as hana kimi songs & the pag-ibig na kaya korean version!), so even though i'm having throat problems (sore throat..), we sang & sang until the mass.

8:00 am: mass time! i realized that i can't sing for the choir so i didn't join them (though i want to!). then truth hit me: our choir's kinda know, hindi pala kami pabilog kumanta. after hearing the truth (and nothing but the truth!), i suddenly blurted out to alyanna (special mention!), "so this is what our choir sounds like." well she just smiled..btw, she's my choirmate who had some illness too at that time.

9:00 to 11:00 am: inside our classroom, we tried the "dummies" that we're going to use for the karakol..they're pretty good! grabe..then by 11 am we were dismissed..

11:15 pm: before going back to school, i crammed everything in the house muna..wear jogging pants, find my rubber shoes, make-over, eat lunch, toothbrush..i looked haggard na nga daw eh..but still..before heading to school i powdered up so i look fresh..hmm! :-P

12: 20 pm afterwards: we (emenemz!) were made-up by each other..put green eyeliner, fix hair, put our costume..then after some snappies & a little prayer, we were off to the ground! go marymag! :-P

..while waiting for our turn, i suddenly felt sickly! i mean, they said my eyes were totally red, then i experienced head & eye sore throat..then i also have cough & colds! gosh..all at the same time! how's that for a student who's about to dance on the streets?! so i was lame before the actual competition..i slept in sidewalks. but when it started, i suddenly went hyper! i mean, i yelled with my classmates, & my energy seemed to increase. i was like that until awarding..

..oh btw! while dancing near the last judge, 3 girls from tirona talked to asked first, "ate anong year niyo?" of coursed i answered (i don't want to be suplada!), "fourth year." then the other girl suddenly added, "ate ang ganda mo!" hey wait..baka iniisip niyo gawa-gawa ko lang 'to just so happens that i got a lot of compliments this year.. :-) so back to the story! while dancing, i thanked her..then the other girl said, "ate ang tangos ng ilong mo!" while doing the basic steps, i replied to her, "talaga? thanks!" then they cheered for me like, "ate galingan mo ah! mananalo kayo!" and they bid me bye bye as we pass by them. actually, i can't believed all the compliments i've been receiving this past few days. parang inulan ako ngayon! first sir camungol, then sir cadiz, then sir dave, then mazy's mom, then ate in the xerox machine, then those 3 girls! super thank you!!! i can't believe that i can be appreciated so much..with or without eyeglasses! :-)

^that's the dummiez..hehe..we owe a lot to them..and to the operatorz.. :-P^eMeNeMz compressed for a snappie! haha.. :-P^photo-op before the actual contest!^go marymag 08-09! :-P
^me..rachel..joicy :-P

..this is it! when we went back to the school, cathy gave me cheesecake & some water..then they offered us tetra-pack juices & more cupcakes (wow!) then cathy & i listened to the announcements of the winners for the senior division. even before the competition, i was slowly losing hope because honestly, the other section & year levels's costumes were good compared to us. then i thought our steps were ordinary..

..when they called IV- immaculate concepcion as the 2nd place for costume, i knew we were not going to make it. i was right. they named III-st. peter as the winner for the costume category. wanna see their suit? later! then we listened for the dancing category. IV-st. martha won the 2nd place (no doubt of it..their steps were good & marc really did a great job! hehe..congratz!) then when they announced the winner, "and the 1st place is, IV-st. mary magdalene!", i went super giddy!!! i shouted with my classmates & we were like, super hiyaw to the max!!! i forgot about my throat problem na nga eh..i still can't believe that we won first place! i thought we were going to make a history..that for the first time marymag doesn't win anything! but thank goodness that didn't happen..! we still made former emenemz proud.. ;-P

"always the winner, never the loser!" that's what i always write on my diary then..we i make kwento about the karakol for last 3 years..and since i don't have a diary anymore, dito na lang! haha..but this is the first & LAST time that i only won one category.. :-)

fyi: thanks to amica olaes (special mention!) for the karakol snappies! :-D

Thursday, July 17, 2008


we did exhausting stuffs today, but i think i'm still hyper..not to the max, but still crazy!

today we just practiced & practiced for the karakol..that's going to be tomorrow fyi..! but we didn't practiced that much (ang gulo nuh??!). our adviser always gives us loooong breaks! once kanina, cathy & i went to the library, kasi akala namin hindi pa magpa-practice. we we're playing chess there when i suddenly felt the urge to peep outside the window..and in my horror, i saw my classmates practicing! gosh..i waited for them to finish the first part & hurriedly ran afterwards. whew! good thing sir camungol didn't reprimand me. :-O

then in the afternoon, we had our dry-run (general practice of all levels). next is CAT..oh i forgot to bring black socks! dyahe..i have to call my daddy pa so he can bring me my socks! good thing he's understanding..hehe. :-P as usual, CAT was so, so, so nakakangalay! grabe..lalo na yung tungtong kanan!!! and then i kept laughing silently & pigil na pigil..kasi si tracy nagpapatawa! good thing i wasn't scolded..or else i have to do that squat! whew! :-)

p.s.: someone noticed my beauty again! (beauty if!) i was photocopying some CAT papers when ate (i don't know her name!) told me this: "alam mo nagagandahan ako sa'yo..ang cute kasi ng mukha mo." flattered much!!! :-P of course i said thanks, then she added, "bakit hindi ka magpa-rebond?" a lot of people who compliment me always adds something like that. well, i love my wavy-slash-curly locks now, but i'm still thinking that they're right. but my hair's mom's afraid that it might fall after a treatment. well, i worry my decision is: not now! :-P

p.s.: karakol's tomorrow na! good luck to all magdaleneans..especially all eMeNeMs! go marymag!!! :-P

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


have you ever experienced being so confused to the point that you suddenly act crazy in front of everybody? life life. why is this happening to me?!

i don't think you could understand me..because i have a problem. but the other problem is, i can't let it all out here! oh..the perks of having a diary! gosh..kainis kasi naubos na yung diary ko..wala na akong masulatan. but that's it, i feel confused & so not me today.

gosh, why do i hae to experience all this crazy stuff??! it's the first time i encountered this instance..and now i'm crazy!!! oow..please help me! :'(

Monday, July 14, 2008

manic monday!

stressful. that's the perfect word to describe this day & my mood.

why stressful?! eh halos hindi nga kami nag-klase! you might think i'm silly, but for me, everyday is a stressful day! haha..articles to finish, steps to perfect, UPCAT to ace, NSAT to pass, & projects to be submitted next month! oww..i've been punched on the face. ever since junior year, i've been experiencing super pressure over life! (that's why these zits came out poppin' on my then-flawless face! arrgghhh!!!)

..hmm..that's all?! well i'm running out of time, so that's it. :-P

tidbit: recently installed audacity! and currently playing on xin wo..hehe!:-P

Saturday, July 12, 2008

friday bliss

kinda confusing..the title says "friday" while today is saturday. hmm..i'm sorry guys! that's because i wasn't able to blog yesterday..(i was busy tweaking my layout again..and then again, i'm gonna change it today *sigh!*)

so what excatly happened yesterday?! hmm..let's start with my first subject: economics! hehe..actually there's nothing to talk about this matter..we just practiced kasi & i paid for the karakol math! as i went in front of the class to lead the prayer, sir cadiz told me he forgot his contact lenses (he wants to give them to me! gosh..i thought he was not serious!). then we just had a physics & health, we just practiced. you know, our teachers's been very kind to us since the karakol's only 4 days. we better perfect the steps or marymag's reputation will be stained! haha.. :-P

after lunch, we did nothing on english class (well, precious & i just chatted with mrs. know, newspaper matters). then the only teacher (at least in the afternoon class!) that conducted a lesson is mrs. ancheta for statistics. actually i was physically present but slightly mentally absent at that time, so imagine my shock & surprise when she called me to answer on the board! hah..she knows me pala! good thing the equation was only basic so i was able to answer it. whoo! that was close.. :-O also at that time sir cadiz handed me a mini box with 5 contact lenses..whoo..he was REALLY serious! that's very thoughtful of him..thanks sir! :-)

then it was time for..(drum roll please!) tan-ta-raaan!!! the C.A.T. training! was my first time to attend that because marc & i was in U.P. nga last friday. it was kinda know, nakakangalay siya. but our commandant's nice, so we were quite at ease. after 2 hours of practicing the commands & just standing there at the quadrangle (with a lot of students watching & mimicking our "sir yes sir!" response), others were finally able to go home while those who want to be officers (like me!) stayed there. the commandant just explained the pointers & what the activities will be when we became CAT officer (3 day camping doesn't hurt!) 3 of my closest friends are also joining..i hope we pass!

that ends my stressful but fun friday..also last night i downloaded limewire software & audacity (for my project!). and right now i'm downloading songs..yay! at last, i don't have to go to the computer shop to have my mp3 loaded! yeeeesss!!! :-P ciao!

Thursday, July 10, 2008


oh well..i'm gonna update again! (ayyiee!) XD

nothing much..just wanna blog. hmm..oh wait! i hae something to share with you pala. c'mon, read on..

just this morning as i was about to enter our school's gate, as usual, manong guard checked my bag (as in kinapa). then it felt like it was taking too long, so i smiled & asked, "kuya ok na po ba?" he smiled back..actually it was a grin--meaning he wants me to open my bag so he can look inside it! i offered to open my white shoulder tote. inside he saw the normal things students bring: notebooks, pencil case, other kikay stuff, and my little pouch with my glasses's case (i was wearing contacts kasi kanina..the pouch contains my contact lens case & eye drops). he still seemed suspicious, his fierce eyes were fixed on my glasses's case, so i gushed, "case lang yan, kuya. naka-contacts kasi ako ngayon eh." he didn't belie me, though. he insisted that i should open the case, so i let it loose. ta-daaah! when he saw ONLY the glasses inside it, he laughed a if to say, " lang pala yun." when i turned around, i thought, "akala mo may gadget no?! hehe.." (any gadgets are strictly prohibited in our school) that was the funniest & slightly embarrassing incident that happened to me today..(so far!) XD

more projects were announced today..there's the music project (composer's autobiography). then the math project..we have to answer 50 linear equation quessiez from one site..i'm actually checking it out now. :-) then the filipino project!!! gosh..we have to make a video documentary! as a leader, after i heard the announcement, i already felt the pressure. but no worries, i believe that we can do it. aja! :-D

another thing..just this lunch break, catherine (special mention!) & i bought a 3-set friendship ring. the color was & black (just what i want!) well obviously, i was for the three of us (erika, me & cath..buddies since sophie year and are still rocking the whole school! we crazy fools.. :-P) the idea of getting another ring to remind us of our tight friendship (amidst the past month-long quarrels!) is nice, but i'm thinking, "oh, another ring. baka ma-jinx nanaman yung friendship namin." now why on earth did i say that?! because for the past 3 years, we got rings for each other's fingers. then after days or months, nawawala na. then minsan nagkakaaway. so yun, najijinx..i wish that will not happen again. i just hope that we're gonna stay as tight & as close as we are right now. no matter what happens, until alumni homecoming (see us on 2034!), we're still the best of friends. they're still my great buds during our laughing, crazy, silly, childish, emo, and kilig days. wanna see the ring? it's just plain simple..^i certainly wish you can see the ring clearly.. :-D

napahaba po ang aking kwento. karakol's coming (only 4 days to cram the steps and the costume! ouch..) actually, no teachers are believing us when we're saying that we still don't have a costume! maybe because of our know..IV-st. mary magdalene never loses. and i think that will happen NOW. hehe..sana hindi! XD

enough na nga! ang haba na..grabe. byezz! :-P

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

a time to de-stress

haaay at last! i'm back to blogging..i miss it since i've been so very busy because of one culprit: SCHOOLWORK. oh well, my weekdays are packed of activities! i need time to throw away all my confusions, so here i am. ka-ching! hehe..=P

shoud i make kwento about everything? hmm..sige na nga!

monday..uhm..i really can't remember what we did! haha..sorry for that. but i DO recall that sir rosas (special mention!) got angry on our section so he made our quiz hard! gosh..i think (and still thinking!) that i failed with that one..ooh! :-O

tuesday..we performed a short skit for economics. well i hate getting very, very sweaty & harrassed early in the morning, but what can i do?! there's so much things to finish. the skit went well, but our group didn't reach the expectations of our adviser. yan tuloy, plus 1 lang sa quiz.. :-P then by the afternoon i made a poem for our filipino reporting. i was inspired a bit & many things came bursting out of my mind, so it didn't take much time to make. wanna see? hehe..(if it's ugly then tell me! i won't get mad!)


sa mundong ating ginagalawan
totoo ngang may gahaman
mga naaakit sa pera
mahihirap lalong binababa

panambitan nilang mahihirap
sana'y umabot sa alapaap
nagsusumamong dinggin mo, O Diyos
sana'y unawain ng lubos

kaibigan, 'wag kang mag-alala
hindi ka kailanman mag-iisa
mananagot silang nang-aapi
katarungan iyo nang mababawi

naririnig ka ng Panginoon
pag-asa'y darating na ngayon
ika'y gagabayan at tutulungan
upang kahirapan ay malampasan

hmm..what do you think?! jinx.. :-P

wednesday (today!)..the reporting happened. and it turned out group member tracy (special mention!) sang our poem. but in the middle of the song, she forgot the tone! so i just saved the show and made it look like it was part of the act (but i think it didn't work..). we got a high grade, though. good job! :-P

..i think that's all. is that all?! least some of the stress are now gone. sigh. so much for the blogging today! zai jian! :-)

Friday, July 4, 2008

hurrah! (me & bbb's journey)

the only thing we need is: UPCAT exam.

finally! at last! sa wakas! yes! napasa na rin namin..haha! hurrah! :-D the story?! read on..

i was scheduled to go to U.P. Diliman for the 2nd time to pass my college application forms. i wasn't able to do it the last time because we don't have the BIR certificate of exemption. i woke up at 5 in the morning cuz we'll gonna go at 6, but then my dad told me that 7 is the departure time, so i slept until 6. bbb marc will also pass his applications, so i decided to invite him to join us. whee! we waited for him until past 7. but a little misfortune happened: we ran out of gas! so my dad went to noveleta to buy some. then by 8 we were off to the road!

first we went to alabang country club because dad wanted to borrow tita cynthia's car (she's the general manager there). so we ate first..we both ordered omelette (mine's with corned beef & his with ham & cheese). while eating we waited for my aunt..until 10:30. oh by the way, while chatting, we noticed english-spokening people behind marc (magkaharap kami). they were like, super english! nosebleed.. :-O and the funny part is, when marc conversed to me in english, they stopped chatting & looked at us! if naman ngayon lang sila nakakita ng nag-eenglish..^me at the alabang country club..wahehe.. :-P

by 11:30 we got to UP at last! but what's that? we're lost?! yup..we got lost first. it's like, paikot-ikot kami! maybe that's because we entered at the back..we really can't find the office of admission! by i think 12:45, we reached the admission office & lined up. but it's nearly 12, so the personnel advised us that we should be back at 1 pm. what the heck! that means we were going to miss our afternoon classes (sob!). we were also told to pay the penalty at the quezon hall & marc has to pay his exam fee at landbank. so we went straight to quezon hall, but it's closed! dush..we headed to landbank & thankfully he was able to pay his fee. after that we ate snack (siopao for the 2 of us..iced tea for me & coffee for him). when we sat on the nearby bench, a member of a cycling club asked me, "miss dito ka ba nag-aaral?" he seemed harmless. but.. :-I anyway, i replied, "hindi." then marc added, "sana!" jokingly marc kept on saying to me, "you're in danger!" hmm..because someone asked me? ganun. dad left us alone because he was too tired & he want to rest below some trees. so we remained still (people watching) until 1 pm.

by 1: 15 we went to quezon hall to pay for our penalties. it was near the oblation statue so we were able to see it (only the back!). after paying, i asked him, "admission or oblation?" he chose the latter..but when we got to the exit, it's raining! oh crap, how are we going to take pictures & walk back to the store? we don't have an umbrella to add to the pitfall.. :-( well, we weren't able to do picture picture with mr. oblation. sad. :-(^at the quezon hall..peace!

fortunately the rain had decreased so we were able to go the admission office again. it was 2 pm. we lined up again (the line wasn't that long!) surprisingly, a personnel told us that the test center in imus was already red-flagged (i don't know what that means), so we decided to take the UPCAT in UPD. hmm..kuya (as i called him!) even joked that after the exam, we could go to trinoma for some refreshing-up..but the exam's going to be 5 hours, and it starts at 12:30 pm. so i think we are not gonna be able to do that. erase erase! :-P

when we got our test permits, i was quite disappointed. marc & i are going to take the exam in different (& very far from each other) bulidings! gosh..bakit hindi pa kami pinagsama?! ang laki laki ng UP eh. :-I we went home tired & wondering if we will still go to school (it was 2:30 pm). we decided to go anyway..just so we can meet up with our friends & catch up with the latest happenings (we weren't able to attend the first CAT meeting. that's the ouch part. oww!).^marc & me..going home already!

we got there at about 4:30 pm, and mazy welcomed me first. then erika saw me & came running towards us! she also gave me a big hug, which was kinda rare to experience from my beszie. heehee.. :-D i also found the whole tHymAnGeRzZ there. i wonder why they're still there? anyway by 5 we decided to go home & catherine told me that she fainted yesterday! whaaat?! i went home early yesterday so i didn't know. then in the bus, erika's mood suddenly turned gloomy. yun pala, she's not feeling well. so there, our journey as part-time UP students. hehe! :-P

tidbit: rejoice helped me to tweak my blog layout (yipee!), thanks again joicy! you rock.. ;-) wanna see her blog? ayoko nga..joke! <--go there. :-P

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

go ahead, make my day!

the title speaks for itself..but still unclear, right? let me "elaborate" it for yah..

my dancing exposure last meeting de avance made an impact for me..and my teachers. i can't believe and i didn't expect to get compliments from my three male teachers--sunud-sunod pa! wahehe..nice. :-P first is my adviser, sir camungol (special mention again!). here's the story: my friends & i were hanging out in the canteen after the dance, and we spotted sir camungol walking by. so we were like, "hi sir!" and erika suddenly blurted, "sir si shara oh, saga naka-pink!"* (i'll explain that later..). then he replied, "ang ganda mo pala 'pag walang salamin." so naturally i said thank you. hmm..the asterisk-ed one is kinda confusing, eh? what she meant was i was wearing a pink blouse. you know, saga's color is pink, but i have to support the spuds group because some of them are my classmates. well anyway..

next! after reciting in filipino class, sir dave (special mention!) made a side comment. here it goes, "shara may nagsabi na ba sa'yo na maganda ka 'pag walang salamin?" hehe..ganun ulit. i said thank you again..he even compared me to superman (whaaat?!), just like him, he looks like a nerd when he has his glasses, but when he takes it off, he shines. i'm flattered--so much. :-P

then just this morning while writing the answer on the board for our math subject, sir cadiz (special mention!) commented, "shara alam mo mas maganda ka kapag walang salamin. mag-contacts ka na lang kaya?" then i said thank you. my classmates were reacting, so he added, "bakit hindi ba kayo nagagandahan sa kanya?" hehe..sooo nice naman. even teachers recognize! hehe.. :-P

so of course i'm super-duper flattered, glad, and i felt appreciated. i didn't expect that even teachers see that. but i kept thinking to myself, "ngayon lang ba ako gumanda?" hehe..kidding. but yep, i kept thinking that way. now i know..i'm pretty pala. but i need to remove my glasses, because if you noticed it, there's the overused phrase "maganda ka 'pag walang salamin" 'nuff said! so that's all, enough of my blogging for today, my sister's kinda mad na eh. :-P

tidbit: judge my pictures at friendster na lang. see if i'm really that pretty. wink! ;-)

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

stupid workload!

actually my original plan was to blog last sunday..but due to technical difficulties (the internet connection went out!), i wasn't able to blog--until now.

elections happened yesterday (monday), and as usual, i voted my "chosen ones" (secret!). and all the winners for chairman, vice-y, and level rep came from our section (hep hep hooray!). then before going home, i went to SM first with cath & darlene (special mention!) for some 1x1 photo-ops. wanna see the pic? it's kinda blurred..but anyway, here it is..^i told you it's blurred..wala kasing scanner. :-P

then today i received a very nice compliment from sir dave (special mention!). after i recited in filipino, he made a side comment, "shara, may nagsabi na ba sa'yo na maganda ka 'pag walang salamin?"..nakz..thanks po. last friday my adviser sir camungol (special mention!) told me the same thing. well..ganun?! hekhek..very nice. :-D but after a moment of happiness, several workloads hit me on the face. you see, i have to do homeworks for economics, bookkeeping, and filipino! gosh..i also have to write an article about karakol festival (it's so hard to research!) for our school newspaper (i'm one of the features editor, remember?). goooooooosssshhhhh!!! :-O i'm sure i'm going to have more pimples..kawawa naman. :-(

anyway pray for us (me & marc) that we don't get jinx-ed..we hope we could go to U.P. on friday! please don't jinx us..hehe. :-P