Friday, February 27, 2009

a night to remember

february 19, 2009: a night to remember..^

i think i was lucky to be blessed with two celebrations in just one night...our last js prom and my sweet 16th about coincidence, eh?! well anyway, i can simply describe that night as the most enchanting, most wonderful and the greatest night i've ever had. the usual..let's start with the basic, shall we?!

like last year, my mom and ate shie did all the wonders. i wore a chocolate-colored/bronze halter gown, w/c sadly made me look fatter (i didn't notice that when i tried it!) our prom was held at orchard golf and country club in dasmarinas. and si alyanna naman ang kasabay ko.. ^_^

i thought i wasn't going to be nervous because i already experienced js way back in third year, but when we got there, i kept on saying, "i don't want to go out of the car! i'm scared!" and yet, i don't know what i'm scared of. but as i stepped on the grounds of the venue, that feeling just vanished. and i was touched by my friends' warm welcome and greetings. they've been greeting me since the day before, and i didn't expect that they would remember my birthday. so to those who greeted me, thanks. ^_^

this time, i sat with my newfound barkada (hello tropang isaw! heehee..=P). the program started late, so our time for dancing became limited to 1 1/2 our only. by the way, my partner in our entrance was arvin..nice..and as usual, i wasn't chosen for ms.js..hehe..i don't want to be chosen anyway. ^_^ afterwards, we watched the cotillion de honor, and i liked it! i even took a video of it! yeah..=P after that, we had a lovely dinner (much better than last year's, i think..). for dinner we had chicken teriyaki and corn soup..bread and butter..and for dessert we had chocolate mousse! unfortunately i wasn't able to finish that, not even half of it. T_T

we were given only 1 and a half hour to have the dance floor all by ourselves (like what i said earlier). i've had the best dances from the best guys..thanks to all of you. ^_^ and..thanks for the birthday gift mr. second dance..^_^

i went home fulfilled and happy..really. i know the memory of my last js will never ever leave me, and i will treasure that forever. and fyi: that was the best birthday i've ever far. ^_^ belated happy hearts day to all of you, and happy reading! ^_^

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