Saturday, July 25, 2009

tough gal

why did i say that?'s already past 1 in the morning...and all of them are already sleeping. one tough gal! heehee...i missed blogging! my schedule prevents me from touching the keyboard. good thing i'm in kawit right now... :)

well that's it! i'm running out of thoughts nyong! ^_^

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

july 22, 2009

^..a very memorable date for me. swear!

many things happened to me my friends and i carried a very heavy tank of gasul (i just helped!), not aware that i might get binat after that. that was the first time i ever carried a gasul on the streets of bancod..haii!!!

then yesterday was also my first official day as a true member of the cvsu chorale ensemble (CvSUCE)! *congratulate me..hehe.. :-P* we had in! haii..i never thought i will be able to make it to the chorale! thank You! ^_^ hmm...what else? ah! the fun part..well it's not really fun because it brought trauma to me. ahm just ask me for that 'cause i don't want to tell it here..heehee.. ^_^

basta the bottomline is............i will never forget that date! ^_^

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

when the pressure comes... pours. and when it pours, you better be ready!!!

haii...the pressure just started when i came back to school. well...i was sick last week so i wasn't able to attend my classes. unfortunately they (bamc1-1) did a lot of things that week, and the thought that i have to catch up with the lessons makes me even sicker. heehee...haizxt.. T_T there were quizzes and activities that i missed and, sadly, i could no longer take. i hope that whole week of absence doesn't affect my grades! ooh i'm scared.. :-O

after this session i will go the final audition for the cvsu chorale ensemble (that was really dated last thursday, but i pleaded and luckily they gave me a chance. yee!). i'm just nervous kasi baka sumablay ako due to my throat problems..haii wish me luck! ^_^

goodluck to myself..haiiii!