Friday, May 30, 2008

i'm lovin' it!

one fine weekday afternoon (i forgot what day that is!), as i was browsing through some of my friends at friendster, i remembered my best boy bud, marc. his birthday's coming so fast! i decided to drop him an early birthday greeting. and as i opened his account, a song hit my ears: zhi dui ni you gan jue!

i loved its beat (so hip & catchy!) and of course, the artist (fahrenheit & hebe of s.h.e.!!!). i immediately searched it on and posted it on my friendster. i'm so into it that i listen to it almost everyday! haha...too much?!

well, i just hope that fahrenheit & s.h.e. would come here in the philippines, so that i can watch them & dance to their tunes (zhi di ni you gan jue is a must!)...walang imposible sa taong nangangarap!

Monday, May 26, 2008


i'll share 2 stories with on!

just this morning, my dad, sister & I went to my school to (gasp!) enroll. oh, the moment i've been waiting for! i woke up earlier than i use to (8:00...ack!) & prepared until 9:30. syempre inaantok pa ako kaya ganun katagal. =) when we got there, revamping improvement welcomed me. new paint (blue!), new food stall (i think?), new hallway. pinataas yung hallway kasi binabaha yun noon. oh well, we went to the registration room (jr. & sr. kinder room) & there i saw my teachers again. sir dave confirmed one thing: the opening of classes is on june 10 (so early!)...& that's half-day only. which means we (tHymAnGeRzZ) can go hang-out & celebrate! haha...nice idea. =D anyway, while writing down information, my hands start to shake. i just don't get it---nervousness or what?! after that we went to tejero (dad's business) and we ate at jollibee! haha...what a surprise!

actually, i argued w/ my sister about where we should eat. i said, "we should eat at mcdo! they're lacking customers, so we should go & help them!" (anyway, magkatabi lang ang mcdo at jollibee...) my sister fought back, "no! we should eat at jollibee! i don't want to go back there anymore. i was embarrassed at mcdo, you know?!" well, my sister won. gosh. i'm just trying to help!

another story: last, last night i tripped over a water container & fell flat on my back! ouch...that accident left a minor bruise on my left shoulder & a muscle pain on my right shoulder. up to now, they're still there, making my life miserable! haha...well not much. on that night i was suppose to get some soup from the kitchen, but when i turned around, it happened. ouch. although i got only minor injuries, i don't want that to happen anymore! kasi baka ulo ko naman ang tumama...shucks! =P

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

the graham express (miss piggy's cake obsession part two)

well, it's not really a part two, but they're somehow related. =)

like what i said in my last post, when that cake reached it's ending, i thought i finally got over my piggy days. wrong. days after that, my mom whipped up a new creation: choco graham cake. you know, the one made with graham crackers. my mom's the best cook & baker in the whole world (hooray!), so imagine my happiness when i finally got to taste her creation. i swear, it was really good---kind of like a melted double dutch ice cream! well anyway, as would like to beliee it, my piggy days came back. again.

for days & nights i requested for every sweet slice of that graham cake. while watching tv, writing, & even net-surfing, i munch on that little piece of paradise. but it had its own piece of hell, too. like it was too sweet to handle, and i can't have 2 slices at the same time because my throat gets hurt.

as of this day, ubos na siya. of course, i was not the only one who ate that, so it was so fast to finish. now, i'm wondering what's next...a rocky road ice cream? maybe. =)

Saturday, May 17, 2008

miss piggy's cake obsession

our refrigerator's experiencing such difficulty these days. and, honestly, i blame my constant fridge-opening for that. so why am i doing this? because of that devil-ish cake.

my dad celebrated his birthday last may 10, saturday. and because of that, he bought chicken with gravy, some viand, and a mocha cake from goldilock's. after lunch, our eyes widened with delight...only because the cake's already sitting on the table. although i munched my own slice with satisfaction, i am not quite excited about eating the cake. call me crazy, but it's true.

the enxt day, we went to our aunt's house to celebrate again. there, my titos & titas revealed the cake that's for my dad. it was round, big, and extremely mouthwatering. when we were on our way home, i thought, "oh, another gift from heaven!" when we got home, we cleared half of the fridge so we could place the whole cake there. then it started.

i begged for cake pleasures almost everyday---like, eery meal! i remember one day i ate cake for breakfast, after lunch, merienda, & after dinner! i didn't notice my katakawan at first, but then everytime i plead fot cake, my mom complains, "sige jane tataba ka nanaman!" , but i didn't listen. i still open the fridge & slice, slice, slice...until the size became 1/4.

i realized how i made myself a pig for so many days. i realized that every slice of that scrumptious goodness doesn't only make me look fat, it also made me lose my discipline for food. i realized that i was the only one who gobbled up the whole cake. selfish much?!

yesterday, the cake finally reached its happy ending. and when i took a bite on my last slice, i know i finally said goodbye to my piggy days. well, i'm still a pig, but not much anymore.

sniff, sniff! farewell, three-layered mocha cake!='(