Sunday, December 28, 2008

high-five-zero! ^_^

ing i2008 is drawing to an end!!! so as a tribute to the past memories that happened this year, let me share to you my work..enjoy! ^_^

(the best of top 50-ish!)

50. tango dance - the first part of our p.e. class in my senior year. it was also my least favorite (hehe..hence the 50th spot)
49. chacha dance - the second part of our p.e. class..well i kind of enjoyed this dance..^_^
48. swing dance - the third & last part of our p.e. was fun!:-P
47. erika's dad's post-bday party - hmm..i think this was last april 9..well my friends (marc..egie..ekay..& ate mich) just hung out..i miss those bonding times..
46. tHymAnGeRz bonding moments - oh yeah..signing of clearance times..i kind of miss those times we'd hang out at ma'am lozano's room..chitchat..hehe..^_^
45. cotillion late-night practices - i'm not actually part of the cotillion for our js prom that time (last february), but my friends & i spent the nights watching the dancers..& some of them were our uwian we have to wait. but those nights were chums & i have our own world there (haha!)
44. hana kimi craze - this was in mid march-may..i was totally addicted to this! i even made 2 videos using their pix & music! hehe..i really liked that show..and upon seeing that, wu chun instantly became my crush! haha..^_^ i even remember signing an online petition for hana kimi 2 to air..haha..really crazy!
43. national college assessment exam - or popularly known as the NCAE for seniors. well..quite hard, but i learned a lot. ^_^
42. sm blues - after taking the NCAE, my friends & i went to sm bacoor to unwind our used minds. but as we reached the entrance door, the guards stopped us, saying that we should wait until 5 pm. clad in our school uniform, we stayed there & thought of tactics on how to sneak in (harhar!), but we didn't notice that we already stayed there until 5 w/o actually knowing it! hehe..we ended up going in until 7..weeeeh..still can't forget that!
41. lost digicam memory card - the reason why my sister's digicam was left unused for months. it wasn't my fault, though. but anyway, my sister bought another one & now it's back for more capturing jobs!
40. tita nini's wake - this happened around june 21..or something. my aunt (dad's eldest sis) died because of complications in cancer plus her age (she's already 70). her wake became an instant family reunion in manila memorial park. well..may God bless her soul.
39. 45th foundation day - (march 3-7..i think?!) memorable, yeah. this became the perfect time for my friends & i to bond..and i super enjoyed that big kiddie inflatable playhouse..i was like, super jump to the max! haha..that left me w/ a headache. ouch! but it was fun..really!!!
38. shooting our filipino project - the latest..december 29 (yesterday!) was memorable because it was my first time to do a shooting for the whole day! was also my first time to play a sad girl..and i was nervous! hehe..^_^
37. living rosary - partly memorable to me because i was part of the choir..and we sang "awit ng sto. rosario" w/ actions---i was supposed to do that in my junior year, but i had sore eyes & wasn't able to join. thankfully, i did it this year. ^_^ and one more thing: while completing the balloon rosary, it rained!!! poor fellas who were holding the balloons..><
36. kawit's fiesta - july 22..the whole barkada was supposed to go to the carnival to have some rockin' fun, but it rained & our plan crashed. we ended up going home (huhu..T_T)
35. karakol - july 20..the best! haha..our section grabbed the champ's place for streetdancing! hehe.. :-P
34. malen's interview - it wasn't just an ordinary interview, mr. rem (the owner) taught us things about life..and the future..^_^
33. aguinaldo shrine trip - just this december, my groupmates in filipino (alyanna & sed) & i went to freedom park to shoot our project. we explored the whole house of aguinaldo, and i must say, i was impressed! i've always loved anything vintage..and it was such a pleasure to my eyes. ^_^
32. III-st. peter swimming outing - march 15..this was our section's farewell swimming party. it was also great!!! hehe..what i do remember the most was when i got leg cramps (pulikat) in the middle of 6-ft. part of the pool! oh's the stitch: edward & i were about to race from 6ft to 5ft..and as i dove deep, my right leg froze! i nearly drowned, swear! good thing erika was just near me so i immediately grabbed her! poor girl..but i apologized. ^_^ egie & ekay accompanied me to our was just a minor leg cramp..but it was also my first time! thanks to my friends for coming to the rescue (sorry again besz!) ^_^
31. senior's talk - this talk really opened my eyes to the truth. kuya jimmy's (the speaker) witty & hilarious manner of speaking made us understand the topic in a funny way, but man, he's really serious about informing us! hehe..^_^ i learned a lot from this talk.
30. career fair - i got loads of flyers, application forms, & some souvenirs from various colleges & universities!! ^_^
29. sm crash trip - this was last november supposedly "fun" sm trip w/ closest friends. we were supposed to celebrate my friend's birthday & she would treat us..but someone went missing: the celebrant herself! poor money..we just tried to find ways to enjoy ourselves..but i will never ever forget that day.
28. first day of classes for 2008 - yep..i remember the first thing i did when i stepped on the cement of our school: check the list. oh yeah! i immediately checked if besz & i were classmates, but unfortunately, no. but good thing, though: i'm a marymag! haha..^_^ and my first recess was horrible: i can't find a good drink because all food stalls were occupied! very nice first day.. :-P
27. first day of CAT - well..actually i missed that first day (marc & i went to UP for admission..)
26. UP trip! - yep..the above mentioned ^_^ but before going there, marc, my dad & i stopped by alabang country club first (my tita/ninang is the general manager there..^_^) to eat some omelets..after that we headed straight to UPd for admission. just go through my blog archive about this experience! ^_^
25. handugan 2008 - our last gift-giving as a senior. but sadly, i didn't participate (huhu! T_T) they said that we, regular students, are nor required to do that. so that's why i just decided to go home. but mazy invited eme & me to stay at her place, and we ended up soundtripping there until 4 pm (haha!)
24. first CAT saturday training - the best! haha..this proved that, yeah, being a CAT officer has its perks, but it also has its downfall! haha..but i learned a lot from it, though. ^_^
23. first CAT square meal - also the b-e-s-t!!! haha..i think my viand here is my fave fried chicken (cuz i had no idea of what a square meal is about!). we were challenged to eat our food in 10 counts---w/ a banana on our heads! oh my..i still remember how i managed to finish that big chicken while struggling to dip it on the gravy..ouch! i should have brought a smaller meal..^_^ and i still remember how i got super teary-eyed while eating the banana in 10 counts! what a lunch! haha..but now i'm used to it. ^_^
22. first CAT job - yep, as the new charlie company adjutant. nice..^_^ (for the girls: hairnet? check. hanky? check. nails? check. black socks? check. belt? oops..none ma'am. okei..5 demerits!! :-P)
21. first CAT boodle fight - it was FUN! haha..nilatag namin yung mga ulam namin sa dahon ng saging..and we shared food! haha..very nice..^_^
20. eyeglasses issue - well it happened just this november..i nearly lost my eyeglasses! stupid me. i misplaced it in our classroom while powdering my face. i searched everywhere, but my specs were nowhere to be found. so i went home w/o it (huhu T_T) the next day, ishi gave it to me, saying that she found it on the table & just took it home because she thought i already went home. lolz!
19. cassette issue - when my group in p.e. were about to perform our interpretative dance, i hurriedly went to the cassette to plug my mp3..when accidentally, i tripped on ma'am botacion's cassette player! ooh..stupid & clumsy me! i had to pay for the damages (actually, ako nga nagpagawa eh!) hehe..stupid.
18. wallet issue - i lost my wallet while on the way to school! haha..i really cried my eyes out that time! in fact, it left a minor scratch on my left eye. look!:17. intramurals 2008! - last november 5-7..i should have called this the "walking marathon" days..because we didn't really watched the intrams (like before)..all we did was to walk & walk & walk! paiba-iba ng destinations..haha..crazy stuff..^_^
16. independence day - ..and my mom's bday (hooray!) we had a parade from josephine's resort to freedom park..and after that, erika & i did some more "walking"..hehe..from gahak to our house! now we're really crazy! :-P dig in through my old posts!
15. first quarterly exam - it's not really the exam..haha.. :-P my closest friends & i bonded for two days every after exam! hehe..those days were fun..and once sad (cath accidentally erased all unlocked pictures in my sis's digicam, w/c made my ate shie angry!) see my previous blog post about that!
14. flame.wars.flame. - it's funny to remember all the misunderstandings i've had w/ my friends this year (haha..i'm bad!) but those were just petty..simple fights. we're cool now..super! hehe..i've learned how to forgive, but i'm telling you..i can never forget. ^_^
13. filipino video issue - for our first group project in filipino, we had to make a video documentary. and i, being the leader, felt the pressure again. i remember cramming that video because we lacked time shooting the interview (haha..)..i stayed up until 1 am finishing that! well a friend was w/ me throughout the editing he also slept late. ^_^ very unforgettable!
12. christmas reunion - our annual family reunion (morales clan!) quite happy because this was the first time i ever, ever participated in family games (haha!) and not to mention the moolah i got! haha..nice..^_^
11. field trip - my second & last field trip in high school! it was fun..especially the MOP & PETA part! haha..see my previous blog post about that! ^_^
10. christmas party '08! - the best-est xmas party i've ever had! haha..^_^ aside from the senior's jamming w/ kuya pau (yeah!), i also had fun w/ the disco (though i don't really dance)!!!:-P haha..i also have a blog post about that nga pala..^_^
9. UPCAT exam - the first entrance exam i took! was hard (especially the math part! haha..what can you expect??!) :-P but i hope i passed..haaaay..see my post about that!
8. jane-y's 15th bday! - bday! (feb.19) was just a simple celebration w/ my family & closest fest..chitchat..and of course..picture-picture!!! haha..^_^
7. hospitalization - i was confined in OLPMC last january (in the middle of 3rd quarterly exam in my junior year!) because of suspicion in dengue (but i was pronounced negative!) hmm..i will never forget my stay there..i was surrounded by kids half my age inside the pediatric ward! haha..nice..^_^ and the food..ooh ver unforgettable (especially the sopas!) good thing there were jollibee & shakey's that came to my rescue..^_^ i also experienced the hardships of sleeping steadily & going to the c.r..haaaaay..i can never forget that experience! ^_^
6. junior-senior prom '08 - last february very first prom! haha..unexpected things happened (trust me!) and expected things didn't..hehe..^_^ it was a fun..sweet..and unforgettable night..ever! :-P i wonder what will happen on my next & last js..hehe..^_^
5. christmas eve - very family oriented..haha..nice..ako lang ang nagbihis ng bonggang bongga (haha!!! OP ako!) hmm..anyway i don't care. at least we're a whole family there (and that doesn't happen every year!) ^_^
4. new year's eve - also family oriented! hehe..we're complete once again..and man, it was a defeaning new year! haha..all the fireworks..and the was definitely the loudest new year ever!
3. simbang gabi - the very first time i ever tried to complete the 9 days simbang gabi (not successful! T_T) anyway..those days were fun..i went through all the masses w/ my 2 friends, and those times were really, really COLD!!! yeah..i was always wrapped up in a jacket..^_^ very unforgettable ^_^
2. december 31 - the night i accidentally erased all i wrote here! haha..very tragic. i was supposed to finish this before 2009 enters..but heck..JC just won't allow me to do that! hmm..the truth?! i was missing one experience..i think i ran out of ideas (haha!) so that's why number 2 (or this spot) was left blank..until that happened. ^_^
1. the fact that all these 49 things happened to me! haaaaaay..^_^

that's it guys..i hope you didn't get tired of reading all that! haha..have fun everyone! ^_^

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

current fave

♥ love story by taylor swift ♥
c'mon..check it out! ^_^

Love Story - Taylor Swift

♥ we were both young when i first saw you
i close my eyes and the flashback starts
i'm standing there on a balcony in summer air
see the lights, see the party, the ball gowns
see you make your way through the crowd
and say hello, little did i know

that you were romeo
you were throwing pebbles
and my daddy said "stay away from juliet"
and i was crying on the staircase
begging you please don't go

and i said
romeo, take me somewhere we can be alone
i'll be waiting, all there's left to do is run
you'll be the prince and i'll be the princess
it's a love story, baby, just say yes

so i sneak out to the garden to see you
we keep quiet 'cause we're dead if they knew
so close your eyes, escape this town for a little while

oh, oh, oh

'cause you were romeo,
i was a scarlet letter
and my daddy said "stay away from juliet"
but you were everything to me
i was begging you please don't go

and i said
romeo, take me somewhere we can be alone
i'll be waiting, all there's left to do is run
you'll be the prince and i'll be the princess
it's a love story, baby, just say yes

romeo, save me, they're trying to tell me how to feel
this love is difficult, but it's real
don't be afraid, we'll make it out of this mess
it's a love story, baby, just say yes

oh oh

i got tired of waiting
wondering if you were ever coming around
my faith in you was fading
when i met you on the outskirts of town

and i said
romeo save me, i've been feeling so alone
i keep waiting for you but you never come
is this in my head, i don't know what to think
he knelt to the ground and pulled out a ring
and said

marry me, juliet, you'll never have to be alone
i love you and that's all i really know
i talked to your dad, go pick out a white dress
it's a love story, baby, just say yes

oh, oh, oh, oh

'cause we were both young when i first saw you ♥

it was introduced to me by a friend..actually this came w/ a little "teasing" (hehe..^_^) i just hope i wouldn't be teased again for liking this song! ttfn! ^_^

Friday, December 19, 2008

advance happiness

my last christmas party as a high school student happened yesterday (ooh..i mean yester-night..^_^) it was also my happiest..^_^

of all the christmas parties that i've had for the past 4 years, i must say, i really enjoyed the last! well..aside from the grand jamming w/ kuya pau (you're the best!:-P), i was also happy to receive some of the best-est gifts from the best-est people..^_^ thank you guys! the food was also fine..and so was the choir competition (we won third place! yay! ^_^) and, knowing that that is my last as a senior, i enjoyed every bit of it..even the disco (but i admit that i'm not used to dance).

i will never forget that night. december 18, 2008. very memorable. very grand. i appreciated everything, and i am so glad that i went through this. to all, advance merry christmas & a happy new year! ^_^

Sunday, December 14, 2008

undefined life is more complicated than ever..

i can't describe what i'm feeling right now. this past few days, many things are bothering me. i don't know where to start, and i don't know what to do. haizzt.. :'( and one more thing: i can't describe my feeling. i am still confused!!! help me..what should i do??! i can't help but to stop & stare everytime that problem catches me. aaahhh!!! i only have less than 2 months to decide. aaw what now???! me decide! T_T

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


uhmm..where will i begin?!

for the first time in my life, i was electrified. but in a good way. and it was because of our retreat held just this december 8, 9 & 10. for three days & two nights, we stayed in capuchin retreat center in lipa, batangas. well..never been to that place. ^_^ armed w/ 2 heavy bags, i entered that place w/ so many questions stuck in my head: what will this retreat be like? am i gonna cry? would i enjoy this retreat? what kind of activities will we be doing? what will happen?!

for three days & two nights, i was enlightened. i was being fed up spiritually, emotionally, & physically (the buffet was great..but i must say, those 6 meals a day were too much for my tummy to take..^_^). i thought the sessions would be boring, but i was wrong---very wrong. our retreat master, kuya pau, was the greatest speaker ever! i mean, he was never boring. there were no dull moments w/ him. ^_^ he's so cool..greetings kuya pau!

this retreat helped me realize life. it healed my heart & soul. w/ each activity, i feel like i'm splashed w/ clean water. i feel refreshed. and i don't know why, but when i went to a hut & i was alone there, i found peace. the nature's very kind to offer me such peace & quiet ambiance. and when i read some Bible readings, i felt relieved. i admit it, that was my first time to ponder what the Bible says. and i felt happy. i also liked the fact that through this spiritual gathering, i was able to communicate w/ my schoolmates. i got the chance to mingle w/ them & hear their thinkings about me. i think i was lucky that they were honest enough to tell the truth. i was also flattered when, for the very first time, my best friend hugged me very tight. i know she haven't done that to me before, & because of that i thought she doesn't consider me as a best friend. but now i realized that i should widen my mind & just try to understand each other. i was also able to reconcile w/ my past enemy..we're now back to normal. ^_^

i can't believe it, but because of this retreat, my mind was opened. i appreciated life even more. i now know the sacrifices my parents make for us. and i realized that life is nonsense w/o LOVE. as my favorite quote says, "love makes the world go round." ^_^ thanks to this special gathering, i am now a better person. and most especially, i became closer to Him. Lord, thank You for lending us Your ears..for allowing Yourself to listen to our pain. as what we all say,'re the MAN! ^_^

i will never forget those days. for me, nothing beats our retreat! all together now:
"God is great?!
All the time!
All the time?!
God is great!
All the way?!
goodnight folks..this blog entry is getting long. to sum up my experience, it was definitely, totally, super GREAT!!! ^_^ ciao!

snappies here! ^_^^iv-st. mary magdalene..the best section evah! ^_^^the place..i love capuchin! ^_^
^just posing..=P
^w/ my friends..^_^
^the first time my beszie hugged me! yay! ^_^
^w/ kuya pau..^_^
^w/ emerrize..
^..and mazy! they were my roommates..^_^

..ciao na talaga! ^_^

Saturday, December 6, 2008

going french

i remember watching the 2008 oscar awards w/ my dad & sis months ago, and i was impressed w/ the best actress, marion cotillard. she starred in a true-to-life movie, which brought her the most prestigious oscar award. in the movie, she played edith piaf, one of paris's greatest singers. i was enthralled by the way she portrayed the old lady role. i was in awe when i saw that. no doubt she won as the best actress.

inspired by her greatness, i searched the movie on youtube, and i found myself watching all the trailers of la vie en rose (the movie). here's one:

i also found a video from that movie, w/ marion cotillard singing one of edith piaf's hits in 1960 entitled "non je ne regrette rien" w/c simply means "no regrets". i'm actually trying to sing it right now (haha!). i found it's a nice song. ^_^ check it out..

..and the lyrics..

Non, Rien De Rien, Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien
Ni Le Bien Qu`on M`a Fait, Ni Le Mal
Tout Ca M`est Bien Egal
Non, Rien De Rien, Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien
C`est Paye, Balaye, Oublie, Je Me Fous Du Passe

Avec Mes Souvenirs J`ai Allume Le Feu
Mes chagrins, Mes Plaisirs,
Je N`ai Plus Besoin D`eux
Balaye Les Amours Avec Leurs Tremolos
Balaye Pour Toujours
Je Repare A Zero

Non, Rien De Rien, Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien
Ni Le Bien Qu`on M`a Fait, Ni Le Mal
Tout Ca M`est Bien Egal
Non, Rien De Rien, Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien
Car Ma Vie, Car Mes Joies
Aujourd`hui Ca Commence Avec Toi

..that's all. i'm going french! ^_^

fyi: thanks to for the videos & for the lyrics! ^_^

Saturday, November 29, 2008

discontented?! na-ah..

i just had my hair trimmed today..well, tonight. inabot na kami ng gabi dun sa parlor..haizzt! anyway, while having my tresses cut, carmi (the taga-gupit..) & i had a little "hair" talk.

jane: ahm..carmi, advisable pa ba ako magpa-rebond?
carmi: oo naman..healthy pa naman ang hair mo eh.
jane: sabi ng mom ko super masakit daw sa anit..
carmi: oo! masakit talaga yun saka nakakangalay..
jane: awtz..tapos 7 hours pa?!
carmi: oo..
jane: naku lagot..!

oh well..should i have my hair rebonded or not? i know i should be contented w/ my natural curly hair..yeah, i like it. but what i don't like about my hair is that, it's dried to death! oh my..i don't know. i also get worried about my anit..baka mapaiyak ako sa sobrang sakit! hehe..but, i really don't know. i can't decide yet. haizzt..! ><

Thursday, November 27, 2008

poverty kids

poverty is truly felt by all of us in the modern times. and as you walk along the streets of my hometown, you'll find many poverty-stricken kids.

before going home w/ my friends, i bought some chips & water..y'know, i want something to munch & sip on while walking..^_^ then as we reached the park, a boy---a typical poor boy---came running towards me & started to stretch his hand (in the manner of asking). at first, i politely said to him, "naku kuya, ito na nga lang pagkain ko eh." i know i should have just ignored him, but i can't help it. i started to walk again when he followed me! i changed my way, but he still kept on following me w/ his stretched arm! my friends started to tell him to just go, but he wouldn't budge. he kept on nudging me, but as we reached a crowded place, he just vanished.

maybe he just gave up. but what can i do? i don't want to toletate those kids. i don't want them to wait for me every afternoon for some food. i'm not helping them in that way..i'm just making them more lazy. i don't want to entertain them. now my eyes are open..poverty is really all over our country. haizzt..lesson learned: don't eat while on the way! ^_^

Monday, November 24, 2008


i'm kind of preoccupied at the moment..currently busy w/ everything!'s not really easy, but i do hope the workload would lessen. advance happy holidays to all of you! ^_^

Monday, November 17, 2008

mixed up emotions

"forgive and forget." who doesn't know this quotable quote? has been adopted by some kind-hearted spirits. but i still believe that..yeah, it's easy to forgive..but it's NOT THAT EASY TO FORGET. that's the sad reality. haizzt..

it really hurts when the person you treated as best friend betrayed you. imagine the 2 tight years that you've spent together. yep, i still have another best friend, but then, nothing beats her company. i enjoy every moment we're together, knowing that we both understand each other. but then, all of a sudden, things fell down & were shattered just like that. life seems to be in a fast pace now. yesterday we were inseparable, then the next day we were more than enemies..private matters (not yet ready to share them..^_^). all the 2 years that had passed---good & not-so-good memories---was broken into pieces. i was angry, betrayed, & mad at that time..but i was also in deep agony because the person i treated as my best friend did that to me. i couldn't believe it.

but then, just this morning, everything seemed to be quite different. the then-feuding buds are now friends again. well..she came up to me & apologized. i obliged. but forget that fast?! na-ah..

ok she's already forgiven, but i can't forget what she did easily. for a best friend who's's not that easy. i am a very sensitive person, and i don't get mad easily (tampo..yes), but once i get angry, i really burst. anyway, might as well not bother myself w/ those things. i don't want to get wrinkles at this young age. (just making myself a bit lighter ^_^) ok..jane-y now signing out!

Friday, November 14, 2008

hotel 626

i remember jumping w/ joy when i discovered something that will make that game running. well..i regret that now! ^_^

oh my gosh..i don't want to play that game again! i know it says, "face your fears.", but i can't face them! in short, i was scared on the part of the camera..i kept on clicking it then a freaky-looking, blue-eyed girl appeared before my very scared eyes! oh just keeps on running in my mind right know! after seeing that, i immediately turned off its window. i really can't go on w/ that game..! haizzt.. :-I

ok, i'm a scaredy-cat. ok, i'm a coward. but that's me..i can't pretend that i'm brave even though i'm not. i can't make people believe that i can do it even though i already want to hide behind the sheets. oh well..that;'s life. all i know is..natakot talaga ako dun sa hotel 626 na yun! haizzt..!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

around kawit in 3 days

trust me, it's veeeerrryyy tiring! haizzt..! ^_^

since the bridge's construction is still on going, students are advised to take the centennial road. so that's why last intramurals, all my chums & i did was to walk, walk, walk! here's the update:

november 5-->> lunchtime: from school to georosville subd. imus (to my friend's house)..uwian: from school to sakayan ng bus (centennial)
november 6-->> lunchtime: from school to georosville subd. imus..then pabalik (how's that??!)..uwian: from school to binakayan..
november 7-->> lunchtime: from school to again, binakayan..!

that's the major reason why i have 3 paltos right i find it hard to choose a good footwear because of my wound..kailangan pa ngang i-band aid eh! haizzt..oh well, that's life. you have to experience eveything for you to be prepared. and i must say, even though after each walkathon i'd fall asleep, i am prepared already! ^_^

Sunday, November 2, 2008

i'm currently loving..

..this song..

I Dont Know Much - Aaron Neville

thanks to my sister..who, at 2 am, is still sound-tripping..for this song. i like it so much..that it kept on playing in! about super addict..^_^

Thursday, October 30, 2008

me & the watch

for the last 4 years, it has served as my official wrist accessory, my honest time-teller. but, sad to say, it's life is over now. :'(

i remember having my timex watch back when i was a freshman in high school. it came as a free item w/ the watch my dad bought, so he gave me the free one. ^_^ since then, that watch never left my wrist (that's why i have a mark there that shows the color difference)..but i do remove it sometimes, but oftentimes, i wear it. i like it because it's unique & it has this glow-in-the-dark light, which i find cute. ^_^ i do remember the time na nasira yung ilaw na yun. my classmate was pressing it over & over again and then the next day, sira na siya. :-I

then just last sunday, when i was about to get it on the table, i noticed that it was still fixed to 1: 10..there, the battery's gone. good thing dad spared me another watch. but nothing can outstand my original companion. for me, my timex watch is still the best! :-P

Monday, October 27, 2008


i don't know why, but i think my tune set-up is back to mandarin hits. oh yeah! haha..^_^ as an evidence of my seemingly-never ending worship (awtz worship?!) to chinese & taiwanese hits, i made a separate folder for my "asian songs"..^_^

last week, i downloaded songs from F4..yep, i'm still a fan! hehe..i love their songs! that's why i added vic zhou's make a wish & a gentle goodnight to my playlist. then right now, i'm playing S.H.E.'s yi yan wan nian..wanna check them out? ok..^_^

Yi Yan Wan Nian - S.H.E.

A Gentle Goodnight - Vic Zhou

Make A Wish - F4

there..enjoy as much as i enjoy listening to those! haha..^_^

Friday, October 24, 2008

hello short-time vacay!

yep..sembreak's approaching! the official date is on monday, october 27..but heck, could i just include the weekend before 27?! definitely! hehe..^_^ it is only for one week..and on november 3, we will be donning our uniforms again. then days's intramurals! wow..time really flies so fast!

oh, and btw (by the way..for those who don't know ^_^), it's our barkada's monthsary tomorrow! i kept greeting them "advance!" and yet, only a handful (awtz "a handful"! kumusta ka naman?!) acknowledged my warm greeting (ouch!). anyway, whatever. :-P

"loneliness is where i live.." <<-- that super speaks for myself! haha..i just remembered an instance earlier this afternoon..when i was in the library---alone. i mean, i didn't bring a friend w/ me..i just went there & sat on one corner---alone. i guess i'm at my most emotional (well, i have a lot of problems..all which hit me at the same time!) at that moment. i just felt happy & at peace on that one feels great! haha..i just shared it. nothing more..^_^

Thursday, October 16, 2008

dleif pirt

haha..i'll make fun of this post! haha..i like the title..^_^

well, what happened yesterday is really share-worthy. so i'll share it with you! haha..ok i'll start. yesterday was our field trip (and the senior's last..sniff sniff! :'( sad!). you want a timeline?! ok..madali lang akong kausap! hehe..!^_^

3:50 am-->> i woke up (yaikz! so early! haha..). since it was still early, i listened to my mp3 first & wrote down the lyrics of bugoy drillon's "paano na kaya" (i love that song!). then after that..i ate, prepared, & went out. to the freedom park!

5:55 am-->> the exact time i got on freedom park. hehe..naliligaw pa nga ako nung una eh! but then again, i got in the bus before it leaves. ^_^

6:15 am-->> we were off to our first itenerary: the manila ocean park! while travelling, we were entertained first by our tour guide who's an alumnus from SMMS! haha..i just forgot her name.^_^

ok..that ends my timeline! cuz..i forgot the times when we got to the iteneraries! haha..i'll just give the tidbits to you! ^_^

1st itenerary-->> manila ocean park! although we waited long, i'm telling you folks, it's worth the wait! the underwater creatures, the water itself, the large's really amazing! haha..i have the pictures! here..:^tHymAnGeRzZ!..jecy..ange..cess..& cel!
^the starfish is hard! hehe..^_^^me & maxx..emoting by the aquarium! hehe..^_^^hello there kuya diver! ^_^

2nd itenerary-->> museo ng kagitingan! honestly, this is the most boring itenerary. well, i just spoke the truth! alangang sabihin kong nag-enjoy ako kahit hindi naman..! we just went inside..looked at the dummies..and walked out, period! then we were told that it's ok to take pictures, but when we went inside, we were told by the annoying lady there that taking pix is not allowed! itenerary please!^there..that's the only snappie i could get..(ho-hum!)

3rd itenerary-->> ninoy aquino wildlife park! ok..we ate our lunch here..then we just stayed inside the bus because we can't do anything there! hehe..but i really want to stroll around because it's pretty boring in the bus, so i asked sedrick (hi!) to accompany me to the zoo. and here's the outcome!:^hello there! how's it goin'?!
^cute bird..haha..

4th itenerary-->> PETA for the play "ang batang rizal"! it was spectacular! the actors, the story, the whole package--it was hilarious! saludo ako sa kanila..kasi napatawa nila kami! haha..galing! it was great..the message was great too! ^_^^the cast of "ang batang rizal"!

^me..bambam..and mayor rapcu!
^ella..ishi..& me!

last itenerary (well, is it an itenerary?!) -->> we just passed by ABS-CBN, GMA, PBB & PDA houses. ^_^ yun lang yun..and then we were given fun facts along the way. then it's..uwian time!^pinoy big brother hauz!
^hmm..GMA 7..but i'm not a kapuso..^_^ was tiring, but at the same time fun. it was the perfect bonding moment of us that we only have 5 or 6 months before we leave this school (aww!) so it was really unforgettable..^_^

Sunday, October 5, 2008


my voice has been harrassed all week. practice here, practice there! and then, earlier this morning, we, the smms choir, performed for the st. mary magdalene parish's english mass. whee..! and..we got positive comments. ^_^

after the church stint..alyanna (hi!), marc (hi!), and i went to sm. well, we got there at past 10 it's still early. we just strolled around, & by 11 am, we ate lunch. well, it's not the usual lunches i've had. this time, i went chinese. ^_^ we headed to paotsin (new to my ears..i actually thought it's pao-chi!). i can't find a good meal so i just ordered pork dumplings. i've never tasted a dumpling before..and i thought i'd just give it a try. hehe..frankly, i would never buy that thing again! haha..^_^ i didn't like it. i swear, naumay ako! pork i know what that tastes like!

it's really good to try new things, but next time, i will never try that again. i'd rather go for that another chinese noodles macy introduced to me..^_^ peace y'all!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


i'm back! haizzt..after days of not logging in here (due to my sched!), i'm finally back!

nothing much to say, though. just one thing: i have no rest! haha..look: monday-fridays, school days. then saturday we have CAT (for officers!). and every sunday we will have our choir at SMMP! hanep..that's all. i'm having a hard time to update feels that i don't have the energy to share a feeling or story. ^_^ forgive me for that..^_^

i do hope next time, i could have the power to blog..^_^

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

lesson not learned

i've never changed..even though something already happened to me last night!

now, it's different. it was lunch time. i joined my long-time best friends (besz..besh..and bash..heehee!:-P) at the table. but actually i was already finished w/ my lunch (i'm always w/ my classmates for lunch..ever since the cursed day..), so i just chatted with them. then, as a result of my curiosity & katakawan, i took a bit of food from looks like a crispy chicken leftover or something..well we often do that..sharing of foods. the only difference today is that i have none to share..^_^ anyway, as i tasted that thing, i realized that it's not a chicken-y treat--it's garlic! oh my..i hurriedly bought water & chewed a lot of candies! about being so matakaw. oh jane stop it!

the next time you see me, just yell, "hey takaw kid!" haha.. :-P seriously?! don't do that. i'm just crazy when i let people know this. harhar..^_^ lol.

Monday, September 15, 2008

revenge of the ants

for this night i learned a very important lesson: before you eat something, check if there are any creepy, little creatures lying on your food!

i admit..matakaw ako. from the start, i've been very fond of food. i like to eat..and eat..and eat. but earlier this night an icky, unexpected thing happened to me. oh my..i just pity my mouth and tongue..until now.

kasi po ganito yan..when i got home, i grabbed the nearest pan de manila paperbag (with bread!) and munched on one pandesal. on the first bite, i felt something unusual in my tongue. it' like something had bitten it. i immediately pulled off the bread--only to realize that it's full of mean, red ants! super shocked, i quickly dropped the bread & headed to the sink. naka-ilang mumog ako nun! haha..i swear it really frightened me!

so that's why from now on, as a polite kid, i'll check my food. that incident left me with itchy mouth & tongue. sorry for the all-out descriptions. i just want to share the moral lesson to you guys. hooray for the innocent kid! haha.. :-P

Sunday, September 14, 2008

commence exercise!

yesterday..i survived another challenge..a challenge that i will never forget! was the CAT training for the officers. you know..we also have meetings ever saturday, so that's why we suffer more than the cadets. :'( so again..we did the PT or the "navy dozen exercise". i remember the night before that, i was telling myself, "yipee! another PT! oh i would love to do that!" well..i take that back! we suffered a lot after that super-exhausting exercise! i even experienced the feeling that i'm lacking oxygen..i had a hard time breathing! one of us even fainted..he was a dear friend (hello!) so i came to the rescue! i hope he appreciated my foot massage.. ^_^

after that..we took a 1-minute exam..learned new drills..then we ate our square meal! yehey! i survived another square meal! my viand was sausage & i didn't have a hard time eating that..but the only problem (still!) is the banana on my head..actually it slipped after i'm done eating so i stood..that's a rule: if the banna slipped from your head, you must stand while sum it up..i survived another square meal! yipee! :-D

after that we had a long break..then took drills again (my skin turned dark again!) and finally went home. until now, i still have muscle pains..ouchie! but it is worth the pain..being an officer is worth all the sufferings! what they say, "no gain!" ^_^

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


before, it was dora the explorer that got my 2 adorable nieces on their toes. they watch it you can imagine how the dvd was hardly scratched.^_^ but now the "dora fever" has been put to rest. there's a new sensation that got my 2 cute nieces--and me--hooked.

i can't believe this phenomena had struck me too! i mean..c'mon...tom & jerry is only for kids who doesn't know the sense of cartoon brutality! haha..but seriously, i'm kinda liking that show. whenever i catch a glimpse of that craziness, i sit down & stay glued to the the point that i don't get to do all things fast! haha..

i think i'm a big kid. ^_^ i enjoy seeing tom chasing jerry..i am fascinated by the way they make people laugh (even thouh it's an oldie cartoon)..i am delighted everytime i see their funny-to-the-bones tactics..somehow it makes me realize that i'm still a kid at heart..that even a chuckle makes me laugh..that even the simplest cartoon made for kids can still tickle my laughter box..oh my.. :-D

when my mom buys a new dvd of cartoon pleasures..the "tom & jerry" fever will eventually get out of my nieces's heads..but for me..i think it'll stick to my mind. viva la tuhm-an-jahree! ^_^

Saturday, August 30, 2008

for the first time

the movie + real experiences = for the first time! ^_^

my family & i went to sm today! times like this comes only once in a i'm just glad! my sister & i decided to watch a movie (it's obvious in the title!) while my parents, w/ my nieces, go shopping. and my for the first time experiences are!:

when we went to the cinema floor, i noticed a smoke way before i stepped on the 3rd floor. then to my right, janitors & other staff of sm are cleaning up one of the cinema rooms..looks like it just survived a fire! i panicked a bit..i asked one of the personnels who happened to pass by us. he said that a wire just sparked & maybe, made a minor fire. then i said to my sister, "wag na kaya tayo manood. baka kasi sign na 'to!" we tried to go to the other side of the cinema & thankfully, there were no commotions. that was a first for me! i've never seen a scene like that..and it made me really alarmed!

actually, we were planning to watch for the first time, but somehow when we got there, i felt the urge to watch a very special love instead. but in the end, it's the first decision who won..when we were near the entrance, ang daming lumabas! as in they could be compared to a whole batallion! that was another first time..i thought, "this movie is really a hit!" when we were already inside the cinema, we were not able to sit on the upper part because they were crowded! so no choice, dun kami sa baba. a couple of minutes later, many people entered the cinema, and the next thing we knew, people were already standing because there are no more seats left! we were lucky enough to be sitting there..i thought. ^_^ that's another first time!

it's also my first time to watch a movie of richard gutierrez..and i'm not that used to seeing him. haha! :-P that's all. good night! time check: 11:35 in the evening! gotta go! ^_^

Friday, August 29, 2008

shattered emotions

i thought this is going to be one of the usual fridays..but this day was a bit ruined and destroyed. thanks to those people who, eventually, made my day an irritating one. ^_^ <<- that smiley's an irony. this is the real: >:-(

i won't rant about everything that happened, i just want this feeling to be out of my system (or at least 3/4 of it) i will not explode right then & there! i want to confess..i know, i've been nice to everyone for the past 4 years of my secondary life. as much as possible, i try to please everyone. but it's not what you call plastikan, i just want to have many friends & less enemies. but i think now's the time to loosen up. i've been very nice to these the point that they think i'm not able to be mad anymore. ok, the truth is, i rarely get mad at people. i don't know why, but as much as possible, i don't want any quarrels or misunderstandings..because i know that that will only leae me with wrinkle. but i'm just a human being like everyone else! i get hurt & pissed off too! noon, binabalewala ko na lang yung iba kasi akala ko ako yung mali. but now i guess i have to get up & move. i have to show them that i can be angry also..that i can't be good at all times..and that i can be an evil when they abuse my kindness. >:-(

i shouldn't be treated like this. no one should be treated like this! we all have the right to be mad when it's necessary, right?! so now i'm gonna show the other side of me..i will not let them raise their voice on me!!! now i'm really angry. >:-(

Thursday, August 28, 2008


sa aking pakikiisa sa tinaguriang "araw ng wika", hayaan ninyong isulat ko ang aking mga karanasan sa araw na ito gamit ang aking katutubong wika. isasantabi ko muna ang wikang ingles dahil minsan lamang ako makakapagsulat sa ganitong paraan.

kanina ay naganap ang programa para sa araw ng wika--na dati ay buwan ng wika, na naging linggo ng wika. nagsimula ang programa sa pagpapakitang-gilas ng mga estudyante mula sa iba't ibang baitang sa mga hurado. siya nga pala, namomroblema ako sa kung anong susuotin habang nanonood dahil ang sabi sa amin ng aming guro ay dapat magsuot kami ng filipiniana. wala naman akong masuot o mahiraman man lang, kaya nag-desisyon ako na wag na lang umuwi sa tanghali at mag-uniporme na lang. di bale nang walang dagdag na puntos.. :-)

matapos ang 2 1/2 oras ng paglalagi sa aming silid aralan, dumating na ang oras ng paglilista ng attendance (pasensya na hindi ko alam ang salitang tagalog para dyan!). nun ko napagtanto na gusto ko pala magsuot ng filipiniana at ayokong maki-isa sa mga naka-uniporme lang. dali-dali akong naghanap ng tsinelas at damit..pero walang may extra. inalok ako ni mazy ng mga gamit na yun at lampas ala-una na ng nakabalik kami mula sa bahay nila. nagpalit agad kami ng damit at nahiya ako sa aking suot. waaaaah!!! :-O

ilang ulit kong tinatanung sa mga kaibigan ko--miski sa mga hindi ko naman kaibigan--kung pangit ba ang suot ko. sabi ng iba, ok lang daw. sabi naman ng iba, mukha akong si mama mary. sabi naman ng iba, mukha akong arabo. hay naku..mabuti na lang at nagsimula na ang pangalawang parte ng programa..nanood kami mula sa itaas. bago pala iyan (pasensya na sa magulong pagkukwento!) ay nagkaroon muna ng presentasyon ng pagkain ang mga estudyante. at sa kasamaang palad, hindi ako nakatikim ng aming inihanda na palabok. :-( balik tayo sa ikalawang parte ng programa. pinanood namin ang muslim dance ng mga kamag-aral namin sa ikaapat antas. at napahanga nila ako. galing!

sa pagtatapos ng programa ay sinabi ang mga nanalo. at lahat ng mga sumali mula sa ikaapat na antas ay nanalo!!! nakakatuwa naman. :-) sa uwian, magkakasama kaming umuwi ng mga ka-barkada ko. at dyan po nagtatapos ang aking kwento para sa araw na ito. yun lang po at maraming salamat! :-)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

hidden something?!

yesterday, while we (my sis & i) were cleaning our study room, i found a piece of paper inside my CD case..and it says:

"♥when we first met, i know we didn't click
but as days passed of knowing each other;
i realized that there's something special about you
a tingling sensation comes from the inside, i don't know what to do!
i always long for your presence, i know this is not a normal essence
i smile whenever i see you, but get gloomy whenever that's through
i can't stop thinking about your face, it gets me in a fast pace
though we don't see each other more often;
i always pray to God that He would soften
these things and i wish that you always think of me
as much as i think of you.♥"

oh my..i can't believe i wrote that! i think that was dated..uhmm..months ago?! i'm inspired at that time..and i wrote that for my ex-crush (secret!). then i realized that, when a person is really inspired, he/she can really make things out of the ordinary. look at me now..i'm not inspired so i can't make good poems like that! haha.. :-P actually, is that good?! hmm..comment me your reactions! :-P

Sunday, August 24, 2008


being one of the candidates for CAT officers has its own perks & pitfalls..really!

yesterday we had our CAT training--exclusive for aspiring officers only! the exercises were tough! actually, masakit pa nga yung katawan ko eh! but i had fun, knowing that it will benefit me! hehe.. :-P after that we were dried under the sun..practicing drills..and marching non-stop! haha..that left me with dark complexion! T_T hehe! :-P

and for the first time in my life, i was forced to eat ampalaya! well..i'll admit it, i don't like eating veggies! while i'm eating that, my tears roll endlessly! but i'm glad that i did that..i did something good for myself! that was, again, done in the "square meal" know, with the counting & the banana on the head. but the operation was considered successful--hindi ko na nabuga yung tubig! next recipe: saluyot with alugbati! oh my..i think i should start veggies! :-P

i'm still waiting for my rank..well i'm not expecting to be the corp commander anymore! hehe.. :-P zai jan!^_^

Friday, August 22, 2008


actually, my plan for today is, when i get home i would sleep..but i wanna share my experiences because if i don't do it right now, it will vanish in my mind. :-)

yesterday was the most dreading, stressful & irritating night i had for this year. imagine, i spent 6 hours in front of the computer, non-stop! oh my..and it was because of that project i mentioned on my last entry. i started editing at 7:30 pm & i slept at 1:30 am! take note: we still have classes the next day! so i really don't have enough sleep until now. my head really ached last night..good thing my friend sedrick (special mention!) stayed with me--through yahoo messenger. he offered to aid/help me with our project (though he's not my groupmate) he waited for me to finish the movie. as in..until midnight he's there! i kept on saying, "pasensya na ha!", "sorry talaga naaabala a na!", "pasensya na talaga!!!". and he kept on replying, "ok lang un" & "^_^". i didn't know there's a person who was really willing to help you even though it means sacrificing on his part, too. thanks're such a good friend! :-)

this morning, i did my project in health the moment i got to school. i thought i would never make it, but thankfully, i finished ahead of time (phew!). then by recess sed accompanied me to the computer lab to finish my project (oh btw..our computer malfunctioned last night! it wasn't able to save our project file into a movie yun..!) but it was closed. by lunch time, we decided to drop by rejoice's house para maki-save. but it was no didn't work. i just accepted OUR fate. :-(

after that, sed & i rushed to the school because we still have to change to CAT attire! pinadala ko kay dad yung damit ko eh..good thing i made it before the seminar began. anyway, the seminar's about "teen sexuality & other values". our guest speaker's pretty funny..actually nangalay nga yung jaw ko kakatawa eh! haha.. :-P i learned a lot from that seminar..and it also gave me the creeps (computer games are bad! they use "demonic" symbols like the pentgram & the inverted cross!). then after that we had our CAT.. :-)

..speaking of CAT..we will have a training tomorrow! oh..only candidates for officers. the menu: ampalaya con itlog! i should get ready..another square meal coming up! ok i really feel tired. xie xie for reading! zai jan fellas! :-P

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

brain spa?!

problems never leave me..even just for a minute! poor really deserves a "brain spa"..!

i don't know..i'm just confused. projects here, activitie there..lessons here, reviews there..our lesson in health really fits me well (i'm mentally ill!!!). i need a day to relax! a day without the usual craziness of life & the presence of any pending problems!

our project in one subject gives me headache..edit here, shoot there. but i don't blame anyone or anything. it's just that, why do i always have to take charge of everything?! as a leader i can't help but to worry when it comes to certain group projects because..i want everything polished MY way. and i think that's the problem in me. i should let them do this, do that. but i don't know..arrrgghh!!! but one thing's for sure: when monday comes, i'll be hassle-free! haaay.. :-) for now, i have to face the crap. i have to do it. i have to finish it. and i have to make sure that everything falls into place! when all of these are done..i will CELEBRATE!!! :-P

Sunday, August 17, 2008

no rest..

it is said that sunday should be rest day..but for me?! heck..who has time to rest?!

we had our video documentary shooting for today..hmm..until now, hindi pa kami tapos. naman kasi eh..haha! :-P so we shot scenes..and then we can't go home!--err--to sm! it was raining so hard kanina..and we don't have an umbrella! presenting, the model students! haha.. :-P eme lent us umbrellas & mazy & i went to sm for some printing business..also she introduced me this noodle-with-meat-meal..and you know what?! as i ordered mine, aba, natapon! my clumsiness attacked again..mazy paid for extra noodles.. (thanks!) i didn't like it much (aside from the fact that it's spicy!). after that, we went to kirin kirin, genevieve gozum & preppy for some clothes-checking! hehe.. :-P

just i still have to do some editing job..(sniff sniff!) :-I

Saturday, August 16, 2008


being an aspiring CAT officer is never easy..yeah great! :-P at first, i can't feel the pressure of being one. until this afternoon..wenkz! hmm..disaster happened..! :-)

at 11 am this morning, we were assembled at the quadrangle (the usual place!) for our CAT training-slash-exam! We were given 6 questions, some are essay type, & some are shocking (write the Lupang's that for a Filipino student?!) after that, all candidates for CAT officers were asked to stay for our lecture that lasted for..roughly 4 hours!

but first we need to eat our packed lunch..we were asked to bring a banana & i had no idea that it doesn't only function as a dessert..! we were asked to do a "square meal"! at first, i didn't know what that means..but erika gave that shocking stare, which is i know was not good! well, her stare was right: IT WAS NOT GOOD!!! imagine, we were told to sit only 3 inches of our butt! oh my..then i thought that's it..but, we were asked to put the banana on top of our head! now how am i supposed to eat with that thing on my head, huh?! :-O then here's the twist: we will eat with a time limit & counting! oh my..really oh my!!! i had the hardest time eating, i swear! in fact, i never got the chance to enjoy my fried chicken & pork with gravy! hmmmmpp!!! >:( plus, the banana kept sliping from my head, so it was pretty irritating. then there's the water thing..

..we had 3 counts to drink water once in a first drink, the banana slipped from my head so my time was consumed on getting the banana..! second time: i drank the right amount of water..good! then there's the third try: i think i panicked a bit, so i hurried my drinking..there was still water in my mouth when i heard alvin (special mention!) laugh! i laughed also so guess what happened?! naluwa ko po ang tubig, bow! that happened in front of my was embarrassing! good thing no one teased me about that after the training..and good thing the commandant didn't reprimand me! after eating, he just conducted lessons.

hindi pa ako ganap na officer ah..pero grabe! but even though i already experienced this kind of thing, i don't wish to quit. because i know that quitting only means i don't have confidence on myself. just like when i was assigned as platoon leader last week, i knew i sounded like a dork, but i just brushed off all the negative vibes & told myself, "so what?! mas maganda nga pag matining boses mo eh, nakakatulig!" and i also know that we were made to experience these for our own..never quit! never surrender! aja! tira tira!!! :-P

hell in heaven week

oh yah confused?!

quarterly exams passed quickly & quite un-noticeably..i can't say that that was my first quarterly exam since i had my first when i was in freshman year (heehee..). i said it's "un-noticeably" because i didn't feel the urge to study (for a studious student like me (what?!)..that's a no-no!). let me tell you about my exams:

august 13, wednesday: first in line...filipino! i wasn't able to get a plus-20 from that dreaded question when we had a pre-test (arrgggghhh!!!), but i think i was able to ace that with flying colors (aww..!) next: statistics! stat was pretty easy..i just don't know if i made it..haha!:-P after the exam, my friends & i decided to go to patnubay academy because of some business..i met chenneth there! haaay..after years of no communication! after that, we hung out at my place..took pix using my sis's cam..and cath accidentally deleted all pix! oh my..ate shie's mad at me nga eh..huhu.. :'( yah i know i should have been responsible! don't impose it more! (am i talking to myself?!) hehe.. :-P

august 14, thursday: m.a.p.e.h. time! it was kinda hard..i kept on mixing everything from anything! haha..! next: was kinda hard..only because my mind doesn't function when it comes to getting the speed, blah blah blah! then there was computer: i didn't study much..hehe..i told you i can't feel the quarterly exam! :-P after that we hung out again at my place..uploaded the spare pix we had after cath & i cried our eyes out.. :-P here are some pix..:

^posing for a pic! haha.. :-P

^hey, meet my besz erika & besh catherine...waaah.. :-P

^me..cath..erika..darlene on top!

^more photo-opz..
^parang di galing sa iyak nuh?! hehe.. :-P

august 15, friday: english! fave ;) i thought it was pretty good! how i wish i passed or got a high grade so i don't appear as mayabang here..! hehe.. :-P then we had economics! i had a hard time thinking of what to draw in test IV..other than that, it was NOT easy! hehe.. :-P then the EASIEST of all..(that's an irony, fyi!) bookkeeping! oh my..i think i failed that one! i'm sure i'm busted in the columnar paper part! just think: i kept on jumbling the "notes payable" to the "revenues" part..and worst of all,my "capital statement" contents were wrong..ALL WRONG!!! arrrggghh!!! and fyi requires a parent's signature (doomed forever!). :-(

also on the same day, i decided to drop by erika & mac's place so we can have some bonding time! hehe..we studied math..they taught me something naman..then we played "harry potter diagon-alley" board game! it was fun to play! it's gonna take forever if i explain it, but the bottomline is: mac & i won! haha.. :-P but erika got all the money..hmp! hehe.. :-D

last day, august 16, saturday (today!): first was math (oohh!!!), another of my favorites (that's another irony for yah!)..was there ever a day that i liked & understood math?! hmm..NO! never! a classmate was asking me questions on how to evaluate that cheverness..and i said, "magpaturo na kayo sa english, wag lang sa math!" and i'm perfectly correct: ever since i started studying, i already hated math. aside from the fact that i hate numbers, i really can't understand it! even though you explain it to me over & over again, i guess you'll just hte me for having a sore throat & dried saliva (haha!). really, that's how as bad as it can get. :-) next! was easy..we started at 10:40, and i was finished at 11:00..1 hour to go before the C.A.T. time!

since this post is already long..i'm gonna jump on another post! whee..hell in heaven week..what a title! :-P

Saturday, August 9, 2008

let's groove!

august 7, 2008: our section's joint feast day with the "smarthanz"! the pics are taking too long to upload nga eh..hehe.. :-P

we were told earlier by our adviser that our theme will be 70s & 80s style. the moment i heard that, i was so, so, so excited!!! imagine, getting to wear retro cool!

st. martha's theme was "pajama party" so they were all in their pantulog.. :-) the feast day was fun..many foods (wahaha!)..many pictures (my sis lent me her digicam! yehey!)..and lots of funny moments (when we went to sm, pinagtinginan ako! haha..retro kasi!). i'm sure our last feast day will always stick in my mind..forever! :-P

so that's it..i just updated! here's a treat: pix galore! :-P

^retro jane-y! :-P

^yanna (hi!) and me..!

^francis & me..! :-P

^joicy & me! (hi!) :-P

^maxx & me!
^topie & me.. :-P
^me & anna..nice outfits! :-D
^with my adviser!
^tHymAnGeRzZ (1/4!)=P

^me & emerrize! :-P

addie: just check out my friendster for more pix! :-)

Monday, August 4, 2008

examination month

yep..i declare august as the "examination month"..hep hep! (hooray!!!) :-P

so you already know (and i think you don't wanna know it again..haha!) that yesterday was the "historical & blood-curdling" UPCAT. and today, we had our "differential aptitude test"! oh gosh..i still haven't recovered yet with that UPCAT! wala pa ngang 24 hours since that entrance test eh. haizzt!

since the DAT consists of 8 subtests (UP calls each subject "subtests"..correct me if i'm wrong!), all of our subjects for the whole day were affected (YES!!!:-P) so what did we do? hmm..we took relations..mechanical..abstract reasoning..SPELLING (my fave! haha..)..grammar-like..&..ahh!!! i forgot it already (waaah!!!). it was easy, i wish the math here was the kind of math i took in UPCAT! and i love the spelling part! i think i did well in that (tapos bagsak ako dun nuh?!)

aside from the 2 previous exams, there will also be an NSAT (national secondary assessment test) on august 26..oh the crap! then our quarterly exams will be on august 13-16! now this is what i call a TOTAL BRAIN DAMAGE! ooh..better get ready for those band-aids for my brain..haha! :-P

haay..keep your umbrellas open this month..for there might be a brain explosion! :-P

Sunday, August 3, 2008

is it over?!

i just thought about that, cuz i didn't actually notice it coming..(owws?!) :-)

today is august 3, 2008..and mind you, today is not a very ordinary day for an average student like me! why?! because today is my UPCAT exam!!! and it happened just earlier this afternoon. oh was such a total disaster! haha..kwento ko pa ba ng paisa-isa?! hmm..sige na nga!^peace n' green! haha.. :-P

ok to shorten this thing..we headed for UP at 8:00 am & got there at 10:00 (so early for our time call: 12:30!) while waiting, marc & i just strolled around..sat on the bench..reviewed a little bit..and then the rain poured down. i also experienced an unexpected hassle because it was traffic, and my dad & i were running out of time (it was already 12:20!), so i just decided to "brisk-walk" it out..and thank goodness i made it! haaayy..akala ko male-late ako.. :-P after 5 long hours of neck-stiffing (is there such word as that?! haha!), blood-dripping, mind-twisting, and soul-confusing exam, we finally went home! haha..tulog sa kotse! :-P

this is such a memorable experience..not to mention my first time to take an admission UP pa! i just hope i succeed..even though i didn't prepare much! all who prayed for me (how can i know? meron nga ba?), thanks and i hope they worked (haha!). oh well..let's just wait until february challenge: dread the outcome!!! :-O

Friday, August 1, 2008

moments where should i start?!

yesterday our teacher announced that there will be a procession in the evening..all fourth year students were required to join! classes were cut at 3:30, so i asked my parents if i could stay at besties erika & marc's place..and thankfully they said yes! haha..yipee!:-P so for 3 hours we played tekken 5 & other games on their psp..which was very hurtful! my fingers got a free exercise, though. :-)

well..procession time came..(in honor of st. mary magdalene!) we just walked & walked & walked with a candle at one hand..(the candle holder that i made burned! haha..minus 10!) after that we (barkadz!) attempted to watch the famous toro-toro, but we're not successful! so we just hanged out in the nearby store & ate & shared stories..hmm..! then while waiting for a bus, i saw a live boxing event for the first time! oh my..two boys (not so far from us!) were kicking & punching each that time i wanted to run!'s scary pala when you saw it live..!
^on the way to the procession! :-P

today, august 1, 2oo8: because of the procession last night, our school time has been moved to 8: 00 am (hooray!) so last night i adjusted my alarm clock 30 minutes in advance (for some purposes..). this morning when i woke up, i looked at it..7:45 i thought it's only 7:15! so i got up & when i looked at the big clock, it is REALLY quarter to 8! gosh..nataranta talaga ako! good thing it was raining so i wasn't late. but i got late in the afternoon! traffic kasi eh..thank goodness din the guidance counselor was not present, so pinabalik na lang kami sa room. thankfully din tinanggap ako ni ma'am kahit late..haha! :-P

C.A.T. time: beszie was our platoon leader! was fun..i just hope that when my time comes as a platoon leader, i don't stutter! hehe..nervousness at its best! :-P

i just realized: even though i'm already ipit in a situation, God never fails to save me (or is it the Holy Spirit? or the angels?! hmm..!). thank You po! :-) bye! :-P

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

never abandoned

..jinx! it seems like my blog is regularly updated..haha! :-P i always make a way to blog..just because. :-) and since i said that it is never abandoned, i should make kontra of it. kasi baka mahipan ng masamang hangin..baka hindi na ako maka-blog! and i DON'T want that to happen again! i have to say jinx to make kontra nga. all together now: JINX!!! :-P

jinx! yesterday, i mentioned that i made a "magic box" for physics..and i heard an unexpected news earlier this morning: i got a line of 8 grade! oh's not that i don't like an 80-plus's work is just average compared to those who wasn't called. i told you it had just stickers in it.. :-) so i didn't expect it at all. somehow, i'm thinking that what made my project get that grade is that the mirror is not so obvious (haha!)..jinx!

jinx! tomorrow, all seniors must go to the procession..hmm..good thing my parents allowed me to stay in my best friend's house for 3 long hours tomorrow! haha..super bonding.. :-P jinx!

jinx! one more thing: UPCAT's approaching! oh the crap! i have to cram my study..i just hope that what they say is true (that UPCAT will concentrate more on english..). wish me luck folks! ..and all aspiring students who will take the exam too. buena suerte! jinx!

jinx! blog will not be jinx-ed anymore..i just got irritated (ako yung gumawa, ako pa yung na-irita! haha..) because this post is flooded with..all together now for the finale: JINX!!! :-P adios! (jinx!)

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


i'm in the pc shop right now..haha!=P so what?! what's to blog? nothing much..oh! btw, i just finished making that "magic box" for was pretty hard (because i was only able to make that in my free time cuz i don't have a SQUARE mirror!)..good thing ms. ullega didn't see me doing nothing on her period (haha!). i kinda liked my project anyway..full of stickers (winnie the pooh!).

and just earlier this minute, i made my math project (through internet). it took me about..uh..let's see..15 minutes! just 50 questions! well..math's not for me, so i think that's the culprit.. :-)

that's it for now! i'm kinda stressed! hehe..di halata.. :-P

Monday, July 28, 2008

stuck again

i told you, i'm the weirdest kid of them all.

i feel bored. today is monday, and i was supposed to be in school, taking an exam (is that NSAT? i'm not sure..). but, in my shock & unexplanable weakening action, why did the news on that stupid tv announced that there will be no classes today??! why oh why oh why?????! i already prepared my things & was going to sleep..but then suddenly i heard that news! oh shuckingz..

of all the students in this world, i am probably one of those kids who didn't scream when they heard that "classes are suspended" thing. the normal scenario when this happens is this: the tv or radio announces that kind of news..the children shouting & jumping w/ joy..and maybe thanking the cause of the suspension (thank you sa bagyo! haha..) but in my case, i'm not happy! i don't havve enough reason to be happy..! not that i'm a schoolgirl much..but i don't know, i just don't like it when i don't go to school. :-)

i want to go to school! i want to see my friends! i want to buy ice cream! i want to..hmm..ano pa nga ba??! aha! those are the reasons! well, i guess i'm not a homebody anymore. natuto na ba ako mag-laboy? maybe. a day without school means a day without really seeing the second most important people in my life: my friends! so does that mean that i'm only going to school because of my chums?! ah-ah..NO. i like to study, too. but..ok not much. haha! hey..i'm just like any other students in this world..sometimes i get too lazy to study. but with my friends, school looks more interesting to me. hehe.. :-P

gotta go, i only hae 3 minutes (overtime na nga eh!) and my sister's kinda mad na. please leave comments! i want to hear from ya! :-)