Saturday, January 9, 2010


a "fun run for a cause" was recently held here at indang on january 10, 2010, 6:00 am. it was a 5k marathon organized by kiwanis club of indang and co-organized by cvsu main. guess what? i was a participant. :)

gulat much? that's because i already started my diet plan: exercise and a balanced food intake. i'm not doing this for a particular someone (uyy! cheddar! =P), i'm doing this for myself. i noticed (and so are my family and friends) that i'm really getting bigger, so i decided to control my takawness and start a new lifestyle. o 'di ba bongga? =P

as for the marathon, well we (my bamc barkada) had a blast! even though all the running and walking on uphills and long roads were so tiring, it was super duper worth it! and though it left me with sore muscles and red foot fingers (maybe because of the rubber shoes), it was a very sweet treat for a girl who's on a diet. :) i really felt great, relieved and revived after that. it was like i shredded a thousand pounds! hehe =P just kidding. anyway, as i was saying, i really had fun, both because i got the exercise i want and because i spent it with my darling friends (noxan! rich! rey ann! sarah! pam! julie ann!) :)

ok..i'm so exhausted today. but there are so many things on my to-do list. oh well, i guess i can't make up for my lack of sleep anymore. :( teecee everyone! :)

snappies..:^ some of my pictures during the marathon. :)

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