Wednesday, December 16, 2009

long time no post!

oh my..i can't believe how inactive i am nowadays. as i scroll on my old posts (dated last year), i realized how busy and unproductive i am this year. i mean, i was so fascinated with writing my everyday life last year! and now..i'm not. oh, i don't know. maybe i'm just so stressed out.

speaking of stress, well, that's my problem right now. remember the saying "eat stress for breakfast?" well, i do that. (not literally of course!) choir practices, course duties, activities and projects, dorm life...stress comes out of me almost everyday. everytime i go home (dorm), my roommates would always notice that i look bangag. i also noticed that i always get tired...and hungry. i think that's normal in college, but i think i should take a deep breath and relax. my body clock's messed up already, so i believe i really need to chillax. =P

christmas' already approaching! i'm so excited! :) but before that, we will be competing on december 18 at trece capitol grounds. wish us luck. :)

more thoughts next year! i just hope i will bounce back to my old blogging self again............. :)

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